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Sue & Nathan

Pontefract 1/8/09

The Northants Federation were scheduled to be at the Pontefract race course liberation site on the Saturday 1st August for their second young bird event of the year. Unfortunately the weather forecast showed rain and full cloud cover for the bulk of the day and, in line with other local south road organisations, after consulting with the Race Committee and Race Controller "Wag" Thorley, marking was postponed till the Saturday evening for a liberation on Sunday. The weather picture for Sunday was much better and an early lib was a strong possibility. So it was with the birds away into a bright sky at 0610 hours with a west north west wind helping them along. At the home end it appeared to be full westerly but fresh.
In the Raunds club (6/86) the late marking proved a bit of a headache as several club members were attending the wedding of ex member Robert Jarratt and Samantha Goode in nearby Burton Latimer on the Saturday evening but fanciers being fanciers they all got their charges away on time and then returned to the festivities. Fresh from their Fed topping victory last week Barry and Joy Andrews popped up again with three more super keen youngsters to take 1st, 3rd and 5th places. Their winner here was a Corbett Busscheart x Pete Butler SVR cock doing 1353ypm. Adrian Webb showed he has not lost his touch when clocking one of his Janssens on 1351ypm to take the runner up spot after its 5th club, 8th Fed last week. Barry and Joys' next bird in 3rd was last weeks club and Fed winner which scooped the pools. Good news for them is that the bird is in the gold ring and the Fed Breeder Buyer but there is a long way to go as we all know. Eddie Calver returned to the fray in 4th with a Jos Soontjen x Mick Lawless youngster that is bred down from Eddie's Berwick Fed winner in 2008. Good news for the club is that in the long held club tradition Barry and Joy Andrews will be buying the drinks on Friday as they have won three on the trot, Pontefract on Thurso weekend and the first two Y/B races. Stop Press update. Joy has decided that she will be washing her hair next Friday!
Retford 8/8/09
The Northampton Town and District Federation's third young bird race, was held on Saturday 8th August from Retford. A distance of around 60-70 miles or so to the majority of fancier's. After the wet week Saturday dawned a bright and sunny day, and it appeared that at last the weatherman got it right. Convoyer Dave Boxford had the near 1000 bird's up at 06.30 hrs, into a clear blue sky with a light northerly wind, which was nothing to speak of. a 50 mph race was expected by many. In Raunds club were 8 members, had 142 birds in the crate, it was 4 on the trot for B&J Andrews duo, who are really showing the rest the way home this year. Not only did they take the top prize, but 2nd,4th & 5th to boot. Their winner was a gifted bird from Pete Butler, who wanted Barry and Joy to try it out. Well it is showing promise! The young cock turned in a velocity of 1509, which is fancied to take the top Fed honours this week. In 2nd place was a Corbett Busscheart, bred down from Louella Lofts stock. That have been very successful for the duo, being responsible for winner's from short and distance, and both fast and slow races. Adrian Webb slipped one in to prevent the clean sweep, but all he knew about it was that it was a Janssen.
The 4th place bird flying to the Andrews loft had a 3rd club/6th Fed from the first Retford, and was nest mate to today's 2nd place bird. They were bred from 2 yearling's, that were the only 2 bird's in the club from Berwick Y/B last year. Mick Lawless got the consolation of taking home the pools. Velocities were 1509/1506/1504 and 1502. Everyone reported excellent returns at Raunds, having all but one or two home in the next to no time. All home by the end of the day, with the winner in the club reporting 8 birds dropping together.
Wellingborough North Road
Pontefract 2/8/09

Out of WNR 5 members, sent 69 birds to the race point. Dave Gent took 1st/3rd and 4th club, doing 1389/1367/1362. Dave 'Darn Good' Gent's 1st club was 82, the sire was a blue cock, who has won for Dave many times. 'Darn Goods' 3rd was 59, bred out of last year's gold ring winner. His 4th was 78, bred out of Mick Smith (Wymington Trio) stock. New guy to join the WNR gang, is S.Chabrowski (known as Sam), he took 2nd club, doing 1376. Sam's bird was polish bred and sent over to Blighty for him. Welcome to the club Sam from all the WNR gang.
Retford - 8/8/09
Off to the race point went 69 bird's sent by 5 member's at WNR. Dave Gent took 1st & 2nd club, doing 1447/1445. Dave 'Darn Good' Gent's 1st was 888, Grandson of Tyson. His 2nd was 88, bred from Mick Smith (Wymington Trio) cock, and a Dave Line hen. Club 3rd & 4th was taken by Brian Millward, doing 1422/1413. Milly's 3rd club was bred by Max Hinde. His 4th was bred by Roger Batten. Well done "Milly", long time since you were in the card's. Dave Ibbottson, Rudi van der Meer, Mick Smith (Hon. Memeber), and most of W.F.Line/Son/G.Son's Y/B team with Nathan at the helm, have gone South Road.Best of luck guy's.
Corby Town
Pontefract 1/8/09- Retford 8/8/09

Jan Czarnota crashed the party the last 2 week's in Corby. Grabbing 1st,2nd and 3rd for both Pontefract and Retford. Corby Town sent 102 bird's between 7 members to Retford, Jan sent 39 pigeons to that race. His 1st club was a blue cock doing, 1291, his 2nd was doing 1262, and his 3rd also 1262.
To Pontefract 77 pigeons were sent between 7 members. Jan only lost 1 bird and sent 38 on the day. Again he grabbed 1st,2nd and 3rd club, doing 1451/1442/1435. Well done Jan, good luck next week boy's. Let's see if Jan can score a hat trick and get 1st,2nd,3rd for a 3rd time! Sadly Corby Town has lost 3 club member's to the South Road. R.Fairbairn, Murphy Bros and Mr & Mrs Power. On behalf of our club, we would like to wish them all the best on the South. They were great members to our club, and will be truly missed.
Tail End.
The weather's not be too bad for the young bird's so far, let's hope it stay's that way. As you can guess it is abit hectic on race day at our house, with Nathan on South and Nigel on North. Aslong as they don't ask me to time in they will be fine ! I hope young Aimee, Corby Town's reporter is feeling much better now.
Don't forget to let us know if your club has an event, so we can let everyone know to come and support you. Well guy's and gal's, have a good week, be good.
Sue & Nathan.