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Sue Nathanracingpigeons


Sue & Nathan

Wellingborough North Road.
Out of W.N.R 10 members sent 101 birds to the racepoint. Andy Johnson landed 1st club-1340, 2nd A.Johnson-1333, 3rd home D.Gent-1329 and 4th A.Johnson-1327. The "flying dutchman" Rudi van der Meer took 5th club, he also netted the club pools. The snowball rolls on. Andy "fix it"Johnson had a great race, with 10 dropping together. His 1st place bird in the clock was No12, nest pair to his 4th place No13. Bred by W.F.Line/Son/G.son out of a self bred cock and a gifted Chq hen from my good friend Shirley Pascoe from Truro. His 2nd home was a self bred, No13 broke his leg in training not long ago, so he has done well to get back into racing again. Dave "darn good"Gent's 3rd club was a blue hen, a stock bird of Dave's. She did you proud, "darn good" was putting one of his theories into practise. Great stuff, well done to you, "fix it" and all the W.N.R . fancier's. Still some bird's lost in action. The weather has'nt been so good this week for training, and it looks like a wet week-end too. Freezer's must be all full as no meat raffle wins to report. Were all on the Atkins diet at W.N.R - only jokeing!!
Catalyst Corby.
Out of the C.C  10 members sent 175 bird's to the racepoint. Mr & Mrs Stanton landed 1st club-1309, with a Van Reet cock. R.Fairbairn took 2nd place with a Van Reet cock doing 1292. Mr & Mrs Stanton also took 3rd place with their Van Reet hen doing 1274.
This hen has took a 1st,2nd and 3rd for Mr & Mrs Stanton.
1st,2nd,3rd-M.Lawless, 4th & 12th-B&J Andrews, 5th & 9th-A.Webb, 7th-I&R Jarratt, 10th & 13th Mr&Mrs Calver, 20th-M.Hinde. Well done to you all. Also the Kempston and Desborough lad's who landed places in the top 20 result's. 
East Section. B&J Andrews.
West Section- No gold ring bird's clocked.
Well guy's and gal's have a good week and pray for the nice weather back.
Bye for now Sue-Nathan