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Sue & Nathan

Pontefract Y.B.

Wellingborough North Road Club. 8 members sent 99 birds. 1st club went to D.Gent-1072, 2nd place to the "flying dutchman" R. van der Meer-1058, W.F.Line/Son/G.Son landed a 3rd club-1050, which was a young red cock bird, bred from a red van Reet sire gifted by Bob Pickering of the West Midlands, and the dam was bred/gifted by our old friend Mick Smith from Raunds Club. Finally A.Neville with 4th club-989. D."darn good" Gent's winner was a gifted pied hen. Returns to the W.N.R lofts were extremely poor - still a lot missing in action. It seems we all got a good clout from the liberation at Wicky Park. Young Dennis Johnson won a joint in the meat raffle, so in good books at home. "Him in doors" also won in the meat raffle and also netted the club pools. The snowball roll's on.

Raunds Club had 143 birds at the Pontefract, coming from 8 lofts. A few more than last week, but the results were virtually the same. Leading the field, after his demolition of the club and fed last week, Mick Lawless who did the same again in the club this week with a 1st, 2nd and 3rd with his cracking darkness reared youngsters. His first two birds were Staf van Reets, part of 6 bought in from old friend Pete Butler of Newark. They were both hens, sent sitting 14 & 8 days respectively. His next home was his breeder/buyer, bred by B & J Andrews, which could well have Pete Butler blood in it as Barry has had several from Pete over the last couple of years. Believe it or not, 4th went to Barry and Joy, yup! you guessed right. A blue hen bred by Pete Butler SVRs, the sire having won from Lerwick, and the dam 3rd Thurso. Returns were scattered, with several birds absent at clocks. Arrivals for most had been spread throughout the day which many considered to be caused by a clash from Wickstead Park. Several thousand birds were liberated there, up to a thousand at 15 minute intervals.

Chesterfield Fed Results, 1st, 2nd & 3rd-M.Lawless, 4th-B & J Andrews, 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th-A.Webb. Pete Madejczyk -9th, Mr-Mrs Valver 10th, 11th & 12th. I & R Jarratt with 19th.

Catalyst Corby Chesterfield Y.B. Out of CC 7 members sent 71 birds. Taking 1st club(18th Fed) was Mr & Mrs Stanton-1525, 2nd club went to R.Fairbairn doing 1435, 3rd club was filled by Finnie & Bourke-1402.

Pontefract Y.B From Catalyst Corby 6 members sent 44 birds to the race point. Taking 1st club was Finnie & Bourke doing 987, 2nd club was Mr & Mrs Stanton-964, R.Fairbairn filled 3rd doing 900. Returns at CC were extremely poor.

East Midlands North Road Amalagamation Results. Northants Fed 11th-Mr/Mrs Boxford, 17th A.Webb, 21st A.Neville, 22nd D.Gent, 31st N&A Marlow, 34th J.Ramm, 35th Finnie & Bourke, 41st Mr/Mrs Thorpe. Well done to you all for getting a Fed place in the top 50. Also congratulations to the fanciers in Coalville and Leicester clubs.

Well guys and gals, let's pray the next race will go a lot better for them and us - the nerves can't stand it! Bye for now, Sue & Nathan