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Sue & Nathan

The Northampton Town and District Federation held its Annual General Meeting on the 29 February 2008 at the Raunds Conservative club.  The turnout was pretty good with around 50% of the membership present. Chairman Ian Jarratt apologised for being late as he thought the meeting was scheduled to start at 8pm when in fact it was to start at 7.30. 

After the delay the meeting got underway with the chairman reading the minutes of the previous AGM and, being voted as correct, asked for any matters arising.  With this out of the way the Balance Sheet was discussed and duly passed with thanks to Trevor Cumberpatch and Chris Day for their auditing skills.

The next major part of the meeting was the appointment of a new President as Dave Boxford had indicated that he no longer had the time to carry out this task as he had sold his birds to allow more time with his family after many years in the sport.  To find someone with his keenness and dedication was always going to be a stern task.  And so it proved to be with Dave finally accepting the post but with reservations. 

Next on the list was the post of Chairman where once again the past chairman, Ian Jarratt had stated that he would not be standing for re-election as he also had parted with his birds due to pressure of work.  Once again the post was accepted by the “retiring” chairman Ian Jarratt after he made it quite clear that he would not be able to attend all meetings and would be unavailable on several weekends due to work rotas.

Phil Lane took on the mantle of Vice President with Dave and Phyll Boxford resuming as joint secretaries.  Stu Whisken retained the treasurer's post whilst the Race Committee consisted of Barry Andrews, Phil Lane, Dick Gasson, Nathan Sinfield, Paul Stevens and Lennie Barker. 

Another thankless task is that of Race Controller.  Early mornings and an ear glued to the phone and eyes glued to the weather reports.  Dave Boxford had been the man in charge but the meeting recognised that the time had come for him to enjoy his time away from his birds and after much searching Charlie “Wag” Freeman offered his services which were gratefully accepted after assurances that he would be taught by the master Dave Boxford.

The Transport Committee stayed much as last year with the addition of Paul Phoenix who was usually on the job anyway. Amalgamation delgates were voted in as last year, this being the President, Chairman, Barry Andrews and Stu Whisken with the Social Committee consisting of Barry and Joy Andrews, Josh Murphy, Stu Whisken and Dave Boxford.

Finally the press officer's post came up and Sue Line and Nathan Sinfield accepted the nomination and were duly elected.  They did a great job last year in what was their first season and with the right input from clubs will go from strength to strength.  The post of Amalgamation Press officers were taken up by Robin and Pat Hallybone who will be responsible for forwarding loft reports to the Amalgamation Press Officer.

With only two propositions on the agenda it was avery smooth meeting with the propositions involving two minor changes to race rules.  Both propostions were carried and the meeting was closed. On Friday March 28th the Federation held its annual Breeder Buyer sale at the Finedon Bowls Club. 

As appears usual these days with a week to go the sale had half a dozen or so birds entered and it was thanks to the Social Committee  chasing up the fanciers who had promised birds at the Annual Dinner that we had a sale.  I know the dinner was a while ago but come on gents. By the evening of the sale Stu Whisken, Barry Andrews, Dave Boxford and Phil Lane and Co had secured a few more and we finished up with around thirty youngsters.  These birds fetched nearly £1000 and added well over a £100 to the Gold Ring scheme.  An excellent result that was in no small way down to the auctioneering skills of the one and only Alf Jones.  I think if he hadn’t taken up the trowel he would have made a good living as a comic! On behalf of the members I would like to thank the Social Committee for their organisation and running of the sale.  Without this small band of fanciers and those like them throughout the country we would not have a sport.  As they say “onwards and upwards”. 

By the time this gets into print the first race will be history.  Lets hope the weather is kind to us and the birds get a nice start to the season.  Good luck to all.  Please send your club result's/reports and any events to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. OR  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. OR 01933 395553 - S.A.P That's all for this time Retford write up to follow. Bye for now, Sue & Nathan