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Sue & Nathan

Scotch Corner/Wetherby 24/05/08

The Northampton Town and District Federation were scheduled to race from Scotch Corner on Saturday 24 May but due to inclement weather the birds were brought back to Wetherby.  This enabled the birds to get on their way home rather than stay at Scotch Corner where a liberation looked highly unlikely due to overcast conditions.  As luck would have it no sooner had the convoyer moved off the Scotch Corner site than the weather took a turn for the better and other organizations got their birds away from there around one o’clock and had good races.  These things happen every year and with the weather forecast very poor for the Sunday with very heavy rain moving up from the south the right decision was made at the time with the information the race committee had.  The birds were liberated from Wetherby race course at 12.45  into a fresh north east wind giving fanciers high hopes of  a fast race from this 115 mile or so point.


Over in the Raunds club where 8 members sent 97 birds Phil Lane revelled in the fast conditions and clocked four of his team of 14 to clean up with 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th places.  His winning velocity of 1747ypm was put up by one of Phil’s favourite birds, a 6 year old Van Reet widower that was recording it’s 12th red card including two Fed wins, one in the Chilterns Fed and one in the Northants Fed and had never flown further than Morpeth (215 miles).  He will get two more races this year and then will be retired to the stock loft.  The loftmate that was second recorded 1743ypm and he was also no stranger to the prize ring having many minor cards to his credit. Another widower, this cock was bought from the well known London Lofts of Julta Bros.  Third bird home doing 1740ypm was another Van Reet, this time a four year old that has also many minor cards to its credit.  This bird was being warmed up for this week’s Perth event and is expected to do the business.  Another four year old completed the clean sweep recording 1721ypm.

The first piece of silverware to find a home for 2009 was the “Up to Berwick “ Trophy which will rest on the B & J Andrews sideboard next year after their birds averaged 1376ypm for the first six races.  Runner up was Adrian Webb just two yards behind on 1374ypm.

The club would like to congratulate Eddie and Margerate Calver on topping the Northants Fed last week for the first time after several near misses over quite a few years.  The Mick Lawless tips seem to have paid off!  Let’s hope you have turned the corner Eddie and  it is the first of many.   Stop Press.  Provisional result from Perth NRCC shows Raunds club’s Robin and Pat Hallybone in Second place in Section 5 flying 305 miles. Well done.

Wellingborough North Road

Out of W.N.R. 7 members, sent 60 bird's to the race point. Dave "Darn Good" Gent took 1st & 2nd club places, doing 1787/1770. His 1st club was his son of Tyson. Both his bird's were 03 E rings. Club 3rd & 4th were snapped up by Mick Smith-Sue-Tommy, doing 1733/1723. Both were bred from the same van Reet hen. This is the first card scored for their 3rd club bird. 4th was the "Wymington Trio's" No.31 Old Champ, who has done the trio proud in previous races. Well done to all.

Not the best of weather for fancier nor pigeon alike. Hopefully all home and not blown off course. Well guys and gals keep thing's anchored down for another week.

Be Good - Sue & Nathan