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Sue & Nathan

Wetherby 22/8/09

 The Northampton Town and District Federation had their transport on Wetherby racecourse on Saturday 22 August for their 5th race of the young bird season.  Dave Boxford was in charge at the site aided by "Wag" Freeman at the home end.  The weather coouldn't have been better with a light head wind and plenty of blue sky and sun on the baskets.  However it wasn't going to be as simple as it should have been owing to the large number of birds that were directly on our flight path.  The Up North Combine were at Melton Mowbray with ten vehicles along with the Durham Combine and the Scottish boys were on site at Wetherby.  Dave contacted Wag and a decision was made to hold the birds until around 1100 hours to give the Scottish birds plenty of time to clear and the Up North birds time to get through.  The liberation eventually took place at 1130 hours into a light south westerly wind and warm conditions with high cloud but plenty of sunny blue skies.
In the Raunds club 8 members sent 142 birds to this race, which resulted in one of the fastest (mechanical) clocking sessions I have heard of.  The race winner was once again the B & J Andrews partnership, who clocked a young cockbird to record 1380ypm. After a 9th place last week, it was pretty certain that all the stops would be pulled out to get the loft back to winning ways this weekend. This youngster was a gift bird from Eddie Calver, who last year decided he would not be sending after the old bird season, so he offered every club member one of his 09 youngsters from the nest, and he would donate £25 to the best performer.  Unfortunately now there are only three members with birds left and of course this bird is one of them.  Barry told me he had been teasing his youngsters, after they had been seperated all week, and this young cock was very keen on a young hen which obviously gave it an edge.  The amazing clocking feat was accomplished by Adrian Webb, who single handedly clocked 7 youngsters, in just 51 seconds to notch up the next 7 places on the result sheet!  There are no details as "it all happened so fast."  Adrians birds have been there or there abouts all season, and he reports very good and rapid returns for his team.  Several fanciers reported birds dropping in small batches, so the wait had obviously benefitted the birds and hopefully the transporter will be well filled again next week.  
Corby Town
Retford - Pontefract - Wetherby
For the come back race of the young bird season to Retford. Jan Czarnota clocked 1st & 2nd doing 1488/1475. Mr & Mrs Stanton came 3rd club, doing 1407 with a van Reet hen. From that race onwards, Jan has crashed the top 6 bird's for  Corby Town Pigeon Club. Winning Pontefract and Wetherby. From Pontefract he was doing 1289/1288/1288/1245/1205/1196. In the Wetherby race race he also got the top 6 doing, 1438/1388/1387/1387/1380 and 1373. Well done Jan!
Wellingborough North Road.
Out of WNR, 6 members sent 83 birds to Wetherby. Dave Gent took the first 4 club places, doing 1405/1401/1390/1382. Dave 'Darn Good' Gent's 1st club was (57), bred from his big blue who's done alot of winning for him. His 2nd club was (75), bred from Dave's hen which won Thurso, and a Mick Smith Trio cock. The daughter of Tyson took 3rd club, and his 4th was bred from Dave Boxford stock. Return's were'nt good at WNR.
Northampton Town & District Fed Results.
Wetherby Y/B  22/8/09 - 51/771
Corby Town - J,Czarnota 1st/15th/16th/17th. Desborough - R&S Gubbins 2nd/ 2x3rd/5th. R.Gasson & Son 7th. Mr&Mrs Thorpe 2x8th/10th. D.Hadley 12th/13th. Wellingborough North Road - D.Gent 6th/11th. Brixworth - Wisken & Wigfall 18th/19th/20th.
Gold Ring Winners - Pontefract YB - 15/08/09.
East Section -
M.Lawless (Raunds). West Section - Wisken & Wigfall (Brixworth).
Tail End.
So far the weather's been kind on race days. I guess the new spell book work's!! The young bird season is zipping through-where do the week's go to. We hope you all have a good race next week. Enjoy the last Bank Hol before Christmas!! Keep well guys and gals. Bye for now,
Sue & Nathan.