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Formerly Rose of the Shires

Sue & Nathan

Portsmouth/Bedhampton - 24.04.2010

Burton Latimer S.R.P.C.
Eleven members sent 257 birds to the race point. They should have been liberated at Portsmouth, but due to festive celebrations were moved to Bedhampton.
R. Fairbairn took 1st club, doing 1682.93. In 2nd club was P.Chamberlain, doing 1682.26. R&S Gubbins came 3rd club, doing 1674.25. B.Hobbs/Son took 4th club, doing 1663.80.
No detail's were given for any of these birds.

Kesteven & Rutland S.R.C.
Out of K & R, 7 members, sent 118 to the race point. Well Done to Brian Garfoot, who took 1st/2nd/3rd and 4th club. Brian's birds were doing 1691/1657/1655/1651, and were all from his Belgian family. His 1st club bird won a card last week. Good returns were reported.

Wellingborough S.R.C.
Six members sent 70 birds to the race point. W.F.Line/Son/G.Son took 1st & 4th club places, doing 1612.77/1540. "Laurel & Hardy's" 1st club was a Blue hen, as a Y/B she won 2nd/3rd club in Northampton S.R.F.C. Bred from a yellow hen (Fudge), gifted to Hardy's wife from Andy Johnson & Son. The sire was a Grizzle whose mother's brother won 1st Fed Y/B 2006. Their 4th club was also a Blue hen, she was 1st club in Northampton S.R.F.C. as a Y/B. Sire was a Blue, flew on North Road. Mother was bred from "Laurel's" famous (08) cock. He has 4 x 1st, won 2 for Alan "Pensioner" Neville, and 2 races for "Laurel & Hardy". They also netted club pools and snowball. D.Gent took 2nd club doing 1550. Dave "DarnGood" Gent's hen was bred out of his hen "999 the policewoman", and a cock "Spalding" who was lost as a Y/B. Both are stock birds.
The 3rd club went to D. Ibbotson, doing 1543. No details for Dave "Ibbo's" bird. Return's were not good on the day.

Tail End
Club reporters aren't very forthcoming with the race details Guys and Gal's, which is such a shame for you and your hardworking birds. We can't give you or your birds "Fame", if we don't hear from your clubs. Now the soap-box is away, were looking forward to next week's race from Poole. We are sure you Guys and Gals are too. Weather looks bit "iffy" so it may be brollies and wellies. Until next week, Good Luck and take care. Bye for now,
Sue & Nathan