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BICC Falaise Report May 2010




Report by Pam Gladwin

Thursday 29th April, and marking for the first B I C C race was underway, our local marking station is at South Ockendon, this is a very busy marking station which is stated as being open from 1400hrs till 1530hrs. 590 birds were marked there on Thursday and it would have been many more had the weather forecast for the Saturday been better. So to ease the rush it has been decided to start marking from 12 o’clock until 3.30pm. A sensible decision, which will mean that the birds are ready when the transporter arrives. Everyone is welcome ETS or conventional clocks everyone is accommodated, so arrive early mark your birds and then help mark the rest. I cannot be there on Thursday’s as it is the day that I look forward too, the day that I pick up our Granddaughter from school and have her to myself for a few hours.

Just after 8am on Saturday 1st. I received this email from John Tyerman Race Advisor. After consultations with Steve Appleby our weather advisor, some 3,500 BICC pigeons were liberated at Falaise at 08-00 hours into a light southwest wind. There was high cloud cover and Convoyer reports that they broke into two batches and cleared well Visibility in the channel is good and the winds are light southwesterly for most of the route. That gave us high hopes of a good race, which is exactly what we got. "For the first BICC National of the season there was an excellent entry and both transporters were used to convoy the pigeons to Falaise and in addition the new smaller vehicle was also used to collect birds from some marking stations. Fred Healey our new Chief Convoyer reported a good crossing on the overnight ferry to Caen and birds were on site at Falaise by 9-30am on the Friday morning. The liberation site adjoins Falaise Castle and sits high up, so is a good location for racing. Spoke with our weather advisor Steve Appleby on the Friday evening and he was confident of liberation on the Saturday. Steve called at 0700 hours Saturday and gave a favourable weather report with good visibility and clear channel, and this information was relayed to our Convoyer on site. Weather was good at Falaise and birds were liberated at 0800 hours into a light southwest wind and cleared well in two batches. Although there were a few hefty showers about a good race ensued with fanciers reporting favourable returns. Thanks to the convoying team, also Steve and Albie Deacon for their assistance in ensuring a good race", John Tyerman, Race Advisor. Steve Appleby sent this report.

As expected our European climate changed the weather for the first race for the B.I.C.C. from Falaise. The weekend became unsettled, as a progressive low-pressure system activated. Fortunately, the forecast for persistent rain to affect the south of England and the channel did not materialise until Sunday. So the weather for Saturday was very good for racing, only an isolated shower or two to contend with early on. As the morning, progressed heavier showers did generate, mainly affecting the south west of England. Many regions in the southeast experienced a dry day. The channel conditions were excellent and visibility very good. Temperatures dropped as the warm air was replaced by colder air and struggled to reach a maximum of 15C. A favourable light wind flow from the southwest assisted the B.I.C.C convoy over the channel borne out by the leading velocities.

The outright winner and 1st. East Section, of the BICC Falaise race 1st. May 2010. Adam Turrell from Maidstone. He sent two cocks and two hens all are on the clock.  We drove down in the pouring rain on Sunday morning to congratulate him and take his photo, and I am very glad we did, as he is such a pleasant young man. Mum Dad and Granddad were all there today to help congratulate him and hopefully they will all be there in Bournemouth when he picks up his cup. It is good to see the younger fanciers at the top. He has been racing on his own for the last three years and this is his first win, no longer a novice and what a spectacular way to lose your novice status. From a young lad he has been around pigeons his Mum and Dad used to race and his Granddad Dennis still does, since 1992 until three years ago Adam flew in partnership with his Granddad as D Cookes & Grandson. Granddad is more interested in the sprint races and Adam decided he would like to have a go at the BICC channel races, so he went alone and now races from his parent’s garden. When he first decided to have a go at the distance, Tony Sutton, the Reed Club and Fed secretary. Said to Adam have these eggs to get you started, the result is today’s winner a Staff Van Reet from the Tony Marden lines a  two year old blue pied cock. Brothers and sisters of this bird have also won for him. he wants to thank Tony Sutton, his Mum Dad and Granddad, for there help, also David Chapple who has given him lots of advise on distance racing, he comes round for a chat and sometimes his advise his is hard, but it has not let him down. Thanks also to Alan Cecil. In preparation for this race, he sent his winning bird to Portsmouth on 2nd. April in a Open race, it was his first bird home. It also went to Portsmouth, Poole and West bay with the Reed club. West Bay was a hard race he did it in 3hours 20 mins and it did him the world of good just what he needed. On Saturday he arrived home from the South, he was very high so did two circles to get down, he was full of himself, in fact Adams Mum told him he looked as if he knew he had won and was proud of himself, he went straight to his bowl with his hen. On the same day, Adam sent to his club race from West Bay and was 6th. Club 7th. Fed. 59 members sent 881 birds in the fed.

