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Sue & Nathan

Wetherby O/B Fed Open Race  &  Thurso.


It was the final weekend of the old bird season and it closed on a rather sad note.  The Northants fanciers had another two race weekend with an open race from Wetherby and an Amal event from Thurso. The good news first and the birds were away from the racecourse at Wetherby at 1315 hours after waiting for some rather inclement weather to clear. Up in an east wind, it was never going to be easy even over the relatively short 115 mile trip.

On the other hand the birds from Thurso had a far more difficult test. Liberated at 1055 hours on the Saturday morning into an east wind, the resulting race was complete disaster. Only four birds made home in the Fed with the other organisations in the Amalgamation fairing just as bad. To date word has it that there are fewer than 30 birds home from the convoy. A meeting has been scheduled for late July to ascertain what went wrong and the members will be kept fully informed. Let us not get carried away with rumours and wait for the outcome of the meeting when the true facts are unveiled.
The Raunds club had one bird back from the 30 sent by 4 members and that was racing to the Mr and Mrs Calver loft and recorded 286ypm.  There has to be a winner and you cannot take away the work that this bird put in to reach home.  It is same way bred as Eddie's Berwick Fed winner this year, Frank Sheader Soontjen x a Mick Lawless cock that stemmed from the days when the late John Lawless was competing so successfully with Mick at Frank George's old lofts at Irchester.  There are many good birds missing and we know that we will never see some of them again.  I feel for those who are missing old favourites and hope that they return to fight another day.
The Raunds club from Wetherby had 6 members competing sending 27 birds that were led home by Robin and Pat Hallybones yearling cock who recorded a velocity of 1005ypm.  He was 3rd club pontefract a couple of weeks ago so was in a bit of form.  Talking of form.  In 2nd and 3rd places was the man in form, old "Lucky" Mick Lawless who clocked last weeks Pontefract winner doing 1002ypm followed by a cock that was 2nd club .Retford earlier this term for 3rd.  The first bird to the loft was a Willy Thas cock and the next home was a Willy Thas x Les Knight Van Reet from the late Bill Briggs stock.

Wellingborough North Road

Alan Neville took 1st and 3rd club, doing 1040/954. Dave Gent 2nd club 968 and Rudi van der Meer 4th club, doing 946. This was a long race of 3hr 20min, which is crazy.

The only returns to be had from this race was B.Lawrence, and A.Neville. Both not in race time. Alan "Pensioner" Neville was pleased to see "woody" drop on the loft. Laurel and Hardy partnership, have had one recently reported alive and well by a Scottish fancier (20 mile) from Thurso. A huge thankyou to all the Scottish fanciers who helped our pigeons.

Well guys and gals,  not the ending we hoped for to the old bird season.  All those who lost birds, we hope you have heard about them and have them home. Just chill out now for the 2 weeks until Young birds start. Chins up, take care. Bye for now, Sue & Nathan