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Sue & Nathan

Whitley Bay/Wakefield and Berwick


In the Raunds club from Wakefield (Whitley Bay) 5 members sent 52 birds and they were led home by Adrian Webb’s young Busschaert Hen doing 1654ypm followed by another Webb “mystery” bird in second place doing 1621ypm.  Adrian’s winner was bred down from a Churchview Lofts stock pair whilst the second bird was from the “mystery” stud in Devon.  I am sure one of these days he will tell us that it is that famous stud in Weymouth.  Club president Barry Andrews and his loft manager/wife Joy took the next two places on 1618 and 1583ypm with two of their Pete Butler of Newark based birds.  The first home was one of six bought direct this year and the second home was bred down from a Janssen hen which I think is via the late Pete Bailey crossed with “01”. A Pete Butler direct Van Reet.  Both these birds are Lerwick winners so I suspect they will be warming up for the Berwick event next week.  Pools this week went to the evergreen Max Hinde who trotted up in 5th spot.

The Northants Fed joined the East Midland North Road Combine (EMNRA) on Saturday 14 September for the final race of the season from Berwick, a distance of around 250 miles for Northants members.  The news from the race point on Saturday was not good with the weather making a liberation impossible and forcing a holdover.  The Sunday dawned glorious at the home end but low cloud and mist prevented an early liberation at Berwick.  News came through that the birds had been liberated  at 12.15 in a south easterly wind and it was obvious that,  with the nights closing in it was going to be a very difficult race indeed for these youngsters.  And so it proved to be with many lofts failing to register an arrival on the day and those that did being fortunate if they got more than one.  The next morning (Monday) dawned overcast and cold and the reports indicate that returns were few and far between.

The Raunds club had five members sending 52 birds which saw the B and J Andrews take the top two places with the only birds on the day. These two gallant youngsters were clocked at 1914 hours and 1939 hours respectively recording 1024 and 965ypm.  The winner, a pied cock was bred down from two of Barry’s Lerwick family with the sire having 2nd Club 2nd Fed Lerwick 2005 and the dam 1st Club 2nd Fed 5th EMNRA Lerwick 2008 so it was bred for the job.  This hen was picked out as a nestling by Barry and Joy’s youngest granddaughter Elena because of its prominent white markings and is now known by that name. Their second arrival was bred down from birds from Jean Wilson and the I & R Jarratt partnership, the former being part of the clubs Breeder Buyer competition from 2007.  The next two places went to the N Burt and Son partnership who have raced their team of youngsters lightly this year with a view to competing from the longer race points with the EMNRA and NRCC.  Neils birds were clocked just before 0800 the next morning flying nearly 247 miles. The first home was a lightly trained and raced Jan Aarden x Van Geel from the Burt stock loft whilst the next arrival was a Pickering Janssen courtesy of Lerwick specialist Max Hinde.  The Andrews partnership clocked a fourth arrival at 0836 second day as it was pooled and entered into the lucrative snowball which hadn’t been won for some weeks.  This was another direct Pete Butler Van Reet, a strain that really seem to have settled to Barry’s training regime and management system. Barry and Joy also take the Young Bird Average trophy being the only loft to time in all races so no need to do the sums on this occasion.    

Corby Town      

Corby Town pigeon club sent 25 bird's between 4 members to Whitley Bay, later brought down to Wakefield, due to the bad weather.Coming 1st & 2nd was R.Fairbairn with 2 van Reets, doing 1678/1668. Mr & Mrs Stanton came 3rd & 4th with van Reets, doing 1598/1575. R.Fairbairn netted 5th, also takeing the first available prize in the Young Bird Breeder/Buyer race in Corby Town. The van Reet cock was doing 1559. Mr & Mrs Stanton came 6th, takeing the 2nd Breeder/Buyer with another van Reet, doing 1508. The 3rd Breeder/Buyer went to P.Pheonix with a van Reet cock, finishing up in 8th place. Once again I would like to thank all the members for their support in this young bird Breeder/Buyer race this season. Corby Town sent 20 birds between 3 members to the final young bird race from Berwick. P.Pheonix came 1st & 2nd club with 2 van Reets, doing 772/756. O Reilly took 3rd / 4th and 5th club, with original bred Finnie & Bourke pigeons, doing 728/670/482. Mr & Mrs Stanton clocked 6th club with a van Reet hen, doing 387. Congratulations to all the winner's this season. Hope you will all do well next year.

Wellingborough North Road

Out of WNR 4 members sent approx 30 birds to Whitley Bay which were liberated the following day from Wakefield. A. Neville took 1st club, doing 1633. Alan "Pensioner" Neville's blue pied hen has been coming well all Y/B season. Ahe is called "An-gina", bred by WF Line/Son/G.Son. "Pensioner" Neville named her this as "him in doors" was in/out of hospital like a yo-yo. The 2nd/3rd and 4th club place's went to Mr &Mrs Smith and Tommy, doing 1604/1603/1593. The "Wymington Trio's" 2nd club was a w/f cock. This cock bird came 1st club from Scotch Corner, the previous week. Their 3rd club was a mealy cock, who came 1st club from Pontefract 1. Finally the "Wymington Trio's" 4th was a Reg Sarre stock from Blackpool. Returns were'nt good at WNR. What can I say-another bad weather race for them. I guess I should design some bad weather gear for them. Him in doors said it's a good job I'm not a pigeon. I'd head for the nearest station and get the train home. Jokeing apart, they really are amazing, to battle the weather as they have done. We hope you have them all home well and safe. Only one more race until the season ends for another year. Berwick,  4 members, sent 20 birds to this race point. D.Gent took 1st & 2nd club, doing 1103.53/564.1. D." Daen Good" Gent was the only WNR member to clock in on the day. A.Neville took 3rd club doing 481.60. Alan "Pensioner" Neville's 3rd place was a blue pied hen. This little hen was bred by WF Line/Son/G.Son (Laurel and Hardy Partnership). She was 1st club in last weeks race. A.Johnson/Son netted 4th club, doing 390.51. Andy "Do it all" Johnson and young son Dennis, took 4th with a blue w/f hen. Bred by WF Line/Son/G.Son. Still bird's missing in action.

It was yet another hard race for them. I bet you all gave a sigh of relief it was the last one of the season. It's been one tough season, and the weather was against them most weeks. All our bird's deserve a well earned rest, and a peanut or 3. This season has seen more soggy sausages than you can shake a skewer at, such a shame. We'll we all knew it would be glorious weather soon as racing came to an end. We hope you are all makeing the most of it. A big thankyou to Ian Jarratt (Raunds) and young Aimee Barker (Corby Town). Without their time e-mailing their club reports, we would'nt keep The Rose of the Shires alive. Neither would we without Les and Cameron "Elimarpigeons" site, British Homing World and the Racing Pigeon, for publishing our write-up's for you each week. A Huge thankyou to them all. Not forgetting our very own North Road Fed Committee. They all do such alot to make the season possible.

Calling All Clubs, if you have anything you want a write-up on-forthcoming events circulated, get in touch with us. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone Sue on 01933 395553.  Well guy's and gal's that's all for this season, we hope you have enjoyed reading out article's as much as we have doing them. Enjoy the break and we hope to see you all soon. Take care and stay well.

Bye for this season, Sue and Nathan