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Where Its All Happenning 06-03-20


East Midlands & Yorkshire


Gregg Johnson


Hi all hopefully the wet rain has gone to bait away for a bit so we can finally get outside jobs started. We have a lot of information on events being hold in clubs and federations in our region so please take note of these as there is some class opportunities to be a part of something and claim some money in winnings or to obtain some genuine class birds which are not just an end of the season outing rubbish you cannot really go wrong by trying and it does not cost hundreds of thousands of pounds  guys. So, first up Shirebrook miners welfare FC who have already held their breeder buyer sale were 73 youngsters are now entered into the race were they sold for a total of £2,935 organiser Ashley Burdett and club secretary Robbie Bowler and Tyler Lambert would just like to thank everyone who supported the event and wish all competitors the best of luck in the event. Some up and coming events now to take part in the Stocksbridge federations annual breeder buyer sale will take place on the 29/3/20 with penning at 12pm at the Lowood social club station road Deepcar Sheffield S362SQ race to be flown from Lyndhurst everyone is welcome to take part for further information contact Kath on 07903751378.



Gleadless HS breeder buyer Annual sale will take place with free sandwiches hot roast pork and salted roast potatoes free for all to enjoy sale is on the 4/4/20 with penning starting at 1pm at Carlton social club Gleadless road Sheffield S12 2QF all are welcome to take part in this event with all the birds yearly performances being independently judged by a none far distance fancier for any further information contact Steve Cooper on 07976444686 Next we have a change to announce and an event being hold Cresswell Old Comrades FC has now changed its flying club name to correspond with its location of premises to the Shirebrook Staff Sports and Social flying club. Their annual breeder buyer race will be flown from Blandford and none members and members in the Notts and Derby Border Federation radius are welcome to purchase youngsters all prizes achieved receive money and a small trophy as prizes last season this was a great sale and pay out this season should be even better the sale will take place on the 28/3/20 penning 12pm /1pm at the Shirebrook Staff Sports & Social Club Langwith Road, Shirebrook, Mansfield, NG208TF any information call secretary Tim Hancock on 07857639133.



Stocksbridge FC annual breeder buyer sale is on Wednesday the 1/4/20 with penning at 7pm with the final race being flown from Lyndhurst members and none members welcome location Is at the Lowood social club station road Deepcar Sheffield S36 2SQ for further information call Kath on 07903751378 Penistone FC annual breeder buyer will be flown from Lyndhurst there is some class birds on offer to all with some mid Yorkshire combine and section K national flying club winners and fanciers birds will be in the pens with many other big combine winners birds in the sale last year £1,600 was paid out in prize money everyone is welcome to take part the venue is at Penistone church football club church view road a Penistone Sheffield S36 6AT sale on the 5/4/20 penning 12pm/1pm for further information call Matt Jagger on 07798528881 Knottingley FC annual breeder buyer sale is on 16/3/20 penning 7pm/8pm at The Nads Social club, 88 Weeland Road, Knottingley WF 11 8AR anyone anywhere is welcome to take part as all purchased birds results is judged by performance by the birds through the young bird season by a none member judge for further information call Mark Bainbridge on 07917762411.



Knottingley HS annual breeder buyer sale is on the 21/3/20 penning 12pm/1pm again anyone is welcome to participate some class birds from this very large flying club will be on offer all birds yearly performances are judged by an outsider to make the final result location of the event is a Kellingley social club 25 Marine Villa Road Kellingley WF 118ER for further information call secretary Mick Titley on 07901570493.



Holbrook FC are holding just a young bird pen sale for club funds for all to attend on the 29/3/20 at 11am/12pm viewing at Holbrook Sports and social club Shaw lane Holbrook Belper De56 0SX for information on birds for sale call Alan on 07882239465 The Derbyshire North road feds annual breeder buyer event to be flown from Berwick were anyone who flies north road can purchase youngsters there is some class top north road flyers and south road flyers birds coming into the pens none members took the cash last season if you want money and some top birds come and see me I will be auctioning them at working men’s prices grab a slice of the cake if you are keen and hungry for success penning is 11am/12pm at Pinxton Miners Welfare, Wharf Road, Pinxton, NG166LG on the 5/4/20 for any further information call myself on 07947896043.



