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NEHU16X254 Blue Hen
dam of winners incl 1st WDA Arras, 5th Maidstone National in 2021
Blue WF Hen 20Z3775
Direct From a Highly Proven FULL BROTHER of "LINCIA" x FULL SISTER of "LINCIA"
Son Solo Warrior
Grandson Harry & Paulien

Ace winner's and breeder's.

Here are a further selection of winner's and stock birds at the lofts of
Ray Lunt. Please remember that these birds have only beed bred from in the last two years and some not at all. They are a new family that are already proving to be a star attraction. 















 "Enfield Benson"
1st Fed Yeovil 1,333 birds. 2nd Fed Cheltenham. 4th Fed Mangotsfield. "Enfield Benson" is a son of breeder "Jamie" when paired to "Enfield Natalie" dam of several prize winners and a sister to "Little Princess" winner of 1st Pommeroeul 7,698 birds. 1st Heteren 6,319 birds. 1st Hazeldonk 181 birds. 3rd Duffel 2,822 birds. 7th Boxtel 5,998 birds. "Natalie" is also a granddaughter of "Olympic Angelina" 2nd Dutch Olympic. 

classic lady

 "Enfield Classic Lady"
Winner of 1st Club 1st Section 1st open North West Classic Carentan 284mls, fastest of all liberations on the day winning £1,300. She is a daughter of "Enfield Billy" he is sire of many winners including "Enfield Jenna" 1st Fed Cheltenham. 1st Fed Mangotsfield. 3rd Fed Yeovil BBLM's. "Enfield Billy" being paired to "Enfield Lola" to breed the winners, she being from a half-sister to "Olympic Brian" and "Olympic Angelina". 1st Tongeren 3,102 birds. 4th Gennep 2,610 birds. 6th Tilburg 2,440 birds.


 "Enfield Ellie"
Winner of 1st Fed Mangotsfield 561 birds. She is a daughter of the top breeding hen "1575736" already a breeder of 1st Fed Mangotsfield. 2nd Fed Mangotsfield. 2nd Fed Yeovil. 3rd Fed Penkridge. 4th Fed Yeovil" often beat by loft mates. She is also the line of 1st National NPO Salbris 8,250 birds. "Enfield Ellie" has a great future in the stock loft.


 "Enfield Hudson"
1st Club 1st Fed 1st Combine Mangotsfield 1,758 birds. Bred out of "Enfield Blue Light" sire of "Enfield Hudson" plus winners of 2nd Fed Yeovil. 2nd Fed Cheltenham. 3rd Fed Cheltenham. His sire being a winner of 1st Weert 2,104 birds. 1st Heusden 343 birds. 2nd Weert 329 birds and a son of 3rd Ave Pigeon Vitesse. The dam of "Enfield Hudson" is a granddaughter of "Black Jack" 2nd National NPO Glen 6,022 birds.


 "Enfield Hunter"
This is a super cock winner of 2 x 1sts Fed and is already sire of 1st Fed and only bred one young bird in 2020. He is a son of the fabulous "Ceasar" in his first two seasons breeding he is sire and grandsire of winners in cluding 5 x 1sts Fed. "Ceasar" being paired to "Ruby" dam & g-d of winners including 4 x 1sts Fed. 


 "Enfield Jenna"
A Super winner of, 1st Fed Mangotsfield 1,005 birds. 1st Fed Cheltenham 240 birds. 3rd Fed Yeovil 776 birds. She is sister to "Enfield Classy Lady" 1st North West Classic Carentan winning £1,300. She is a daughter of ACE breeder "Enfield Billy" sire of 1sts in Fed and Classic racing. "Enfield Billy" being paired to "Enfield Lola" becoming one of the best breeders in the stock lofts and is out of "Dafne" a half-sister to "Olympic Brian" & "Olympic Angelina" 1st Tongeren 3,102 birds. 4th Gennep 2,610 birds. 6th Tilburg 2,440 birds.

john boy

"Enfield John Boy" 
1st Fed Yeovil as a young bird 807 birds and is the same way bred as, 2nd Fed Mangotsfield 1,483 birds. 4th Fed Penkridge 1,336 birds. 6th Fed Cheltenham 1,607 birds. He is the line of Superstar "Lance" 1st National Le Ferte Bernard. 1st DULFK NPO. Also the line of "Olympic Churandy" 1st Dutch Olympic.


