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South West of England 04-03-20


South West of England Lerwick club


?Hello there all ,some Things to announce and some 2020 season dates are now complete for the calendars and The diaries for fanciers the organisation flies the north road route from the west county of the uk of Gloucestershire & Somerset and surrounding areas with a wide radius were the club has 6 x marking stations in Somerset & Gloucestershire with the 2020 race programme now complete with something for all to hopefully enjoy with plenty of the 100 mile mark sprint races & some distance races also with These being Hexham being the 250 roughly mile mark race point then Thornton Park the 330 roughly mile mark point  then Lerwick the 600 plus mile race mark then Creiff the 350 roughly mile mark point  followed by Thurso at the 500 plus mile mark  then a Young bird open final race being flown from Berwick which is at the 300 plus mile mark for most so plenty of distance on offer at a very reasonable price also the weekend 2020 race programme is as follows old birds 2/5/20 Stratford upon Avon 9/5/20 Coventry 16/5/20 Ilkeston 23/5/20 Pontefract 30/5/20 Ripon 6/6/20 Hexham 13/6/20 Coventry 20/6/20 Thornton Park 27/6/20 Lerwick 4/7/20 Creiff 11/7/20 blank week 18/7/20 Thurso Young birds with the first 5 races being flown on Sundays to help miss clashing 26/7/20 Stratford upon Avon 2/8/20 Stratford upon Avon 9/8/20 Coventry 16/8/20 Coventry 23/8/20 Ilkeston 29/8/20 Rotherham 5/9/20 Pontefract 12/9/20 Ripon 19/9/20 Berwick also a midweek racing service will operate for racing members or none members to train or try the north route and compete with 6 x old bird midweek races and 7 x young bird races which will all be flown from Coventry on Wednesdays the dates are as follows 13/5/20 ,20/5/20,27/5/20,3/6/20,10/6/20,17/6/20,5/8/20, 12/8/20,19/8/20,26/8/20,2/9/20,9/9/20,16/9/20 if any fanciers would like any additional information on sending as members or none members joining or sending for training please contact Corrine Szmaglik on 07867815556 or Dave Smith on 07836792681 all are welcome. Some other events happening is there will be a yearling Classic held from the old bird Ripon race on the 30/5/20 as well as weekly results racing for the Scottish and Hexham races the organisation will be flying in the New North Road Amalgamation competing against other federations and clubs around the country and not forgetting the premier 600 plus mile Lerwick special champion challenge race to be flown. For the young birds a special 300 plus mile open is on the table now for the third year running which is growing each year and it is always a special result for those extra special young birds with a chance to claim some cash bags in the open challenge. A young bird 2 x gold ring scheme is also up and operating at only two rings per member at £10per ring for two rings only which again pays out some decent prize funds back out to purchase any rings please contact Corrine Szmaglik. The organisation’s annual breeder buyer sale was the race will be flown from Ripon which is about the 180/200-mile mark race to members to be flown on the 12/9/20. The auction of young birds will take place on Sunday the 26th of April with penning at 1030am to 12.30pm with a free food spread laid on for all to enjoy and socialise with all pigeon fanciers welcome to come and take part in the event I know of a wide selection of youngsters from around the country will be in the sale so at least pop in to have a look chat and a crafty paint and a free sarnie at least. Event location is the British Legion Club 34 Ryecroft Road Frampton Cotterill Bristol BS362HW you play the National lottery so play the pigeon lottery you have more of a chance of winning money and you could find that champion new pigeon you all loan to have you never know so give it a go! I believe I have covered everything for now so as you can see there is plenty on the table to have a go at and I know this organisation wants to do as much as it can and offer as much as possible for its members and new members good luck all take care.
The Rat Man.