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Beeston Two Bird S C 24-04-18

2017 Presentation and 2018 Season

The Beeston Two Bird Specialist club year closes annually with the dinner and presentation. With an abundance of trophies this well supported and patronised evening is a much envied event in as much as other clubs not so fortunate, they see their numbers dwindle and even fall rapidly, which can lead to lethargy and a lack of interest especially when it comes to presentation evening.

To this end the Beeston has a huge debt of gratitude to pay to Jeff Churchill (Secretary) and his committee lead by clubs outgoing chairman Ted Shore and the president Norman Welch. Jeff has been operating tirelessly throughout the racing season and when it comes to the annual presentation the attention to detail he leaves nothing to chance. This was the fifth year that I had attended and each year this event and venue improves on what can only be triumphed as an exceptional evening.

As Jeff Churchill moves into his second decade as secretary it was very fitting that the first presentation of the evening was to be made by club vice president Warren Walker to Jeff as a very special thank you from the club committee and members in honour of his commitment and his service to the club. A very humble servant and an extremely nice person, from all your friend’s and members of the Beeston Specialist Two Bird Club sincere thanks.

Jeff Churchill (left) receiving his present from club vice president Warren Walker



Club president Norman Welch delivering the annual presidents speech.

Norman, thanked all the attendees esecially the those guests attendiung for the first time, the wives of the committee members for allowing our committee time to meet and control the club and also reiterated the sincere thanks from the membership to our sectretary. The president also welcomed and introiduced the special guests for the evening Roger and Pat Sutton.

Roger and Pat Sutton need very little introduction to those who spend their days dreamng of or about pigeons. Roger races his pigeons in Astbury, on the successful family farm run by Roger, his wife Pat and their two sons Greg & Andrew. In addition to their farming activites, they have all worked hard with their now thriving Astbury Pigeon Supplies business.

Roger and Pat also host the section L marking station at their farm and for those who have not had the privelidge to visit eother the marking station or Astbury Pigeon Supplies it is a site to behold, as a working farm it is located in one of the nicest parts of the country and is kept in impecable condition. Roger is also one of the dominant fanciers within section L of the National Flying Club and is regularly appearing on the result sheets on most if indeed not all the race program. A stalwart supporter and an energetic worker for the sport-hobby of pigeon racing he is revered by the fancy and the Beeston Two Bird Specialist club are extremely grateful for Roger ad Pat taking time away from their busy schedule to present our prizes this year.

The presentation began with the proizes being presented to the individual lofts starting with the prize cards winners, through to the special trophy winners and building to the three race winners.

Tommy Hayes receiving his prizes

Tony Moglioni receives his prizes

Paul Coombes receives his prizes

Ben Oakley (J and B Oakley) collecting this prizes

Jeff Churchill receives his prizes

Richard Johnson collecting his trophies

Keith Roland (K and K Rowland) receives his trophies

Warren Walker receives his trophies


Premier prize winner

Tony Oates Winner of the Portalnd Young Bird race winning

Alan & Keith Walker (W Walker & Sons) Tarporely winners of the yearling derby from Coutances

Jones, Lamb and Daughter (Brain, Val and Karen) premier prize winners 2017 winning the Acenis Blue Ribboned race


Special thanks Flowers

Jeff Churchill presents Pat Sutton with a thank you boquet.

Jeff Churchill presents Jenny Dodd with a thank you boquet.

Jeff Churchill presents Mrs Welch with a thank you boquet.




Members with their families and guests

The presidents and Chairmans table Norman Welch and Richard Johnson

The vice presidents table Warren walker

Tony and Emma Prevete, Paul Coombes, Louise Shinton, Linda Coombes, Dave Woodworth, Mr and Mrs Tommy Hayes

Tony Oates with family and friends



John Rixon and Tony Moglioni and Friends

The Dodd Table with Ronnie and Jenny Dodd and Guests

Mr and Mrs DL Jones and Friends

Jones, Lamb And Daughter with guests Mrand Mrs Chadwick and George Harrison

The top table Mr and Mrs George Pulford, Mr and Mrs Shore, Pat and Roger Sutton, Margaret Pulford and Joan Churchill

Both Mrs and Mrs Oakleys, Walker Brothers (Keith and Alan) and Keith Rowland


The new season is upon us and as usual the hard work will now commence with everyone busy conditioning their birds post breeding. The emphasis this season again will be the tree specialist races for the Beeston Castle Two Bird Specialist Club. The racing will commence with Carentan Yearling Derby, a race that was won last season by Alan and Keith Walker.

Keith and Alan Walker (W Walker and Sons) with their 2017 Carentan Yearling Derby Winner.

Keith and Alan Walker (W Walker & Sons) Tarporely, Previous winners of the Beeston Castle this duo are consistently in the top echelon of the prize list and will be again attempting this year to put yet another top performance in on the channel. This years Carentan race will take place on Saturday 26th May with Marking on Thursday 24th May.

The Ancenis Blue Ribboned race this year should again attract an entry from the top local fanciers won in 2017 by the partnership of Jones, Lamb and Daughter. This partnership is made up of husband and wife Brian and Karen Jones, along with Karens mum Val Lamb. This partnership will be again at the forefront of peoples minds as they wait to hear of early times, consistant and continually on the score sheet the partnership enjoyed some great days last year winning the Chester 2 Bird yearling race and also gaining 10th with their other entry and then gaining fourth in their Ancenis race. They will be sure to be on their “A” game again in 2018. Marking for the 2018 Ancenis Classic race will be on Wednesday 4th July with the race on Saturday 7th July.

Val Lamb, Brian Jones, and Karen Jones (Jones Lamb and Daughter) with their Ancenis Classic race Winner.



The 2018 young bird race will be from Carentan with marking on Thursday 13th September, with the race on Saturday 15th September. The 2016 race and the 2017 have both been on the land 2016 from bedhampton and the 2017 from Portland. This year (weather pernmitting) we return to Carentan for the new season. Last years winner Tony Oates needs a very special mention as his performances over the last two seasons have been exceptional to say the least. Tony won the 2016 yearling derby and then  the same season went on to win the Ancenis classic race whihch by any clubs standards was some achievement but by the Beeston Two Bird Clubs standards is unique.

In 2017 having competed and gaining fourth positiuon in the Coutances yearling Derby, Tony completed the hat trick by winning the Portland Young Bird race thus having now won all three Beeston races over two years which is brilliant flying and great achievement. This year Tony will again be  ompeteing and again will be another name to look out for among the early times.

Tony Oates with his 2017 Portland Young Bird

The Beeston Castle Two Bird Specialist Club has recently tweeked its radius to enable the application of some new members. It has been a commitment by the clubs committee to keep this progressise club moving forward and as such thought it time to enable people close to the boudaries to apply. The change has moved the Western Boundary has changed to a ine of Longitude 2’ 58’’.00’ from the southern boundary up to the southern bank of the river Dee.

The Eastern Boundary has also changed to a line of longitude of 2’ 34’ 00’’ from the southern boundary up to the southern bank of the river Mersey. For any people who are interested in joining this old established, well founded but forward thinking club please apply to Jeff Churchill (Club Secretary) at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for an application form or by phone on 01606 882464.

For information the club flies three races annually Carentan (or similar distance) Yearling Derby, the Ancenis (or similar distance) Classic and the Carentan (young bird race which is subject to change and could be a land race). The annual fees are £20 per loft. The annual presentation is held first or second weekend in February at the Cheshire View and is an absolute brilliant night out for family and friend

Notes from the secretary: Can all members please ensure that they send their 2018 subs in please into Jeff Churchill. Race entry forms will be sent out to the memebrship shortly.