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Sue & Nathan


Wetherby Y.B-25/08/07

Wellingborough North Road Club
Out of W.N.R. 8 members sent 82 bird's to Wetherby racepoint. D.Gent really got the brush out, sweeping 1st,2nd 3rd, and 4th club places.
D."darn good" Gent's 1st home, doing 1414, was bred out his bird called "Spalding". 2nd & 4th place-1408/1378, were a nest pair. 3rd place,doing 1384. In all "darn good" Gent had a great race day, and is having a good season's racing. There's still a couple more races to go. Will "darn good" have his brush out next week?-I wonder!! R.van der Meer "flying dutchman" took 5th club-1371, Rudi also flew off with the club pool's. Some W.N.R fancier's  had bird's missing in action on the day. Hopefully, they are back home now.

Catalyst Corby Club
From the C.C. club, 12 members sent 201 bird's to Wetherby. Taking the top 3 club place's were the Lovely Mr & Mrs Stanton. Their 1st home was a van Reet blue cheq hen, doing 1391. Their 2nd was a pencil blue cock, doing -1381. The 3rd was a blue pied hen-1364. The 2nd and 3rd home were also van Reet's.  Well done to Mr & Mrs Stanton and all the bird's at the racepoint.  Young Aimee ( C.C . Jnr reporter), is still on the count down until their loft arrive's. Be up and running in no time, if young Aimee has something to do with it.

Raunds Club
The Raunds club had 11 members, sending 154 bird's after the dodgy weather last week. Some member's were holding bird's back. Leading the field this week, we have another recent retiree-Eddie Calver, who flies in partnership with his wife  Margaret. His winner covered the near 120 mile course at a rate of 1382ypm. This pigeon was bred out of a Albert Farrow's Carmile Cardon.  Eddie then clocked another to take 3rd place -1370. This was a hen bred by M.T.Ancliffe of Ilkeston, and a Jossoontjen cock. The 2nd club was Phil Lane, who flie's the longest in Raunds club from his Kempston loft. Phil's bird was doing 1380ypm. Returns were reported as being very good, with many all home, although  they took their time. Pool's were "trousered" this week by Ian Jarratt. The club snowball roll's on, and should be worth serious money, but not as Noel Edmunds would say "life changing". It has been running since the start of the season.
No doubt alot of your bird's are like "him indoors", falling to bit's. Greeted with enough feather's to start a duvet factory. Well guy's and gal's, let's hope we have some bird's for next week, with a couple of feather's to flap.
Be good, bye for now-Sue & Nathan.