Adam Turrell

The winning pigeon

Adam's small loft is for widow hens and Y/B

2nd. Open and East section. A Wilton & T Orton from Chadwell St Mary. We went to see Andrew Wilton and Tom Alton on our way home from Medway, a journey that should have taken no longer than 45 minutes, took us over two hours because of a hold up on the famous M25. A cup of tea was most welcome; Andrew is another young man, from a famous pigeon family. Tom is a young man at heart, but like me, old in body. There winning pigeon is a yearling Jan Aarden dark cheque widow cock. Paddy Kelly bred the sire from his Lerwick winner. They would like to thank him for this bird, which won the section for them in 08 in the Classic club. This year in preparation for this race, it was sent to three club training tosses near Portsmouth. They sent seven and they are all home. Its next race will be Alencon.

A Wilton & T Orton

2nd Open

3rd. Open and East section Wise & Tilley of Rochester. After leaving Adam Turrell our next call was to Trevor Wise and Steve Tilley they fly in the same club and it only took about 10 minutes and the Sat Nav took us straight to there door. It was still pouring of rain, but thank fully they had already had a photo taken so I did not have to go out in the rain. Again, we had two young Men, and we keep being told there are no young men in Pigeon racing. They sent nine birds to the race and all nine were home. There winning bird is a two-year-old Jan Aarden round about cock. In preparation for this race, it had three club races, Portsmouth West Bay and Poole. They introduced the Jan Arden’s two or three years ago to concentrate on the longer races. Last year as a yearling this cock won 7th. club, 7th. Fed 18th. Combine from Seaton, also 1st club 4th. Fed 23rd. combine Bergerac. Where like this race he came home full of himself and clapping around the loft. With this in mind, they have him pencilled in for Barcelona this year. Trevor and Steve joined forces around six years ago, although they both raced pigeons for a considerable number of years before that. They fly the roundabout system because they think widowhood is a waste of good hens. They do not brake down there pigeons, but give small seeds on arrival from a race and then back onto full mixture. In there six-year partnership they have already won two combines and they finished 2009 by winning the High Littleton FC Tours Young Bird National Race.

Steve Tilly and Trevor Wise

4th. open and East Section Pat Newel from Stanford-Le-Hope. Pat has a small garden with a very smart 12-foot loft. This is not his first loft or loft location because he started when he was twelve and he is now seventy years old. He has been no stranger to success over the years, his bird for this race was a 2009 late bred blue cock with an old ring; he still carries two nest flights. His sire is one of Pats own breeds and the Dam was bred by the famous Meg Murray, Pats words not mine. It was racing on the jealousy system. Prior to this race, it had had three inland races and its next race will be Alencon. His feeding methods are the same as George Inkley read about this in the Homing World Stud book 2010.

Pat Newell

5th. open and East section D Heywood & Son of Laindon.

6th. East Section 7th. Open Alex Mackenzie of Chelmsford. Alex bird is a blue cheque pied yearling hen. This is a Kellens x Van Den Bosch. She has had two races from Portsmouth this year and could well be going to Alencon in two weeks time. She was fed on Versele’ Laga Gerry Plus and widowhood mix. He races on his own but appreciates the help he gets from his brother Tony, who has always been interested in pigeons.  He has been racing for the last 65 years. There returns from this race were also excellent with 11 out of 12 in good time.

Alex Mackenzie and brother Tony

10th. Open 7th. East Section Crook Bros of Brighton. Phil and Andy’s winning bird is a four year old red Bricoux widow cock. Which has previously won from Poitiers as a two year old. This partnership has been racing for 13 years. Although he returned in good condition, today his next race has not been pencilled in yet. The brothers would like to thank Melvyn Barton there corn supplier and Martin Ewings for taking the birds.

