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The Rat Man 08-02-20


The Rat Man


Well I do hope you are all well and busy breeding with your birds to create that champion we all strive to create and have. we still have some final score boards & events to announce so let?s get to it the result of the Heavy Woollen federation of Leeds breeder buyer result flown from Buckingham flown on the 11th of August 2019 liberated at 07.30am into a south west wind.1st as breeder & buyer is Martin & Christine Cornish on 1789 winning £240 2nd N Blezard buyer on 1361 Breeder D Crowther £90 each 3rd as buyer & Breeder N Blezard on 1285 winning £120 4th buyer H W Firth & Son on 1277 Breeder Mr Dixon £30 each.


The Mid Yorkshire combines 2019 score points board now After it?s Continental championship races held with only points being achieved with positions 1st - 20th in the combine only 1st Mr & Mrs Andrews 108 points 2nd Atkinson & Grayson 94points 3rd Richardson Bros & Thompson 68 points 4th R & K Hodkinson 57points 5th Terry Hague 39 points 6th Pat Helliwell 36 points 7th Dean Poxton 36 points 8th Robert Barraclough & Son 34 points 9th Colin Tinker 31 points 10th S Speight & Son 31points 11th A J Briscoe 30 points 12th McCormick & Scholfield 30 points 13th Matt Jagger 29 points 14th D & M Broxup 29points 15th Ross Thackeray 25 points 16th Steve Cooper 24points 17th J & N Beal 23 points 18th Mr & Mrs Underwood 23 points 19th Addy & Sanderson 19 points 20th R Richmond 19 points 21st J & S Toon 18 points 22nd Jackson Bros 17 points 23rd S Fields 17 points 24th John McCall 16 points 25th Weston & Cox 16 points 26th Fisher & Fisher 16 points 27th Lee Bird & partner 16 points 28th D M & C Cornish 14 points 29th D C Podmore 12 points 30th G & R Jones 11 points 31st Jones & Chapman 11 points 32nd R & J Hardy 10 points 33rd A Holland 9 points 34th Harding Bros 9 points 35th S P Turner & Son 9 points 36th Murray & Mills 8 points 37th N Barnes & Son 7 points 38th Neil Blakeway 7 points 39th S G E Farrar 6 points 40th S Field 6 points 41st D Maylett & Son 6 points 42nd R Smith & Son 6 points 43rd G Metcalfe & Son 5 points 44th N & A Gaunt 4 points 45th Foster Bros 3 points 46th M Stone 2 points 47th H Bellerby & Grandson 1 point 48th S Metcalfe 1 point 49th S Nunn 1 point 50th Redford & Parkin 1 point.


The Derbyshire North road federation will be holding 2 x open races at 300 plus to 400 mile mark races from Elgin on the 11th of July 2020 & Thurso on the 25th of July this is open to all north road flyers to take part at £10 a bird with 80% of all takings being paid back out on prizes so more birds is more cash bags...also Harehills HS Leeds gold ring breeder buyer scheme rings are for sale so don?t forget to purchase some both buyer & seller on every bird receives cash prizes nobody can buy their own back so the money goes round there is up to now £1600 in the pot without any birds sold plus more rings are still available the race will be flown from Bovingdon for the final open to Leeds Amal Dewsbury Fed & the Heavey Woollen fed members first sale is on 23/2/20 any additional information contact Mark Thompson on face book