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Sue Nathan2racingpigeons


Sue & Nathan

Wellingborough North Road
Pontefract 2 Y.B
Out of W.N.R. 8 members sent 91 bird's. They did'nt go to the race point until the Saturday, for a Sunday liberation, due to the weather. This being the better day of the two. Dave Gent took 1st club-1502.  Brian Lawrence landed 2nd-1488, Dave Gent  also took 3rd & 4th  / 1476-1474.  Dave "darn good" Gent's 1st home was bred out of his 84 pigeon. 3rd was a self bred, and his 4th was a breeder/buyer bred by Dave Boxford.  Nice to see Brian "big guy" Lawrence in the club placings with a 2nd. Andy"fix it" Johnson took 5th club and netted the club pool's. Keep winning the club pool's Andy, and you'll have to get some longer sock's like "pensioner" Neville. Talking of "pensioner" Neville, he won a hefty joint in the meat raffle again. You'll be banned from this raffle if you keep winning Alan. Him in door's was just pleased to get them all back home safe.
Catalyst Corby
Out of 7 members, 114 bird's were sent to the race point.  Takeing 1st  club  was the magnificent  Murphy Brother's, with their pencil blue cock, doing 1525. Wonderful Willy Smart landed 2nd club with his cheq hen, doing 1485. Fantastic Finnie & Bourke partnership took 3rd club with their heinz 57 hen, doing 1477.  Young Aimee "Jnr reporter " is counting the days until there loft arrives.  So you C.C. Fancier's had better watch out, young Aimee and her dad with give you a run for your money!!! Great stuff.
Raunds Club- Chesterfield (2)
The Raunds club had 11 members sending 164 bird's to this racepoint, and we hope's were high for another good race like Chesterfield (1). The bird's were up into a cloudless sky at 0650, with no wind to help or hinder.
Those of you who read this column  will know the Mick Lawless has topped club and fed, from both of the young bird races so far. We were all wondering if he could do it again, making it 3 in a trot. Well he did it again in the club 1st-2nd and 3rd/1421-1417-1410.  Taking 14th-15th-17th and 20th Fed places.  Fantastic flying by any standard's.  His winner this week is his Willy Thas x Tarleton Janssen whose dam topped the fed from Perth this year. His 2nd home was 100% Willy Thas from birds bred by Frank Bristow. His 3rd club was a Van Reet x Veroote, the Van Reet from the late Les Knight, which came from the lofts of the late Brigstock ace Bill Briggs. Whilst the Veroote came from ex landlord of the Crows Nest Dave Line.  Barry Andrews slipped one in for 4th place,whilst Adrian Webb got 19th Fed and picked up club pools.
Pontefract (2)
The next week it was back to Pontefract after a 24hr postponement because of the weather forecast. As always the Saturday weather was nowhere as bad as the gurus predicted. Still we got a race on the Sunday, and it was a quick one, with the leader's doing around 50mph. Raunds had 8 members sending 104 birds. Which were lead home by four bird's going to Robin and Pat Hallybone's loft. Robin let them all enter before picking a couple up and clocking them, winning his first and the pool's with his next, which finished 5th club. The winner was one of Robin's Braspenning Janssens, which he has had for some time. His 2nd was a product of his hens and a gifted cock from Max Hinde, out of his reknown Lerwick hen. Adrian Webb kept up his great form, when getting one to drop out of a batch for a well earned 2nd place. Just in front of two bird's heading off down to Bedford to the loft of Phil Lane. I would guess these would be Van Reets out of Phil's very successful stock loft.  Returns were very good, with just the odd one missing at clocks.
Another pat on the back for the Boxford/Draper race-convoying team.
Well done to all club /fed winner's.
Well guy's and gal's, keep praying for nice weather-but don't get sore knees.  Until next week, all of you take care. Sue & Nathan