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Sue & Nathan


It was that time of year again when the produce of the breeding season were asked the question. The Northampton Town and District Fed sent their youngsters for this first race to Retford, a distance of around 70 miles or so to the centre of the Fed radius. The morning dawned just as predicted with a a good clear morning with a cooling variable breeze which should allow all the birds to have an even chance and get a line for home. The birds were up bright and early at 0615 hours and cleared the site in a couple of minutes.


In the Raunds club where 8 sent 126 it was once again the clubs longest flyer Phil Lane who took the top award with a Van de Rhees cock bird flying to the perch recording 1439ypm. This youngster was one of six bought from the Louella Lofts earlier this year. Robin and Pat Hallybone clocked another Louella bird to take the second place. This youngster was a Braspenning bought in a batch of six to replace early losses suffered by the duo. They recorded a velocity of 1437ypm.  The club's elder statesman Pete Madejczyk slipped one into third place doing 1416ypm. This was one of Pete's very useful Van Reets, bred from a pair that had both performed well this old bird season. Adrian Webb claimed fourth place with a Janssen hen bred down from a pair that originated from the old Churchview Lofts that are now in the stock loft after being responsible for several good birds  Northampton Town and District Fed Results. R & P Hallybone 16th fed, W.Madejczyk 19th fed. CORBY TOWN Our first young bird race was 56 mile flight from Retford. The bird's were up at 6.15 am with no wind behind them. Out of Corby Town, 10 members sent 145 birds. Coming 1st-2nd & 3rd club was Mr & Mrs Stanton. Their 1st club was an original Nigel Marlow's van Reet blue cheq cock, doing 1291. Their 2nd club was a Turner van Reet pencil cock doing 1283. Their 3rd club was a blue distance hen from a Scottish friend of the flyer's, doing 1282. Clocking 4th club was a black/dark cheq van Reet cock, bred from an original Stanton pair doing 1245. P.Phoenix clocked in for 5th club, with a mealy van Reet cock bred from a Dave Boxford pair doing 1245. L & A Barker netted 6th club, with a van Reet cheq cock doing 1244. Bred from a pair of yearlings from P.Phoenix. On behalf of Corby Town Club, we would like to wish Finnie & Bourke a happy retirement from the club. We would also like to thank Ian Finnie, for his continued help & support in our club for the past years. Good Luck in the future Ian! Thankyou also for all the members who entered the Breeder/Buyer race this year. Our club decided instead of a young bird sale, we would issue each member with a form, to enter their own rings into the race. Which will be held 6th September to Whitley Bay, the race was popular last year, but this year even more so. I will let you know who wins the jackpot, and who comes 1st & 2nd. Good Luck  in this years young bird season to all pigeon fanciers.

Wellingborough North Road

Out of W.N.R, 7 members sent 95 bird's to the first Y/B race of the season. The 1st & 2nd club went to D. Gent, doing 1440/1421 (9th & 18th Fed). Dave "Darn Good" Gent's 1st club was his "999" Spalding pigeon. His 2nd club being his Gold Ring bird. A.Johnson & Son netted 3rd club, doing 1408. Andy "Do It All" Johnson and young son Dennis took 3rd with a "van Johnson" self bred pencil blue hen. The Dam to this young bird won Chesterfield last year as a young bird. Mr & Mrs Smith-and young Tommy took 4th club, doing 1388. The "Wymington Trio's" bird was bred out of a cheq pied cock, which won the T.V Nom last year.


LERWICK O/B 28/06/08 - 1st Wisken & Gardener, 2nd B&J Andrews, 3rd P.Stephens, 4th A.D'Argenio.

THURSO O/B 05/07/08 - 1st Mr&Mrs Campbell, 2nd N&A Marlow, 3rd J.Woodcock, 4th Mr&Mrs Calver.

WETHERBY-OPEN RACE  O/B 05/07/08  - Wellingborough North Road, 6th & 18th A.Neville, 13th D.Gent, 19th & 22nd R.van Der Meer. Raunds, 9th-14th-15th & 16th R&P Hallybone, 10th & 11th M.Lawless, 17th-23rd-24th B&J Andrews, 26th Mrs & Mrs Calver, 28th-29th & 30th W.Madejczyk.


THURSO 05/07/08 - 5th Mr & Mrs Campbell, 6th N&A Marlow, 7th J.Woodcock, 11th Mr & Mrs Calver. Congratulations to D.Hardy from Leicester for takeing 1st place.

LERWICK 28/06/08 - 1st Wisken & Gardener, 5th B&J Andrews, 6th P.Stephens. Congratulations to Wisken & Gardener for takeing 1st place. Well done to all fanciers who got placings.  

Once again a lot of banter and laugh' in the W.N.R club room. A cheerful start to Y/B season. Alan "Pensioner" Neville's got his long socks ready for his club winnings, and the Johnson family have defrosted the freezer for the meat raffles. The weather was on our side for a change. Deckchairs and knotted hankies ready and the B.B.Q  for later. What a way to start the season, no soggy sausages this time!!  Some birds still missing in action on the day, but hopefully they are all home safe now. Let's hope the sun will shine for awhile longer. Well guys and gals, just enjoy!!  Until next week, take care. Bye for now Sue & Nathan.