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Sue & Nathan

Retford Y/B  25.07.09
The Northampton Town and District Federation started their young bird programme on the 25 July with a 60 to 70 mile plus race from Retford.  After the week of indifferent weather it was nice to wake to a beautiful summer's morning with a light westerly wind and blue skies with a little high cloud.  As near a perfect flying day as you could have wished for.  Dave Boxford had the birds away bright and early at 0605 into a cracking sky with a light westerly wind which would no doubt just hold the birds up a bit and make them do some work.  It seems that for a first race a steady 40 to 45mph race results in better returns with the birds keeping to ground they know rather than "going over" into unknown territory.  In the Raunds club hard training appears to have paid off once again for the B & J Andrews partnership who made a clean sweep of the first 4 positions. Barry says he was in the loft taking care of paperwork with his able assistant Joy when he heard a racing flock go over.  He came out just in time to see the flock disappearing over the rooftops and a batch of youngsters peeling round.  These 7 or 8 birds dropped straight to the loft and into the stall trap and Barry clocked the four in the traps then let the rest in.  A few minutes later he had most birds back home with 100% returns by lunchtime.  His birds recorded 1316, 1313, 1310 and 1308ypm.  His winner was a Janssen x P Butler SVR bred from "Milly" and "01", both Fed winners from Lerwick.  Second bird home was its nest mate.  In 3rd place was a Corbett Busscheart whose parents were 1st and 2nd club 5th and 9th Fed in last years hard Y/B Berwick race and were the only two birds in the club on the day.  Last but not least in 4th was a youngster bred from a gift hen from Pete Aitcheson of Leicester x a cock from ex Kempston member and last years Gold Cup winner Ray Campbell who now lives in Wales. The first bird in the clock wins the pools and the snowball and marked everyone's card as it is entered in the Fed Breeder Buyer and also the Gold Ring scheme.

 Wellingborough North Road
Out of W.N.R. 5 members, sent 61 bird's. W.F.Line/Son/G.Son took 1st & 3rd club place's. Laurel & Hardys 1st club was a shaile hen, doing 1270. she was bred from a red van Reet cock-purchased from Louella Lofts 3yr ago, and a 4yr old Mick Smith (Wymington Trio) hen. Their 3rd club was a red cock,doing 1207, also from Mick Smith Trio, and a Louella Loft  Busscheart hen. She was bought in a batch of 6 from Louella in 2008. Dave Gent took 2nd & 4th club, doing 1225/1186. 'Darn Good' Gent's 2nd club was a cock (son of 200) which has won the fed this year. His 4th was Son of Tyson. Laurel & Hardy also won the club pools, returns at W.N.R. were'nt good.

Northampton Town & District Fed Results.
Retford Y/B  25.07.09    40/655
B&J Andrews 1st/5th/6th/7th. A.Webb 8th/9th/11th. M.Lawless 13th.
Desborough.. R&S Gubbins 2nd/3th/4th.  Kempston.. P.Lane/Son 12th/14th/16th. J.Mitchell 17th/19th.  Olney.. C.Barnes 18th. Mr/Mrs Loveridge 20th.  Corby Town.. J.Czarnota 15th.
Well done to you all.

Tail End..
We we're blessed with lovely weather for our first young bird race, which they all did very well. I wonder how many miles you guy's covered,waiting and pacing hmm!  You can do it all again next week!  My partner in grime Nathan, has at last flown his nest. We wish you and Fiance Claire lots of happiness in your new nest.
Well guys and gals, until next week-be good, well and safe. Bye for now.
Sue & Nathan.