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R O S13907


Sue & Nathan

Whitley Bay

Wellingborough North Road
Out of W.N.R 4 members sent 46 birds to Whitley Bay. Another game of leap frog, for Allan "Pensioner" Neville and Dave "Darn Good" Gent. "Pensioner" Neville landed 1st club with a grizzle doing 1365. The grizzle was bred by Andy "Fix It" Johnson. Coming 2nd was "Darn Good" Gent's breeder/buyer doing 1362.74. This bird was bred by Dave Boxford. "Pensioner" Neville landed  3rd club with his gold ring bird doing 1362.35.  The 4th club went to "Darn Good" Gent's breeder/buyer from Stamford, which clocked in at 1354. Returns were fair still a couple missing in action. Young Dennis Johnson won yet another joint of pork for his mum Vicky. That must be a whole pig young Dennis has netted this season.  "Him in doors" has retired his birds now, until next season, due to the lack of feathers to flap. We're still stuffing the mattress, and I guess a lot of you are too. We all send our "Get Well" wishes to "Pensioner" Neville's wife Freda. We have a new young one, but not the feathered variety, a new granddaughter named Hailie Jay, weighing in at 8lb 2oz on the 9th Sept at 10.48am.

Raunds Club
The Raunds club had 7 members sending 87 birds, resulting in Phil Lane striking gold with a Van Reet x Busschaert doing a very good 1463ypm. I personally think that one will take some beating in the Fed, and could figure well in the Amalgamation Results. The dam of this hen was one of two birds bought at the Old Comrades Show last year which were paired to some of Phil's retired Van Reet racers. Both hens have bred winners this year.
Runner up spot sees Pat and Robin Hallybone nipping in with a good one, doing 1421. This young cock was a Busschaert x Janssen, that previously had been flown as a hen. This week when being marked someone said it was a cock, so it went in with the cocks and hey presto!! The rest must have done it some good! The 3rd place went to the Lerwick specialist Max Hinde with one bred by the B & J Andrews duo and from Pete Butler of Newark's Van Reets. The Andrews themselves, who have been knocking at the door all season, took 4th. Their young cock from the famous 66 of Corbett Busschaert lines, from the best at Louella World. The club's very valuable snowball has rolled up all year and is due for being cashed in next week.
The first snowballed bird will win the pot that has eluded every winning bird so far this year, which will be worth a tidy sum now.

In the N.R.C.C. race from Dunbar, Neil Burt had a great day taking the best young bird in the clock station and the best old hen. Both these birds are expected to be well placed in the section. Both birds hit the loft together, but Neil had to clock the young bird first, as it was in a bird for bird wager, with Barry Andrews, which he won. He then clocked the hen, which although bred in 2007 carried an old ring and therefore entered in the old hens' race. His first in the clock was bred from Max Hinde x John Munns birds, and the second a Berlangee Delbar x Jan Aarden again from Louella birds.

Well guys and gals, as the last race of Y.Bs looms for next week, I'm sure fanciers and birds alike are ready for a break. Have a great week, bye for now.