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By Jimmy Graham

Shap - July 2014

The Solway Federation (81/2267) was down at Shap on Saturday 26th July for the first Young Bird race of the season. They were liberated at 09.15am into a light East-South-East wind and the birds made short work of it and covered the forty-five miles in under the hour. It turned out to be a good race with very few losses reported. Springfield had the best of the race taking the leading ten places in the Federation with velocities ranging from 1499 to 1467. Leading the field was D & P Skelton with a young Blue-Bar Cock doing 1499. G Grant & Son had five in the ten. W F Van Nuil had three and Mr & Mrs Gus Power the tenth.


Club Results


Hoddam F.C. 8/193

Mr & Mrs J Graham wins this one on a velocity of 1390 with a gift bird from Michael Currie of Moffat.

Jimmy Dalgliesh had a good race and timed the next three to take 2nd, 3rd and 4th with velocities of 1353, 1352 and 1351.

My brother Colin would like to thank Marshal Finlay of Low Lanarkshire for getting him into the top ten and winning the Nom.


Springfield H.C. 7/249

Timing the winner here is D & P Skelton with a velocity of 1499.9, followed by Mr & Mrs Gus Power doing 1499.0. Gordon Grant & Son are 3rd on 1496 and W F Van Nuil takes 4th doing 1496.

Annan H.C. 9/262

The loft of A Simmons timed three here to take 1st, 2nd and 4th on velocities of 1350, 1345 and 1315.0.

P E Heslop is in 3rd position doing 1315.8.


Brydekirk H.C. 5/185

S I Irving had the race of his life getting twenty-seven birds of a drop to take the leading ten positions in the Club!

Velocities ranging from 1428 to 1380.


Eastriggs H.C. 10/376

G Turnbull had also a good race here and timed the leading four birds on velocities of between 1409 to 1407.


Langholm H.C. 5/124

Ralston Graham timed the winner here doing 1408, followed by W Irving who had the next two on 1335 and 1320. K Braban takes 4th doing 1220.


Lockerbie H.C. 8/231

The winner here was timed by Davy Robinson; he takes 1st and 3rd on velocities of 1343 and 1339.

Kenny Thomson is 2nd on 1341 and its Ewan Hind taking 4th on 1331.

West Section

In the West Section it was Nith Valley taking the leading birds with A Russell being 1st, 3rd and 5th.

G Russell is in 2nd spot and Mr & Mrs Karl Guenther & Grandson are 4th, 7th and 9th. S Boyd is 6th, R Burgess 8th and T E Varcoe 10th with velocities ranging from 1374 to 1359.


Dumfries F.C. 13/316

Mr & Mrs Karl Gunther and Grandson take 1st, 3rd and 4th with velocities of 1368, 1364 and 1359.

Stanley Boyd is 2nd Club on 1367.


Nith Valley F.C. 11/255

The Russell brothers took the first four here with A Russell being 1st, 3rd and 4th on velocities of 1374, 1370 and 1367, brother G Russell 2nd doing 1371.


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