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East Midlandsand Yorkshire 13-02-20


East Midlands & Yorkshire Poitiers report

Well the third and furthest race to report on now of the organisation this was being flown from Poitiers city in the mid-south west region of France this being the 500 plus mark to most fanciers and at this distance I always say this is when the big boys come out to play! My eyes and ears always open on these races as it?s always an extra special bird and performance achieved so well done to all who scored sent and tried as a lot won?t send or try. To the convoyers report Wednesday night sore all marking run smoothly and the feeder pick up meet at Markham Vale services (M1) run smooth and on time with all the birds loaded together the trip to Portsmouth docks began once again on arrival at Portsmouth fresh water was applied for the birds and this drained away on the Thursday morning prior to boarding the ferry on arrival at Caen port the birds were fed watered and rested in the secure rest area and as the race point is so far away the transporters made the over half way trip to the race point of Messac just off the motorway so the birds were reapplied with water and a good night?s sleep given to the birds and drivers. Friday morning the water was drained and the drive to Poitiers began on the final arrival at Poitiers at 1400 the birds were fed the countrywide supreme mix and water reapplied to the birds with a full create and lorry check carried out. Saturday morning of the race the convoyer and drivers were up and about early waiting for the sun to burn the morning mist( see photos) once the mist had cleared which was to be an absolute scorcher of a day in France and England it was priority to get the birds away as early as possible all the channel checks came back clear and the English and French land checks clear so the birds were finally away at 6am on Saturday morning on the 29th of June were 14 organisations sent 1,698 birds liberated by Willy Ward. The birds cleared the liberation site well and after the liberation the transporters were fully inspected before the trip home began.

To the result and the top 20 fanciers winning the combine as well as his federation the central Derbyshire federation and also the Northern Classic duplicating back was Steve Hallam of Sutton in Ashfield in Nottinghamshire his winning bird being a 3y widowhood hen named Kelly-Anne after his daughter this is now her 10th win including other channel wins and Steve informs me her children are also winning for him I know Steve is achieving some great performances with these birds and they consist of two of the sport?s greatest fanciers blended together she is a Geoff Kirkland grandson of his famous Snake pigeon cross Geoff & Catherine Cooper bird she flew 469 miles doing 1375 2nd and 7th combine is the partnership of Birkett & Baxter of Illingworth Halifax West Yorkshire they also achieved.

Steve Hallam Combine Champion

1st and 2nd in the Pennine Valley Federation and their local club Amblerthorn FC flying 515 miles their two birds are two hens of 2years old flown on the roundabout system for the first time being paired up as of last season they were pure celibacy the first is of their own created strain of pigeon the second a Paul Rossiaye bird velocities of 1368 and 1321

3rd combine is Colin Tinker of Birds Hedge Huddersfield now get ready for what this bird won being duplicated 1st Stocksbridge Federation 1st Pennistone HS 1st Pennistone 2bird Club 1st Netherton HS 1st Stocksbridge 2bird Club and 1st Mid Yorkshire combine bagging some impressive trophies and over £600 for Colin this only being this 2y blue chequer cocks third channel race he is a Gabby Vandenabeele from James Grantham of Snaith East Riding Yorkshire x a gifted Busschaert hen from Dave Ibbotson originating from Neville Fellps stock of Cumbria flying 502 miles on 1362

Colin Tinker right

4th combine is the partnership of Addy & Sanderson of Middlecliffe Barnsley were they also achieved 1st Barnsley and District Federation (little Barnsley fed) 2nd Mid Yorkshire combine and 1st Low Valley FC in their local club this was a 5y blue widowhood cock and this was his first channel race of 2019 he scored in the federation from upper Hayford 3 weeks before being sent he was sent on a heavy widowhood corn and he is a Gabby Vandenabeele flying 498 miles on 1354

Addy & Sanderson and below their winner

5th & 13th combine taking 1st and 3rd West Yorkshire federation is John Castello and Family flying 510 miles on 1331 and 1206.

6th combine and taking 1st North Derbyshire Federation and 1st Buxton fc in their local club is Mr & Mrs David Thorp of Dove Holes Buxton their winner is a 2y smokey chequer widowhood cock and he is a Gabby Vandenabeele and is a direct great, great, Grandson off The famous Shadow. The partnership send their pigeons every week to every race never missing and in preparation to this race he was hopper fed tic beans and fed tip bits of a high quality widowhood mix once a day in his box he flew 485 doing 1324.

