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By Jimmy Graham

Charnock Richard 2014

The Solway Federation (108/2164) race point this week was Charnock Richard which is about 110 miles from most of us. Liberated at 10.45am into a light East-South-East wind the birds homed with velocities into the 1500s. R V Graham of Langholm had a field day timing the first seven birds in his Club from 109 birds sent. He also took the first three in the Federation with velocities of 1507, 1503 and 1493; his other birds also took 8th and 9th Open. Well done Ralston! Gordan Grant & Son take 4th and 6th Open on 1479 and 1476. W F Van Nuil is 5th and 7th with velocities of 1478 and 1470. The 10th bird was timed by Mr & Mrs Gus Power doing 1455. It was also a good race for the Seaton families of Annan with Roy and the wife taking 1st, 2nd and 3rd Club as well as 1st, 2nd and 3rd Annan Premier Club and brother Jim won 1st Club Dumfries Flying Club.

R V Graham, Solway Federation winner.

Club Results:

Lockerbie H.C. 9/150 An easy win here for Ewan Hind and son Allan, they timed with a good velocity of 1412. Michael Currie came in next doing a velocity of 1386 and Dave Cockcroft (last week’s winner) takes 3rd and 4th doing 1379.9 and 1379.8. 

Annan H.C. 14/227 Having a good race here is R & M Seaton; they timed the leading three birds with velocities of 1384.7, 1384.5 and 1377. Angus Simmons takes the 4th slot doing 1347. 

Hoddam F.C. 10/231 John Little had a good race having four birds in the leading ten. His winner had a velocity of 1404; his second bird took 3rd spot doing 1391. Mr & Mrs J Graham take 2nd with the bird that won last week doing 1401. Jimmy Dalgliesh is going well and this week takes 4th on 1391.

John Little, Hoddam F.C. winner.

Brydekirk H.C. 7/206 R J B Renwick takes this one to record 1st and 2nd doing 1434 and 1399, followed by J M Dalgliesh on 1374. Scott Irving Jnr is 4th doing 1370.

Springfield H.C. 8/251 Winning for the third week running is G Grant & Son; they timed a two-year old Chequer Hen to win on a velocity of 1479. W F Van Nuil takes 2nd doing 1478 and the winners are back in again taking 3rd on 1476 followed again by W F Van Nuil in 4th spot on 1470. 

Annan Premier Were down at Stafford on Saturday 3rd May. Taking 1st, 2nd and 3rd is Mr & Mrs R & M Seaton with velocities of 1571, 1554 and 1542. S J Irving Jnr (Loft 2) is 4th doing 1519. 

Eastriggs H.C. 16/398 G Turnbell takes the Red here on a velocity of 1401. Jim Ferguson is 2nd doing 1399. C Beattie takes 3rd on 1398.8 and Mr & Mrs Mark Goldie are 4th on 1398.7. 

Dumfries F.C. 16/256 Jim Seaton takes this one as well as 1st West Section with his six-year old Chequer Cock on a velocity of 1327. R Dalgliesh takes 2nd Club, 2nd Section on 1311. Mr & Mrs Karl Gunther and Grandson have the next two Club positions as well as 3rd and 4th Section with their two birds recording velocities of 1305.4 and 1305.3. 


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