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Sue & Nathan

Pontefract 04 July
The Northants Fed had their birds at Pontefract Racecourse on Saturday 04 July for a 100 mile or so comeback race before the final race of the old bird season from Thurso next week. The forecast gave a good chance of rain later in the day but scattered showers could really be anywhere all day.  Race controller "Wag" Freeman gave the go ahead and convoyers Dave Boxford and Paul Stevens had the birds in the air at 0645 into beautiful clear blue skies to face a light head wind home, so light in fact, that thoughts were of birds doing around 50mph or so.
 Those who read this column regularly will no doubt recall mention of a bird belonging to R & P Hallybone of the Raunds club that didn't like the trap but had no problems with the open door.  Well this week he turned up and was immediately "shown the door" and clocked to win the club doing 1387ypm.  This yearling Louella Braspenning cock was one of the clubs 98 entries sent by 7 members. Ten seconds later the partnership clocked their next arrival to take the 2nd place on 1385ypm.  Another yearling this cock was bred from birds from Gill Bros of Doncaster.  Another of the renowned Pete Butler of Newark SVR's dropped to the B & J Andrews loft to take the 3rd place on 1380ypm.  This was no stranger to the prize ring being a 5 year old cock that has 1st club, 1st Fed 12th Amalgamation Lerwick to its credit but I think it is it's first real showing this year.  Watch out next week from Thurso! Referring once again to previous articles Mick Lawless clocked what must surely be the most consistent bird in the Fed to record 1370ypm and take 4th place.  This Willy Thas cock was taken off the widowhood system about a month ago and has continued to be in the shake up every week.  He must have been in the clock and in the top ten in the club for the last 6 or 7 weeks or so including 1st club three week on the trot. Bird of the year without a doubt. Robin and Pat Hallybone took the pools.
Wellingborough North Road
Out of W.N.R. 5 member's sent 46 bird's to the race point. Dave "Darn Good" Gent took 1st and 4th club, doing 1332/1309. His 1st club '200' has done well all season. Dave's 4th was '989', a hen bred by Dave Boxford. Alan "Pensioner" Neville took 2nd and 3rd club, doing 1315/1309. Alan's 2nd club was a blue hen, 3yr old and bred by Dave Boxford. She has had 3 x 2nd places. His 3rd club was his 'P45', bred from Dave Boxford and Stu Wisken stock.
Thurso  11/07/09
The Northants Fed birds were at Thurso on 11 July in what was the last Federation and Amalgamation race of the season for the old birds.  The race was also the last leg of the three race average for the magnificent Federation Gold Cup.  Several fanciers were in the hunt but this 450 mile or so race could and would break hearts as usual.  The birds were up at 0600 hours  into a light north east wind which turned more westerly as the birds progressed down country.  ETA for most was thought to be around the 10 hours plus or around 45 mph for the winners.
In the Raunds club were 7 members sent 27 birds the meastro returned to the top in the form of Pete Madejczyk who clocked his winner at 16.21 to record 1268ypm.  He then clocked his second arrival from the four he sent to take the 2nd place on 1184ypm.  Pete is no stranger to winning at these sort of distances and neither was his first arrival.  This four year old cock was a notorious bad trapper as a baby as he was 1st to the loft most weeeks.  He has carried this trait throughout his life and will not go in if Pete is anywhere near the loft.  On this occasion Pete had his youngsters out and they had cleared the area as usual.  When they returned and dropped to the loft Pete noticed this old cock amongst them and realised it was his Thurso all pooler and snowballer.  The cocks record so far is 2006 2nd club 2nd Fed Wetherby, 2007 1st club 1st Fed 13 Amalgamation Fraserburgh, 2008 3rd club Scotch Corner and 2nd club 12 Fed Northallerton, 2009 2nd club 4th Fed 11 Amalgamation Perth and 9th club 17th Fed Elgin and of course now 1st club and probable 2nd Fed Thurso.  His next arrival was a half sister to the winner having 5 minor cards to her name but this is her first showing this year.  These two birds were both SVR's bred down from a pair bought at Doncaster sales in 2005 that have proved a goldmine in the stock loft.  Pete started the year off by taking the first and second places in the first event and now closes the season with another one two.  This win secures the club's Old Bird Average and the Scottish Average with velocities of 1253ypm and 1225ypm respectively.  In 3rd place doing 1140ypm are the B and J Andrews partnership who clocked one of the Louella Corbett Buschearts at 17.31.  This two year old hen was the lofts only arrival last year from the disasterous Thurso race.  Adrian Webb took the fourth place with a hen that he admits to sending to test it out.  This was probably one of his imports and if you dont send them you will never know if they have the ability to fly that sort of distance. Club returns are classed as good when you consider the distance.

Pete Madejczyk

Wellingborough North Road
Only 4 member's sent 18 bird's to this race point from W.N.R. Dave "Darn Good" Gent took 1st & 3rd club, doing 1205/704. His 1st club is the sister of his '200' cock, who won 1st club last week from Pontefract. His 3rd club was a yearling hen, bred by Dave Boxford. Andy Johnson and young son Dennis 'The Do it All's', took 2nd club, doing 994. Their '06' Blue Chq hen was a self bred van Johnson. As a young bird she was 4th fed/2nd club from Wetherby. The 'Flying Dutchman', Rudi van der Meer netted 4th club, doing 680. This bird was bred out of a pair gifted to W.F.Line/Son/G.Son, from Shirley Pascoe in Truro.  They gifted Rudi's 4th club bird, when he started up racing.
Northampton Town & District Fed Results.
Pontefract  4.7.09    49/550
Corby Town-
1st P.Phoenix.  Murphy Bros 11th/18th.  Raunds- R.&P Hallybone 2nd/3rd/8th. B&J Andrews 5th.  M.Lawless 6th.  A.Webb 7th/15th/17th. W.Madejczyk 10th.  Olney - Mr/Mrs Loveridge 4th.  Kempston- T. Head 20th.  Desborough - J.Gateley 9th/13th/14th.  Mr/Mrs Thorpe 12th.  D.Sturgess 16th/19th.
Northampton Town & District Fed Result's.
Pontefract-Open Race11.7.09    7/39
Raunds -
B&J Andrews 1st/6th.  R&P Hallybone 2nd/4th/5th.  M.Lawless 3rd.  M.Hinde 7th/8th.  Kempston -  T.Head 9th/10th/11th/12th.  A.D'Argenio 13th. Jamie Mitchell 14th.
Brixworth, Corby Town, Desborough, Olney, Wellingborough North Road - NO BIRD'S SENT. 
Northampton Town & District Fed Result's.
Thurso  11.7.09    36/167
Brixworth -
R.Linnell 14thC.Freeman (Wag) 16th.  Desborough - N&A Marlow 1st/4th/6th/18th. R&S Gubbins 15th. A.Lane 17th.  Corby Town - Mr/Mrs Stanton 3rd/9th. J.Czarnota 19th.   Wellingborough North Road - D.Gent 5th.  Kempston - T.Brown 8th.
A. D'Argenio 10th. T.Head 13th.  Raunds - W. Madejczyk 2nd/7th. B&J Andrews 11th/20th. A.Webb 12th. Olney- No Birds Sent.
Tail End
Well  Guy's and Gal's this bring's the Old Bird Season to a close for another year-has'nt it gone fast!!  Now you will all be keyed up and ready for the young bird's season. Get the old B.B.Q. fired up, as that week-end look's to be a good one. Perhaps summer has decided to come at long last - can but hope!  Enjoy the break and we will catch you all soon, for another fun packed season with your babies.

Take care, keep well.
Bye for now Sue & Nathan.