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Sue & Nathan

Mick Lawless - a winner from Elgin

Pontefract and Elgin  6/6/09

Raunds Club

The Northants fanciers had the luxury of two races over the week-end of June 6th.One from Pontefract and the other the second of the East Midland Amalgamation Scottish events this week from Elgin.  This race point was a change from the usual Fraserburgh due to doubts about the suitability of the liberation site.

The weekend weather wise was not that good early on but was expected to improve as the day wore on. 

The Pontefract birds got their freedom at 1330 hours into a light south east wind with a rather overcast home end that stayed dull for most of the day.  However the birds made light work of the conditions and were soon dropping into the lofts doing around the 1400ypm mark.  The Elgin contingent had around 380 miles to cover and had to wait for the weather to improve sufficiently to get them a good start.  The Amalgamation birds were convoyed along with the Nottingham North Road Fed by A & P Transport of Blackpool for the first time to try to keep the costs for all organisations to a minimum with the birds being ferried to Nottingham for loading.  It appears to have been a success judging by the returns on a day when sorting out a liberation time was not as straight forward as it could have been.


In the Raunds club from Pontefract  8 members sent 55 birds that were led home by Max Hinde’s very well bred SVR x Janssen.  This was Max’s first win of the year which should cheer him up after a spell of indifferent health.  His winner is a great grandson of John Munns' ace bird “Rebel”, now the property of Louella Lofts, when the son was paired to Max’s Lerwick hen. As a young bird this cock was in the clock at Pontefract and was 2nd section Dunbar with the NRCC and this year as a yearling had 6th club 18th Fed Berwick and flew Perth last week.  Phil Lane had the next home, this being his famous “66” that has had many prizes in both Raunds and Kempston clubs as well as the Federation.  He was in the money from Morpeth this year as well as other near misses. The next two places were filled by the ever present Adrian Webb with two birds that he didn’t really know as they had not scored previously.


In the Raunds club from Elgin (8/47) the wizard that is Mick Lawless clocked his pure Willy Thas widower to take the red card and the added prize money of £150 from the Percy Goodman Memorial Fund and the fabulous trophy for the next year.  Mick is a previous winner of this event and did warn the club that he was warming his charges up for this week.  His winner was not his most fancied bird but he had topped the Fed as a youngster and had 2nd Wetherby and 4th Perth this year.  Mick’s fancied bird dropped 14 minutes later to claim the 4th place.  This widower had topped the Fed twice in 2008 both from Pontefract plus 2nd club Wetherby and 3rd club Berwick.  This year he had just started to show being in the clock from Morpeth. ( see photo). The  result would not be complete without Barry and Joy Andrews and Adrian Webb.  There birds took the 2nd and 3rd places respectively.  The B & J partnership clocked a 3 year old Mealy cock of Pete Butler of Newark SVR blood to win the £100 Goodman special prize and the pools.  It proves the calibre of the fancier when a 3 year old that had previously done nothing gets to carry the pool money and turns up like this. First bird home from 8 sent.

Adrian Webb missed out on the big money and had to be satisfied with 4th place.  Adrian calls this bird “The Waster” as it had 1 week away from its first race of the season then 6 days away after its second.  It was then sent to Perth were it arrived 1 day late but has now managed to fly Elgin on the day!Just a note to finish with.  Both club races were won on 1393ypm velocities and the last two fanciers on the result from Pontefract were the top two from  Elgin !  Spooky or what!

Corby Town Club

For the shorter raceof the two this week, 8 members sent 90 birds to Pontefract. First club this week was Mr & Mrs Stanton, doing 1394, with a van Reet blue cock-whom clocked 3rd club last week. R.Fairbairn took 2nd club, doing 1344. Also with a blue van Reet cock. The 3rd club went to P.Phoenix with a van Reet from the Bill Briggs stock line.

For the longer race from Elgin, 4 members sent 16 birds. First making it a double win was, Mr & Mrs Stanton with a van Reet hen, doing 1367. The partnership also took 2nd club with another van Reet hen, doing 1307. J Czonata netted 3rd club with a cock doing 1179. This week as a double club winner, young Aimee Barker, Corby Town Club reporter  interviewed Mr Stanton. This is what he told her, for his 47 yrs as a fanatic pigeon fancier, he first became interested in pigeons in 1962. When his auntie bought me some fantails as a gift. I became very fascinated in pigeons, and joined CTPC, along side my father in 1964.Where we began racing young birds, and won the first 4 races. I have two inspirations, one a fellow fancier I.Karfoot from Weldon, who encouraged my passion for racing. The other has recently been Mr & Mrs Turner from Colchester, whom have guided me into buying the right air of birds, from their line of Red Daniels. My wife Zena, joined me in my passion for pigeons, when she became secretary of the club. My best moment in pigeon racing was when, Zena and myself won the Fed Gold Cup. Mr Staton goes on to say, seeing the birds come home after training or racing, has to be the best thing about the sport now. Thankyou very much Robert for letting us in on your life as a fancier. Good Luck to you all for next week's race.

Wellingborough North Road

Six members sent 81 birds to Pontefract. The 1st & 2nd club went to Dave Gent, doing 1440/1410. These two birds are brother's. They did Dave "Darn Good" Gent proud the previous week. Brian "Big Man" Lawrence netted 3rd club, with his self bred 3yr old cock, doing 1374. Dave also took 4th club, doiong 1337.

We were suprised that the Elgin birds were liberated, as the weather forecast was'nt very good. Only 16 birds from 5 members went to this race. Dave "Darn Good"Gent took 1st & 2nd club, with two hen's doing 1131/1122. Brian "Big Man"Lawrence netted 3rd club, doing 980. His self bred cock bird known as "The Old Fella", is 5yr old. He has done very well for Brian over the years. Well done Brian, nice to see you in the club placing's. Returns were poor, still a few missing in action at WNR.

Northampton Town and District Fed Results

Pontefract  6/6/09  53/555

Wellingborough North Road:  D.Gent 1st/7th.  B.Lawrence 16th.  Desborough Club: N&A Marlow 2nd/4th/12th. J.Gateley 5th/6th. R.Gasson/Son 13th/14th.  Olney: Mr/Mrs Loveridge 9th/10th. Raunds: M.Hinde 11th. Kempston: T.Brown 20th. Corby Town: Mr&Mrs Stanton 10th. Brixworth: B.Nutt 17th. C.Freeman 18th. R.Withall 19th.

Northampton Town and District Fed Results

Elgin  6/6/09  31/151

Kempston: T.Brown 4th.  Corby Town: Mr&Mrs Stanton 7th. Brixworth: Wisken & Wigfall 1st/12rh/13th.  Raunds: M.Lawless 3rd/9th.  B&J Andrews 6th/15th. A.Webb 8th/18th/20th. M.Hinde 11th/16th.  W.Madejczyk 17th/19th.

Tail End

Not the best weather for a double race, what happened to "FLAMING JUNE"?! Forecast looks good for next weekend, so fingers crossed. Just a reminder about the Midsummer Social Evening at Raunds Con Club. Saturday 18th July, 8pm till late. Music, buffet, great company, all for £10 a ticket. Speak to Dave Boxford for the tickets. Well guys and gals, have a great week, be good-keep safe. Bye for now.