8th combine and 2nd West Yorkshire Federation is A Lindsay flying 508 miles on 1256

9th combine is Ross Thackeray of Farnley Leeds Ross also wins the Dewsbury federation and the west Leeds Premier HS with a 3y blue hen flown on the widowhood system and previously last year in 2018 she flew Poitiers this race claiming 10th Dewsbury federation she is a direct Stefan Lambrecht?s x Mark Oliver of Yeadon Leeds which is of marks Van Loon family she was purchased at a Dewsbury federation 2009 presentation night pigeon sale flying 517 miles on 1252.

10th combine and 2nd Stocksbridge federation and 1st Stocksbridge HS is Richard & Kath Hodkinson of Stocksbridge Sheffield with a 5y chequer hen which I know and everyone knows is the best channel hen in Sheffield making this her 12th channel position achieved plus other inland cards with lots of other prizes including RPRA South Yorkshire and Derbyshire short to longest distance regional awards as she wins from 50-500 mile races were I call her once in a life time the partnership call her jimmy?s Lass as she is a Luke Van Hock strain originating from Jimmy Robinson of the north East flying 495 miles on 1231.

Richard Hodkinson centre

11th combine and 2nd North Derbyshire Federation and 1st Heage FC is Tony Mather and Steve Haywood of Crich Derbyshire with a 1y blue White flight hen sent on natural sitting her first two eggs of her life and she flew Messac 300 miles a week before this race with the north Midlands Continental Club she is a pure Louella Van Geel flying 467 miles on 1220.

Tony Mather and Steve Haywood

12th & 17th combine and 3rd and 4th Pennine valley federation plus 1st and 2nd Luddenden Foot FC is Tattersall Brothers of Luddenden Halifax their birds are their own family of birds that consist of Janssens Brasspenings and Herman Cuesters flying 515 miles on 1207 and 1173. Their first a 3y chequer widowhood cock the second a 2y chequer widowhood cock.

14th combine and 1st Leeds Amalgamation and 1st Horsforth FC and 5th in the Mid Yorkshire combine is John McCall of Cookridge Leeds with his special 3y chequer hen flown on Natural this hen previously in 2018 won the Leeds Amalgamation from this race Poitiers and 3rd Mid Yorkshire combine and 10th in the Yorkshire Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire combine plus numerous other wins in club and federations she has for two years running now won the Leeds Amalgamation bird of the year and has won a RPRA North East Regional award in 2018 for premier distance bird she is bred of johns own strain of birds x with a gifted late bred cock from Rodney Batt of Cookridge Leeds she flew 520 miles on 1201.

John McCalls "Eileen"

15th combine and 3rd Stocksbridge federation and 1st Colley HS is Terry Hague of Ecclesfield Sheffield this was with a 3y blue hen sent on natural sitting ten day old eggs and fed on Versele-Laga Gerry plus corn with peanuts added she is a Premier Stud Herman Cuesters x Ian Stafford famous machine lines flying 491 miles on 1192.

16th combine is Fisher & Fisher of Elsecar Barnsley who also achieved 2nd Barnsley and District Federation (little Barnsley fed) and 1st Jump FC in their local club flying 495 miles on 1177 with a 2y blue chequer cock flown on natural he has been flying on the widowhood system for the season but was paired up on the natural system for this race he is of their own created breed of pigeons flying 495 miles on 1177.

18th combine and 3rd Barnsley and District Federation (little Barnsley fed) is Mr & Mrs Dora Andrews of Royston Barnsley with a 3y chequer pied cock flown on the roundabout system fed on Marimans super widowhood corn he is a Bart Owen strain originating from the late Faulkner brothers of Rotherham he flew 502 miles on 1171

19th combine is the Fairbank Brothers of the Pennine valley federation flying 511 miles on 1167

20th combine is Mathew Jagger of Pennistone were 4th Stocksbridge Federation was achieved and 2nd in his local club Pennistone HS the bird is a 3y chequer cock flown on the widowhood system Matt informs me he has flown Poitiers before and many other French race points and always claimed federation cards and is one of his most consistent birds he is of the Dutch Bullwelder strain flying 498 miles on 1150. So, there you have it the top 20 lofts and just look at the class and competition that?s in the organisation well done all.

Birkett & Baxter

The Rat Man