Andy & Phil Crook

1st. Central Section and 6th. Open D & D Mc Faddon of Cranleigh. Darren flies in partnership with his Dad but due to his Fathers poor health he is not an active Partner. His bird is a five-year-old Cannon Cross Blue Hen, racing on Widow Hood. She has had one race with the South Coast fed, from Kingsdown 120 miles last Saturday. This Hen has previously won Portland twice and Kingsdown with the strong Godalming DFC. And has been clocked plenty of times in National and Classic races. This B I C  C result being her highest position so far. Darren feeds a good widow mix, no brake down early part of week and supplemented with peanuts and maize as the distance increases. She is also headed for Alencon in two weeks time. He had 23 out of 26 in just over an hour and was very pleased with the condition of all his  pigeons and would like to thank the race controllers and Convoyer for doing a great job and giving us all a great start to the National programme.

Mr & Mrs McFadden and his wife. Photo courtesy of Keith Mott

2nd. Central Section 8th. Open D Milewski of London. Sorry could not contact this fancier, due to the BICC not having a phone number for them.

3rd. Central section 9th. open Bob Besant & Son of Worcester Park. This was a yearling cheq pied Van Reet Hen bred by them from two Mardon Van Reets they purchased at an auction in 2008. The sire is a son of Toey x Princess and the dam is a Daughter of Rikitikki x Rosie. They have had pigeons in the family for many years but sold up in 1994 returning to the sport in the young bird season of 2008. They are a father son partnership - Bob and Anthony and fly from a back garden loft at Dads address in Worcester Park. The birds are flown on roundabout with feeding standard to widowhood flying with a build up of carbohydrates towards the end of the week, they are both exercised around the loft 1 hour + each day and this was their 2nd race of the year having flown Wincanton 2 weeks ago as a preparation. The hen did not race as a baby so this is only her 2nd race of her life but 2 weeks ago she was 5th Esher flying club Wincanton 237 birds. Her likely destination will be for the London and South East Classic or National Flying Club Fougeres in 2 weeks time.

Bob Besant & Son. Photo courtesy of Keith Mott

4th. Central Section D C Squire of Addlestone with a six-year-old Blue Chequer Janssen x Jan Arden blue chequer cock sent on the roundabout system. He keeps 14 pairs of pigeons. This pigeon has been sent as far as Pau. He sent 7 and had 6 home on the day. He has been racing since 1950.

5th. Central Section J Donavan & Sons of South Croydon. The first pigeon on the clock was bred from a pair purchased at the J.Adcock & son entire clearance sale. The dam of the first pigeon was a daughter of champion Sebastian winner of 1st open LSECC from San Sebastian a 2-year-old blue hen having her 3rd race of the season. We sent 9 and got 8with 1 still away as of Sunday afternoon. All hens were sent on semi widowhood. The base of the Adcock pigeons are mainly Janssen She will be trained from the coast and probably sent to the next BICC race in 2 weeks time. We would like to offer all the open & section winners our congratulations and hope to be in front of them next time round.

1st. North Section Colin Smith of Ipswich. With a 4yr old Blue Chequer Cock, He is a Janssen based pigeon, bred from stock originally purchased from Mr Les Hill of Pontypool. Colin just races cocks, but if he had the time, he would race his hens. As he thinks they are going to waste just sitting in their section all week, they are exercised but not as often as he would like them to. He flies on his own in his back garden. He has a 20x6 Widowhood loft, 16x6 2-section lofts for hens & YBs& an 8x5 loft with a 6x4 aviary attached to it for his stock birds. He feeds a diet mix early in the week going on to widowhood mix later on, with added Hormoform, Red Band & peanuts. This was his fourth race so far this season; he is earmarked for more channel races.  He topped the Norfolk & Suffolk.S.R.CC from Fareham as a yearling, from 1400 birds 128 miles, 6th MaidstoneNorfolk & Suffolk.S.R.CC, 4th Ipswich.S.R.F.C Alencon 254 miles, 2nd Club, 2nd N&SSRCC & 11th Open BICC Saran, when he came with a direct brother who he timed 1st, 2008. He was fifth Club, 210 Open BICC Poitiers 2009.  Colin had time out from racing his birds and did not start again until 2002.

2nd. North Section. Mr Mrs B Roper of Ipswich. There pigeon is a two-year-old Jan Arden Hen, she came back in good condition and will properly be going to Poitiers next, and she had previously won from Falaise old hens. This partnership has been racing pigeons for 40 years. Barry has been club president and his wife Daphne has been club secretary for the past 25 years.