Grantham NRFC annual breeder buyer sale will be flown from Hexham the sale takes place on 5/4/20 anyone who keeps pigeons is welcome for further details call John Norris on 07725160775 the south west of England Lerwick clubs annual breeder buyer sale to be flown from Ripon with a grand selection of BICC and National fanciers youngsters and some cream of the areas north road flyers youngsters will be on offer for all to purchase members or none members the sale will take place on the 26/4/20 with penning at 1030am/12.30pm with a free food buffet laid out for all to enjoy location of the sale is the British Legion Club Frampton Cotterill Bristol BS362HW for further information contact club secretary Corrine on 07867815556.



The Leicester north road federations annual breeder buyer is raced from two race points were all birds can take part in both so it’s spread out more the prizes and cards to all the two races will be flown from Newton Aycliffe and Dunbar with two sales operating with everyone welcome to participate in both sales will take place at the New Parks social club Battersbee way Leicester LE3 9LD sale one is on 21/3/20 sale two is 19/4/20 penning starts at 1030am for further information call Nigel on 07974285632.



I would just like to finish the article off by mentioning some of the areas class top performing fanciers were I received some wonderful photos of some real racing machines and these fanciers will and have already donated youngsters to these sales first are two photographs of two birds called Nigel and the other black eyed pea which are both prize winners from Saintes 516 miles for the partnership of Rousell and Morley of Shirebrook who are in the Shirebrook miners welfare breeder buyer they fly in the strong Notts and Derby Border federation Black eyed pea won 2nd club 17th Notts and Derby Border Fed 7th section 8th open North Midlands Continental Club flying over 14 hours on the Day on the wing the second is Nigel this mealy cock  won 1st club Saintes only two birds on the day and 15th Notts and Derby Border Fed. Next is the partnership of Eric and Ashley Burdett of Shirebrook who have been the Notts and Derby Border Fed top Boys for several times now winning countless gold medals and trophies and nationwide breeder buyers and futurity races  and Continental specialist clubs I’ve sent a few pictures of the class they have I cannot mention all what they have won in this article I have not the time or space one photo is of Eric which won them as a young bird £1600 in the Denaby breeder buyer race and topped two separate federations in different days with 1st Central Derbyshire federation Buckingham and 1st Notts and Derby Border Fed Buckingham Ashley and Eric have young birds in the Shirebrook Miners welfare breeder buyer entered and are putting youngsters in the Derbyshire North road federation and South West of England Lerwick club breeder buyer sales next is another Notts and Derby Border federation top flyer Shaun Pilgrim with Wilf his mealy cock that topped the Notts and Derby Border federation from Salisbury old bird 1,503 birds winning it by 14ypm again Shaun has won lots and entered the Shirebrook Miners welfare breeder buyer and young birds will be going to the Derbyshire north road federation and south west of England Lerwick club Breeder buyer sales. Next is some beauties of the north road flying route man one of the best which nobody can argue with that ! with what he’s won over the years is a list as thick and long like a dictionary book is Kevin Lawson of Ollerton first is a picture of the Game changer cock this dark pied cock is of pure Lambrecht’s which himself has had 2 x 1st fed wins and bred fed winners for Kevin and other fanciers now in the stock loft the second is of a white Grizzle cock the white Warrior again pure Lambrecht’s with a 1st fed and multiple top 10 federation positions achieved and also breeding winners on the grand North road route and south road route a grand pigeon again Kevin will be entering the Derbyshire north road federation and south west of England Lerwick club breeder buyers the youngsters will be in the pens for the takings. Ok folks plenty of venues for you all to attend enjoy yourselves in progression.

The Rat Man

The White Warrior