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Sue & Nathan


Wellingborough North Road. Out of W.N.R. 8 members sent 104 birds to the race point. 1st club was D.Gent - 1520 and he also took 2nd & 3rd - 1477/1475. 4th place went to A.Neville - 1453. Dave "Darn Good" Gent's 1st home was a gifted bird bred by John Baker from Milton Keynes. The 2nd was his bird named "Splash", a self-bred. Still a few missing in action at W.N.R, including my hand-reared hen called Fei. Hopefully, they use what is above their beaks and come home ok. I guess they were all excited and keen, only to go shooting by. I did tell ours not to muck about, and to come straight home, but like most youngsters they were'nt listening. No doubt you were all pacing up and down, like expectant dads, wearing a groove in the lawn, wondering where they were! "Him in doors" ground the pebbles down in our yard. So here's the start to the Y.B.programme. Well done to all who got placings in their clubs. Pensioner Neville did win a big joint of meat in the raffle. So hopefully he has told Freda we will all be over for dinner. No, he never stuffed that down his sock!

Raunds Club. The Northants Fed started the young bird campaign off with what turned out, for most, to be an excellent race. The fanciers reporting groups of birds arriving home together, after a near 1700ypm fly. The birds were away into a clear blue sky, with sun on the baskets at 6.15am, and made short work of the 60+ mile trip. From the Raunds club 8 members sent 137 birds. The old meastro himself Mick Lawless cleaned up with 1st, 2nd and 3rd club plus the club pools. The crafty Corbyite put a lot of work into his birds and reaped the rewards for his effort. His winner was a 3/4 Van Reet, bred through his mate Ronnie Fairburn and 1/4 Willy Thas via Frank Bristow. The winner, which was racing to the perch, recorded 1697ypm and was one of 15 arriving together. Next in the clock doing 1688 was a Pete Madejczyk Van Reet x Van Bruaene from Mick's old family, racing to 12 days eggs. His next arrival, doing 1671 was the same way bred as the 2nd bird, and was in the same nest condition and scooped the pools. All Mick's birds were reared on the darkness system, and look very mature - and are a force to be reckoned with. Barry and Joy Andrews were just off the pace in 4th with one of their Corbett Busschaerts doing 1655. Performance of the day must go to the Hallybones. Robin and Pat who have had more than their fair share of bad chucks this year, and could only muster one bird to send as their others were all recuperating. It was duly clocked at 0738 to record 1456ypm. Returns were excellent, with just the odd one away at the mid-day clock strike. Well done to the liberation team of Dave Boxford and Graham Draper. Will give Fed results for this race hopefully next week.

Well guys and gals, until next week, keep the valium handy for the next few races. Bye for now, Sue and Nathan.