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Sue & Nathan


The Northmpton Town and District Fed were at Pontefract for their second race of the young bird programme, a distance of around 100 miles to the majority of lofts. Wag Freeman and Graham Draper went for a 0700 liberation in an attempt to beat the rain that was forecast be in our area mid morning. The weather in the north of England was clear and many organisations flying further up country got their birds away and home in clear conditions. Unfortunately the rain came up a little quicker than forecast and the Northampton Fed birds had to put up with a fresh headwind and rain and poor visibility at the home end. As in all these cases, some fare better than others but I am told that around 3/4 of the convoy were home by lunchtime in most clubs.

In the Raunds club 7 sent 89 birds resulting in a whitewash by Adrian Webb. He clocked all four youngsters that dropped together to take the first four places with speeds of 1043.9, 1042.6, 1041.3 and 1039.8, timing four in 40 seconds. All four were Janssens with the winner being one of a batch bought from a stud in Devon (wouldn't be Weymouth would it?) and the rest were the produce from his old Janssen stock. Pools this week went the way of the Andrews duo (Barry and Joy) who made amends for just missing out to the R and P Hallybone partnership last week.

FED RESULTS-PONTEFRACT Y/B : A.Webb 2nd-3rd-4th-5th, R&P Hallybone 7th-8th, B&J Andrews 11th-12th, Mr&Mrs Calver 16th-17th, P.Lane/Son (Kempston) 18th, T.Brown (Kempston) 19th-20th.


This week we raced from Pontefract, approx 86 miles, 9 members sent 87 pigeons to the race point. Coming 1st club was Mr & Mrs R Stanton, with an original Turner van reet blue w/f hen-doing 974. Clocking in 2nd club was R.Fairbairn with a JanAarden cheq cock doing 939.73. Netting 3rd & 4th club places was O Reilly with an original bred Finnie & Bourke pigeon. His 3rd club was a pied cock, doing 939.68 his 4th club doing 937 was a dark hen. Clocking in for 5th & 6th club placings was Murphy Brothers, with 2 soonjen blue cock birds, doing 922/914. FED RESULTS-PONTEFRACT Y/B: 1st Mr&Mrs Stanton, 2nd R.Fairbairn, 3rd O Rielly.


Out of WNR 7 members sent 51 birds to Pontefract. Mr & Mrs Smith Tommy took 1st & 2nd club (13th-14th Fed) doing 995/992. The "Wymington Trio's" 1st club was a Reg Sarre mealy Van Reet cock. The sire of this mealy topped the fed only once, but did a ot of winning for them. Their 2nd club was also a Van Reet blue bred from a pair of the "Trio's" stock birds. Netting 3rd club was A. Johnson/Son, doing 981. This is a "van Johnson"-self bred, a blue pencil hen, which also took 3rd club last week from Retford. The dam to this Y/B won Chesterfield last year as a Y/B. Andy "Do it All"  Johnson and young son Dennis, are hopeing this Y/B will  do them proud this season. Just abit more gas to notch-up a couple of gears boy's!!  Brian "Big Man" Lawrence took 4th club, doing 979. His bird was a blue cheq w/f SVR bred from a hen of Dave "Darn Good" Gent's and a 2yr old cock bird from an Oxford fancier. "Big Man" Lawrence had a senior moment, and couldn't remember the Oxford fancier's name! Still a couple missing in action.

"Him indoors" never sent this week, as we were busy with a bird of our own. Our youngest daughter presented us with a bonny 9lb 6oz grandson - well done Karen and Steve. Both well and another little one for the other half to get mucky when he's older.

Congratulations to J. Gateley of Desborough for topping the Fed this week. Well done to you all.

The weather does'nt look to promising for next week's Retford. Keep the brolly and pacamac handy, just in case. Well guys and gals, until next week, be good and take care. Bye for now, Sue & Nathan.