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Pontefract 15/08/09 Raunds



Sue & Nathan

Pontefract 15/08/09

The Northants Fed had their young birds at Pontefract for their 4th race of the young bird sseason on the 15 August. Fortunately the weather has settled a little of late and the birds were in the sky at 0650 hours to face quite a fresh south westerly wind. Bits of cloud around and the working day wind meant the fittest and keenest birds would be in the shake up at clocks. I am told that once again the trailer was well filled with over 1000 youngsters towing the line. This is great news as racing remains as efficient as possible whilst still maintaining the Feds independance.

In the Raunds club 9 members amassed 154 birds for the race which is only a couple down on last week, showing that the racing returns continue to be excellent. The crafty Corbyite Mick Lawless stepped up to the mark and swept all before him taking the first 4 places after having 8 birds drop together and storm the trap allowing him to clock four birds in a minute to record 1194, 1193, 1192 and 1187ypm. His winner was a young cock out of a Willy Thas and Pete Madejczyk pairing with the latter being bought at the Desborough Breeder Buyer sale last year. Runner up was one of Mick's very good Willy Thas from his top stock pair. Third place went to a youngster out of Mick's "Hatrick", the cock that won three weeks on the trot this year paired with his last years club breeder buyer winner bred by B & J Andrews. Another of Micks super Willy Thas products, in fact the same way bred as the 2nd place bird took the fourth place. Micks winner here is entered in the Fed Breeder Buyer competition and is expected to be in the hat for this weeks prize money. This race turned out to be one of the best young bird races the club has had for some time with birds tumbling in after a testing 100 mile or so fly with many fanciers locked up with all home within and hour or so of clocking in. Incidentally Phil Lane took the next four club positions with a multi bird arrival resulting in four birds in the clock in under 30 seconds and all home in next to no time!
Thurso 7th July 09 - 31 birds sent. R.Linnell with his slate blue bar hen took 1st club, doing 1103.04. This hen also had 1st-2nd and 1st-3rd Pontefract, but this was her first time she had flown Thurso. His hen was bred out of a Roberts van Loon family, from Louella Lofts. C.Freeman (wag) took 2nd club, with a blue cock doing 1093.36. This was the first time this 2yr old was in the clock this year. He is bred out of one of Wag's Alan McGlasson family, crossed with one of his Janseen's. A.Barritt took 3rd club, doing 1048.27, this blue cock is the grandson of Stu Wisken's 'Urchin'.
The first Young Bird race came round abit quick!
Retford Y/B July 27th 09 - 79 birds sent. C.Freeman (wag) took 1st club with a blue hen doing 1231.802. She was bred out of Wag's Alan McGlasson family. Wisken & Wigfall took 2nd and 3rd club, doing 1229.593/1218.161. Their 2nd club was a blue hen bred out of their Felix Pauwell family. Their 3rd club was a dark cheq Janseen hen.
Pontefract 2nd August 09 - 53 birds sent. Wisken & Wigfall took 1st,2nd,3rd club places, doing 1410.66/1369.76/1363.11. Club reporter Chris said she has no detail's of these bird's. She said "Stu get your finger out, I need detail's"! Chris said "No Wag this week, but don't worry Stu, he'll get you next week" Ha!
Retford 8th August 09. Out of Brixworth 9 members, sent 151 birds (that's alot better). Club 1st went to guess who, C.Freeman (wag) told you Stu! Wags cock bird was doing 1406.305. He was bred out of Alan McGlasson and Honeysuckle Lofts. Wisken & Wigfall took 2nd club, doing 1402.951, still no details from Stu. Malc sort your partner out for next week ha! C.Freeman took 3rd club, doing 1401.222. This little cock is the nest pair of Wags 1st placed bird.
Pontefract 15/8/09
Wellingborough North Road. Out of WNR 92 birds from 6 members went to Pontefract race point. New member to our gang S.Chambrowski (sam), is pushing all the right button's this week. Takeing the first 4 club places, doing 1139/1134/1132/1131. I have no details of Sam's birds I'm afraid.
Northampton Town & District Fed Result's. Retford 8/8/09 - 55/1,009. Raunds - B&J Andrews 1st/2nd/4th/5th. R&P Hallybone 10th/16th. M.Lawless 13th/14th. W.P.Madejczyk 18th. Corby Town - J.Czarnota 6th/7th. Desborough - R&S Gubbins 2 x 8th/11th. Kempston - Mr&Mrs Loft (joint 11th). P.Lane & Son 15th/20th. Wellingborough North Road - D.Gent 17th/19th.
Northampton Town & District Fed Results. Pontefract 15/8/09 - 57/1,041. Corby Town - J.Czarnota 1st/2nd/3rd/4th. Desborough - R&S Gubbins 5th/6th/7th. D.Hadley 2 x 8th/11th. R.Gasson & Son 10th/13th/14th/15th. Mr&Mrs Thorpe 12th/17th/18th. N&A Marlow 16th/19th/20th.
Tail End
A belated birthday wish to Stu Wisken for his 60th birthday, from all at Brixworth Club, and from the rest of North Road Clubs. Now you have got your bus pass Stu, you'll be able to use it at Blackpool with Mick, much cheaper than taxi's ha! Enjoy this beautiful weather, get the old B.B.Q. going, and enjoy race day. All you guy's and gal's take care. Bye for now.
Sue & Nathan