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Sue & Nathan

Scotch Corner - 30/08/08

The sixth race of the campaign for the Northampton Town and district Federation Young Bird season was held on Saturday the 30th of August from the Scotch Corner race point. The birds were away at 11.15 hours after a delay whilst the weather cleared. The forecast had said rain would be around in the morning gradually clearing out to the North Sea but it was never that bad in most areas. However, with a fair bit of mist around early on meant "crack of dawn" libs were out of the question.

In the Raunds club 8 members sent 102 birds away for this 155 mile race ending with a win for "Lucky" Mick Lawless doing 1070ypm. Mick winner is a blue white flight hen of Van Reet bloodlines that was one of a pair gifted to him by Pat Eden of Corby. She covered the 153 mile trip in 4 hours and 12 minutes against the light south east wind.  In second place was "Mr Lerwick" Max Hinde on 1067ypm with a descendant of the Janssen family that gave him his nick name.  The sire of this cock won the NRCC section from Lerwick last year with the dam being his old faithfull Lerwick Hen who scored well and often from the Shetlands.  Third and fourth spots were filled by Mr and Mrs Eddie Calver doing 1064 and 1057ypm who are having a great season after organising some serious training for themselves and other club members.  Their first in the clock was bred from their Berwick Fed winner and fourth Fed Fraserburgh winner whilst their next bird was 2nd club 14th Fed Wetherby (last week) and 9th club 16th Fed Pontefract (1) this year.  It was bred down from one of Eddie's birds crossed with one from Mick and Sue Smith of the Wellingborough club. Returns were mixed with four members getting no more than 60% home at clocks and the rest having just the odd one missing. 

Corby Town. Out of C.T. 8 members sent 81 birds to the race point. Club first place went to O Reilly with a van Reet  Cheq hen, doing 1015. This hen was gifted by Mr and Mrs Stanton. Murphy Brother's came 2nd club, with a Soonjen cock doing 997. The 3rd club went to R.Fairbairn with a van Reet cock, doing 951. Murphy Brother's also clocked 4th-5th club, doing 928/917, with 2 Soonjens. O Reilly netted 6th club, doing 907 with a Finnie and Bourke pigeon. 

Wellingborough North Road. Eight members sent 92 birds to Scotch Corner race point. Mr & Mrs Smith & Tommy took 1st and 3rd club, doing 1017/984. The "Wymington Trios" 1st club's nest mate was 5th club from Retford (2). Bred from a van Reet x Wildermeich. Their 3rd club's sire was 5 times fed winner. So the "Wymington Trio" are having a steady season with club/fed placing's. A.Neville took 2nd club, doing 1014. Alan "Pensioner" Neville's cheq hen was bred from a Albert Farrow hen and a Dave Boxford cock bird. A.Johnson/Son netted 4th club doing 983, pipped for 3rd place by over fly. Andy "Do it All" Johnson and young son Dennis, took 4th with a blue chq hen. Bred from a van Johnson cock, and a" Wymington Trio" hen. Happy Birthday to young Dennis, and Well Done to Keyleigh on her fantastic exam result's. It's all happening at "Do it all" Johnson's place. They also pocketed the pool money. Gold Ring Winners  1st place Mr and Mrs Thorpe, D.Gent 2nd/3rd places.

Scotch Corner Fed Results. Raunds: 7th M Lawless, 9th M Hinde, 10th/12th Mr & Mrs Calver, 20th A Webb.  

Another mixed race with the weather and returns. Birds still missing from WNR; we have had birds returning from previous races. Thankyou to all the fancier's who have taken birds in, fed them up and released once they got strong again. According to the Met Office, this August was hotter than last year-who are they kidding!! We did'nt notice our's suffering heat exhaustion when they got home- did your's? Come to think of it, did you get burnt to a frazzle waiting!! Only 2 more races until the end of another season. We can hope for a glimmer of the yellow ball in the sky. I forget what it's call, oh! yes THE SUN!! Well guys and gals, until next week all of you take care. Bye for now, Sue and Nathan