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Sue & Nathan

Scotch Corner - 3/5/08

Wellingborough North Road. A good 4hrs "on the nose" race for the birds this week. 8 members sent 85 approx to Scotch Corner race point. Mick Smith, Sue & Tommy "Wymington Trio" took 1st & 2nd Club-1196.34/1196.09. Their 1st place was a cheq, bred down from their Reg Sarre stock. It came 2nd as a young bird from Scotch Corner. "Old Champ", a blue cock, was their 2nd home. This pigeon has won many races and is still doing the Wymington Trio proud. The 3rd, 4th and 5th club were netted by Alan "Pensioner" Neville-1187/1161/1159. "Pensioner" Neville's 3rd place was his cheq w/f yearling hen (04). Bred from an Albert Farrow hen and an Ian Martin cock bird. The "Dam" has won several races for Alan. This yearling hen won Berwick as a young bird. The 4th place was Alan's No 22, a blue bred by Stu Wisken. No 22 won Scotch Corner in 2007. His 5th home was No 24, a blue hen bred by Dave Boxford. She has won quite a lot of races as a young bird, also Pontefract this season. They all look like their doing you proud guys - well done.

Raunds Club. Eight members sent 140 birds away to this 155 mile or so race point, with most members expecting a demanding fly in the south-easterly breeze. First to clock and the eventual winner, was our elder statesman Pete Madejczyk, who but for one from the Ashfield Road lofts of Barry and Joy Andrews would have swept the board. In fact he finished 1st, 3rd and 4th doing 1173/1163 and 1160ypm. His winner was a Van Reet 2yr old cock bird, flying to a large youngster. He and his hen were "living rough" in the widowhood loft, until the youngster could be weaned, and the cock put on widowhood properly. The cock won 1st open last year in the Desborough club's open race. Pete's next arrival taking 3rd place was also a previous winner, when topping the Fed from Fraserburgh last year, when he clocked on the day. Next home winning 4th place was another of his Van Reets. This time a son of the bird that was 2nd Fed Fraserburgh last year. Pete's winner cleared the pools and the snowball. Barry and Joy Andrews' Busschaert yearling took the 2nd place and, as I mentioned, prevented a 1.2.3 for Pete. This cock bird won £40 in the Raunds club breeder/buyer last year.

A lot of "ribbing" went on in our club room at WNR this week, all good fun. A sense of humour does help. We also had birthday celebrations, as Nathan was the grand age of 21. It doesn't seem 5 minutes since he needed a booster seat when we went training. Now it's me who needs it!! It's always nice to see the youngster's at the club, with their dads and grandads. They all get involved in some way, helping with booking in for the transporter to reading the rubbers. It all it is a big help and it's nice to have them show an interest - thanks kids!!  Well, the weather has been kind to us all. Let's pray it remains so for a while yet. Until next week guys and gals, take care.