Mr & Mrs Roper

3rd. North Section. Paul Reynolds of Manningtree. The pigeon is a 2-year-old blue Gaby Vandenabeele widow cock. Paul has been racing pigeons since 1984. He flies with the help of his wife who feeds and lets them out while he is working shifts. The pigeons fly to a 60ft loft in the garden. The pigeons are fed on a diet mix at the beginning of the week, and fed a widowhood mix up to the day of basketing. Aviform products and D.H.P natural products are used in the water. The pigeon has racedthree inland races’ this year, andlast yearwon fourth Club Blandford- 2nd Cub Lulworth, and 1st club - Poole with Colchester Inv. All the pigeons were in good condition on return. They sent 15 birds and they were all home by mid afternoon. If all goes well, and the pigeon is in good condition, it will be going to Alencon with the B.I.C.C. The brother to this pigeon gave us a 1st place from Bedhampton on the same day with the Weeley Club.

Paul Reynolds

4th. north section Tony Calver, he has been racing on and of for the last 45 years, his three-year-old widow cock is Janssen based with C Smith bloodlines. Which has had three races up to Eastbourne this year. Tony feeds ¾ of an oz in the morning and 1oz in the evening of Versa Laga super widowhood and Gerry Plus. Tony was very pleased with his race having 10 out of 10 home in excellent condition. This bird’s next destination is BICC race from Alencon.

5th. North Section A Wright of Otley. His daughter Bethany helps himwith the pigeons. His chequer cock is a 2 year old widowhood cock, he is a Wal Soontjen x Colin & Ganus, bred from stock from Les Hill of Pontypool. His birds are fed on Versele Laga & Gem supplements & pigeon mixes, this bird was 1st NS Section, 5th open BICC, he also took 1st open, 1st NS Section yearlings. He will now go to the next BICC race at Alencon.

Bethany Wright

6th. North Section. A C Daniels of Diss. With a 5-year-old Widowhood Hen, Veheye cross Busschaert. Andrew has raced pigeons for 40 years; he has been Secretary of his local club at Diss for over 30 years and Secretary of the Norfolk & Suffolk S.R.C.C. for over 20 he is at present in partnership with his son Craig. They Race to a 24ft back Garden Loft a mix of Widowhood and roundabout. The birds are fed mainly corn direct from the local Farms with a few bag of widowhood mix during the racing season. This hen has been a consistent bird from the Channel in the B.I.C.C and N.F.C. she had one race this year from Eastbourne last week and will go with the B.I.C.C next time.

1st. West Section. Amesbury, Humphries & Akers, The pigeon that topped the West Section is a 2-year-old chequer Brasspenning hen flown on the roundabout system. She won several prizes in club racing as a young bird out to Lillers. She has been flying in club racing this year, her previous race being Basingstoke (103 miles). She returned in excellent condition, as if homing from a training spin! Her next race will be with the Welsh South East Grand National FC from Folkestone then, if all goes well into Alencon. This is our first race with the BICC and the Gwent Greater Distance Club and we are very encouraged by the start we have made. The birds are paired up late January , usually the week after the Blackpool Show and are fed a high protein mix while raring the young birds this being used for the young birds after weaning up to racing when they are fed a lighter mix. The old bird racers are kept together during training, and then separated to race the roundabout system. They are fed a light mix to race inland with extra carbohydrates and fats given for overseas races. Garlic and cider vinegar is used all year round and fresh grit given every day. The birds are treated for the usual diseases before pairing up and racing. The partnership breeds about 100 young birds though this will be reduced as they develop a family of birds to race the programme.

Akers & Humphries

2nd. West Section. Rawlings & Whitcombe. Having had pigeons as a young man and then having a 40-year break, they restarted last year with young birds. There winning yearling blue cock flying on semi roundabout    is a Lefebre Dhaenen x Veheye bred by Derek Bevin.  It had two-club position as a baby.  And will be sent to Alencon with the BICC in two weeks time.

3rd. west section. Mr Mrs G Mears of Newport. His bird was a late bred yearling, chq/hen.  A Dale Newcombe x W. Thomas. They have been racing pigeons for approx. 30yr and fly as Mr & Mrs. The loft is in there garden and they race on the natural system. All there birds are hopper fed. Being a late bredthis pigeon was having its first race as were the other nine birds they entered for Falaise. At present, they have. Two birds missing. On arriving home, this hen flew around for fun for a few mins, her condition was good. They hope to send her to Alencon with the BICC in two weeks time.

4th. west section. Keith Donnelly of Cardiff.

5th. West Section. D W Llewellyn of Newport.

6th. West Section. A Ware & Daughter of Nr Pontypridd. With a two year old Staff Van Reet Chequer Pied Hen, flying widowhood. She had already had two races this year and had won the red card in the club as a young bird. They sent five birds and had four home on Saturday.