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Atlantic Masters


January 01, 2020 Atlantic Masters 59 Hits
Welcome! Good afternoon, I would like to introduce you personally to the Atlantic Masters, if you have not heard of us already. This venture was started by me and Carlos Tadeo Gonzales, and we hope to put together a fantastic 2017/2018 Series for…

Atlantic Masters Report67 15-07-17

July 15, 2017 Atlantic Masters 18 Hits
Atlantic Masters OLR Hello everyone! General Well it’s all go here in the lovely island of Gran Canaria, we have pigeons coming in every other day and big shipments from around the world. I mentioned America and China a few articles ago. Well it’s…

Atlantic Masters Report5 05-07-17

July 05, 2017 Atlantic Masters 17 Hits
Good Day All, Well may I start off by saying the Atlantic Masters is over the moon with the turnout of pigeons in the second shipment, not only have we smashed the UK records for the month of June but just to say to have 400+ birds from England,…

Atlantic Masters 28-06-17

June 28, 2017 Atlantic Masters 15 Hits
Good day everyone! Well things have been very busy for the team and I worldwide. Pigeons are coming in from everywhere and we have the great pleasure to have on board coordinators from Indonesia and South Africa. Please feel free to check out the…

Atlantic Master Report3

May 25, 2017 Atlantic Masters 44 Hits
Hello everyone again, well the first quarantine is well underway and the birds are in amazing condition. I think this is the base of a very successful campaign going forward. We have many phone calls about coming on board this year and the shipment…