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Sue & Nathan

Pontefract 20/06/09
Wellingborough North Road
Out of WNR 5 members sent 48 birds to the race point. Dave Gent took 1st and 2nd club, doing 1326/1322. "Darn Good" Gent's 1st club was a yearling cock. His sire '84' has won alot of prizes for Dave. His 2nd club, was a yearling from his stock bird's. Alan "Pensioner" Neville took 3rd and 4th club, doing 1281/1275. "Pensioner" Neville's 3rd place was'04', a 2yr old cheq w/f hen. She was a winner as a Y/B. Alan told me she's just a brilliant hen. She was bred from Dave Boxford/Albert Farrow blood lines. His 4th club was '24' a blue hen, bred from Dave Boxford stock. 
East Midlands North Road Amalgamation
Elgin 60/295
Wisken & Wigfall 7th/45th/46th.  N&A Marlow 17th/25th. M.Lawless 18th/40th. T.Brown 23rd. B&J Andrews 26th/48th. Mr/Mrs Stanton 33rd. A.Webb 35th. C.Freeman 42nd. M.Hinde 44th/47th/50th.
Northampton & District Fed Results.
Lerwick  20/06/09   8/18
1st R.Withall. 2nd Wisken & Wigfall ( Brixworth Club), 3rd Mr/Mrs Edgar (Kempston).
No birds timed in at Corby.  No birds sent by: Desborough, Olney, Raunds, Wellingborough North Road.
East Midlands North Road Amalgamation.
Lerwick  20/06/09   20/61
R. Withall 11th. Wisken & Wigfall 13th. Mr/Mrs Edgar 15th.
Northampton & District Fed Results.
Pontefract-Charity Race.  20/06/09  54/583.
Charity is Age Concern- nominated by B.Andrews.
Corby Town:
P.Phoenix 1st/19th. Mr/Mrs Power 2nd/3rd, Kempston: P.Lane/Son 13th/14th/15th. T.Brown 4th/18th. T.Head 8th. Desborough: R&S Gubbins 5th. N&A Marlow 2 x 9th places. Olney: Mr/Mrs Loveridge 12th/20th.  Wellingborough North Road: D.Gent 16th/17th.  Raunds: M.Lawless 6th. B&J Andrews 7th.
Tail End.
I guess you're all busy getting your young birds down the road training. A real "heart in the mouth" moment for you all. Once out the basket, you pray they go in the direction of home. If you're like me and they go the wrong way, I've found that jumping up and down, shouting "wrong way" doesn't do any good at all. You just hope the leader stops enjoying the scenery and takes the batch the right way. As you all know, once they are out the old basket, there's not a lot you can do. Unless you have a microlite, that is!
Well guys and gals, keep well-take care. Catch you next week.
Sue & Nathan