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Sue & Nathan

PONTEFRACT Y/B (2) 16/08/08
Here we go again, the fourth race of the young bird season saw the Northampton Town and District Federation birds once again at Pontefract racecourse on Saturday 16th of August.  After an early scare from the Met Office, who hinted at more rain for the Saturday, careful scrutiny of the charts by the Race Committee, led by Barry Andrews, led them to believe that the race would be OK and that any rain would not get to the east of the country until well after lunch. The reality was that the rain never came at all but stayed over in Ireland causing severe flooding in the Belfast area. At 0700 hours the birds were liberated into clear skies and a no wind situation for the 100 mile or so trip. The wind increased on the journey down becoming a fresh south easterly by the time the birds reached the county.

The Raunds club had 8 members sending 121 birds, which was only a few down on the previous week.  The convoy were led home by Mr and Mrs Eddie Calver who took the top two places on 1161 and 1156ypm. The birds came together but after clocking the first with no trouble Eddie left the stopper off his stall traps, allowing his second bird into the loft and then when he finally caught it he dropped the rubber and we all know how you go to pieces when this happens. It seems like an eternity but he lost less than a minute. His winner is a bird called "Liquorice", named because it stems from all sorts of birds. The hen was sitting eggs and had to be chased out of the loft for exercise she was so keen. The second bird home was a product of a one of Eddie's hens that had been given to Mr and Mrs Mick Smith as part of the Raunds club Breeder Buyer scheme in 07, paired to one of Mick's cocks. Mick offered to breed a pair out of the breeder buyer for Eddie as the hen had flown well for the partnership last year.  Taking the third spot is that wily old campaigner Pete Madejczyk recording 1116ypm. This is another of Pete's very useful Staf Van Reet birds that have really started to race for him. "Lucky" Mick Lawless took the next two places with his crack darkness team.  His first home, a young cock bird, was the nest mate to last weeks 2nd club and 2nd Fed winner which was bred down from another of Pete Madejczyk 's Van Reet hens crossed with one of Mick's own Willy Thas cocks. Pools this week went to Joy Andrews who picked a bird she called "Ian" because it was a handsome, clever bird that reminded her of her son in law, Ian.  Unfortunately he is a Chelsea supporter.

Wellingborough North Road. Out of WNR 9 members sent 120 birds to this race point. Dave Gent took 1st and 2nd club, doing 1177/1167. Dave "Darn Good" Gent's 1st in the clock was his gold ring bird. His 2nd place was a blue cock "999" known as the "policeman". Mr & Mrs Smith and Tommy took 3rd and 4th club, doing 1141/1139. The "Wymington Trio's" 3rd club was a  w/f pencil hen, bred from a pickering jassen sire and a dam from Reg Sarre (Blackpool). Their 4th place was " the tv cock", bred from a Reg Sarre sire, and a Neil Burt krauth dam. The "Wymington Trio's" tv cock haunts him in door's, due to his senior moment. He forgot to nom his bird, it's been a stand-in joke ever since. Return's were'nt good again. Talking to fancier's who reported our missing bird's, losses are countrywide.

1st-9th A.Webb, 2nd M.Lawless, 16th R&P Hallybone, 18th W.Madejczyk.
Wellingborough North Road.
7th - 12th- 20th Mr & Mrs Smith and Tommy.
Corby Town
10th Murphy Bros.
10th-16th Mr & Mrs Calver
Wellingborough North Road
6th-9th D.Gent, 18th-19th Mr & Mrs Smith-Tommy.
Congratulations to J.Gateley of Desborough Dynasty, for takeing the first 5 Fed places. Well done to you all who netted a Fed place.
D. Gent -----  West: Wisken & Gardner.

Well guys and gal's, all I can say is "Keep Your Chin's Up". Until next week, take care.  Sue & Nathan