 "Enfield Kenny"
This is fast becoming a Superstar line with "Enfield Kenny" being a winner of 1st Fed Mangotsfield 1,483 birds. 4th Fed Worcester 2,154 birds. And is a son of "Enfield Hunter" winner of 2 x 1sts Fed and sire of 1st Fed and is a son of the special breeder "Enfield Ceasar" sire & g-sire of at least 5 x 1sts Fed's, "Enfield Ceasar" being paired to the equally impressive breeder "Enfield Ruby". "Enfield Kenny" is also out of super breeder "Enfield Bonny" direct daughter of Superstar breeders "Enfield Tyrone" & "Enfield Keely"


 "Enfield Mandy"
1st Fed Yeovil and a sister to winner's including, 1st Fed Cheltenham. 2nd Taylor's Arms b/b winning over £1,600.
Her dam is a super pigeon "Keely" g-d of "Lance" 1st National Le Ferte Bernard. 1st DULFK NPO. Also a g-d of a winner of, 2nd DUIFK NPO. 6th National Etampes. Also from 1st DUIFK Mid Fond and is a half-sister to "Olympic Churandy" 1st Dutch Olympic"

noel K

 "Enfield Noel 'K' "
Highly rated as a stock cock having bred in his first season in the stock loft 2019.
1st Fed Worcester. 1st Fed Penkridge then stopped after BOP attack. Also bred 15th Open Falaise 292mls Who Dares Wins.
He is the line of "Lance" 1st National Le Ferte Bernard. 1st Dulfk NPO 


"Enfield Perry"


"Enfield Shelley" 
Bred from a super pair who started breeding in 2019 producing.
1st Fed Mangotsfield. 1st Fed Cheltenham. 2nd Fed Yeovil bblm. 3rd Fed Cheltenham.5th Fed Penkridge.















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Latest Updates from Les J Parkinson

Latest Updates for Les J Parkinson

Testimonials for the Colin Priestman Entire Clearance sale starting on September 29th.

COLIN PRIESTMAN stock flying in partnership with Arkless and hall in the strong Consett and district federation. Colin has obtained the best stock available no expense has been spared assembling this stock team and there results back this up been very successful winning federations averages and one loft race top positions in big birdage . Top class birds from top class fanciers I am sure they will excel wherever they go Paul Stobbs STOBBS BROS & MOSEY 

Colin became a customer of mine several years ago and he continued to purchased pigeons almost every year without fail right up to the present time. During this period Colin has become not only a valued customer but a well-respected and valued friend. A True Gentleman. Regarding the pigeons on offer, Colin only purchased the very best from my own loft and from the loft of D & J. Hawkins on my recommendation. Anyone studying the top M & D. Evans bloodlines in Colin’s sale will realise that they have done me very proud, and I would have no hesitation in recommending these pigeons to anyone requiring top bloodlines for future stock. We guaranteed Colin that our bloodlines would breed him winners and the performances achieved for him, and his friends have proved that fact. Mark Evans. (M & D. Evans, Myrtle Lofts)  

It Pleases me to write about Colin Priestman. The founder of Forge Lofts, in my opinion the best kept secret in the North East. I have known Colin for 12 years or more, I have found him to be a person who is as honest as the day is long. The amount of success his birds have achieved for him, and other fanciers has been phenomenal. The most fancier being the Durham Dazzler raced by Mark Shepard winner of 1st National Alencon 6590 bird’s 5th National Falaise 3278 birds. This was a pigeon not raced as a young bird but raced the season after a remarkable performance. Colin bred this pigeon, to breed a pigeon “Luke” this I look at it to make a nice cake you need the finest ingredients. That means pigeons were sourced from some of the top fanciers in the Country and abroad. Colins knack has been studying the Lunes of the pigeons he wanted to make his strain which is proving successful up and down the UK. Bob Lee

“I first spoke with Colin after selling a daughter of Golden Gaby on Elimar Pigeons to him. His knowledge on the strain was second to none after getting to know Colin he then went on to lone us Pigeons from his stock loft and the pigeons we had of him have gone on to do us a lot of good. Colin is a genuine and honest guy and has become a friend Ryan Nuttall”

I would just like to say Colin Priestman only ever purchased the very best birds from us over a number of years and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending these birds to anyone. Good luck with the sale Colin. Dave Hawkins. D/J. Hawkins. & Evans

“Colin being the gent he is sends my daughter Keelie, 6 Ybs every year to race and try out. Have to say these have been very consistent pigeons, hard to lose and excellent body and shape. We have Colins pigeons still in the race team from the first kit sent over back in 2017. These pigeons have won Keelie many NIPA Open and Section prizes racing in the NIPA where there is massive birdage. The latest star that was sent over is a 2018 bred Blue Hen, Amply named “Colins Lass” this hen is the proud winner of an RPRA award for Keelie being the best YF pigeon in the 250 – 400-mile category last year. She was well up in the National from Barleycove that year flying 253 miles. “Colins Lass” has also other NIPA Section diplomas to her name so not a one hit wonder. She is now retired to stock for the upcoming 2022 season. These pigeons have played a big part in Keelie winning multiple awards with the RPRA and helped get her the UK YF of the year 2 seasons running. Without doubt these are class pigeons, and we look forward to racing them again in 2022. Eamon Wright

I have known Colin Priestman for approximately 10 years now and what I can say for sure, a more honest man you could never meet. Colin and I met around 2011/2012 after both showing keen interest in the same pigeons which were coming up for auction, as a result we got chatting and have been very close since. From 2012 onwards, Colin would send down 12 youngsters to Plymouth for me to race. He genuinely wanted to know how these pigeons competed against my own and other lofts in Plymouth. Results from day one were exceptional, competing and winning at Club and Federation level. In 2013 Colin sent me a pair of nest brothers, they were June bred and as a result did not compete as young birds. In only their 2nd race as yearlings, both came together (to win) from a 90-mile race. One was 2nd and the other 4th (keeping each other up, as opposed to trapping). The following week both cocks were entered in the BICC Falaise National, 3278 birds. So high was my confidence, both were fully pooled. The Blue Cock, now better known as the Durham Dazzler was 5th Open, the Cheq Cock (which I thought was the better of the two was never seen again). Two weeks later the Durham Dazzler was sent to the BICC Alencon National, 6823 birds. He won the National and was the first pigeon into Plymouth by almost one hour. A truly remarkable pigeon, which was bred by a truly remarkable stockman. I could continue and fill several A4 sheets with the success I achieved (and others that I am fully aware of). Colin gained success in RPRA One Loft Races, Algarve One Loft Races (Helga below), Tenerife One Loft Races. Together with his birds, he was a master breeder. I have a lot of confidence in saying, anyone who purchases pigeons from Colin’s final clearance sale will not be disappointed and success will come from those pigeons. The pigeon world will be a much sadder place without the great Colin Priestman. Good luck with your retirement Sir. Mark Shepard. Plymouth.

“Just like to say a few words about colin and his pigeons. I bought 1 pair off Colin, and they bred me fed toppers in their first nest plus plenty of other club and fed cards. I have two race hens at the moment with 4 x 1st between them they are half Colins blood from the famous Dazzler lines. Fantastic pigeons. But more than that Colin is Genuine fella you could wish to meet. Good luck Colin and we must keep in touch mate. Mick Dyer” 

“Colin is an absolute gentleman and has been very good to me over the years. I have had some really good pigeons from Colin, one that stands out was winning the Hull NR Fed from Lerwick, a race point North Road fanciers like to win from. Most of the pigeons that have won for me over the years have been from colin’s blood. Colin has always helped we with any charity event. Colin always bought the best and was not ever expecting a great deal back, his satisfaction was in seeing others win with his pigeons. A true gentleman of the sport and a shame to see him part with what are a real good team of pigeons. Harry Wallace

“I have been good friends with Colin for several years and in this time, I have had several birds from Colin that have won club and federation positions I have also bred a 1st WDA from Arass with a bird bred from Colin and was 5th WDA from Maidstone this year with a bird bred by Colin. Brian Denham


Elimar Lead Where Others Only Follow.

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