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The New North Road Amalgamation

2020 revised race programme 


Hi all ,I hope you are all safe and well it has bean a very hectic time for us all let’s all be blessed we are all safe and well.This is the new 2020 Race  programme for the old birds depending it all gets the green light to operate on the 1st of June. Please consider we only have a short period of time allocated to fit these race points together and considering we have members that fly 100 plus miles further than the first drop members so we have tried to consider these as well as some distance races for the shorter flyers allowing time to prepare the birds in this small time frame allocated trying to please all which can be very hard so we can all enjoy ,some combined racing a mixture of short and distance races for some will be on offer combined in working together to still have some amalgamation racing in 2020 

4th July Hexham (south west of England transport ,transportation cost 50p a bird)
11th July Thornton Park (south west of England transport,transportation cost £2 a bird )
18th July Newton Aycliffe ( Derbyshire NR Fed transport ,transportation cost 50p a bird) 
25th July Elgin ( Derbyshire NR Fed transport , transportation £2 a bird )
25th july Thurso (NRCC transport NRCC transportation costs and procedures apply)

19th September Berwick YB ( transport Nottinghamshire NR Fed ( Notts Fed transport costs apply 60p a bird)

Remember all birds are £1 a bird all £1’s of every bird 90p of all birds entered will be paid back out in prize money plus pools this is for every race we hold more birds means more prize money!!
Please note I understand many will be sending to the NRCC Thurso race no matter what I am happy for any NRCC members who are sending anyway to pay their £1 per bird and duplicate them as well as a separate amalgamation race result of Thurso of all who duplicate back a result and payout of all monies taken will be made ( no problem in sending to Elgin and Thurso in the Amal and having 2 x Amal races) as Elgin and Thurso are both operating on the 25th you have one shorter option one further option and both options to end your old bird season in this strange year we have endured.
Update news 
Hucknall premier flying club have applied to join the amalgamation and are in the radius and have offered to donate and operate a central marking station for 2021 season for the north section members as you all are aware in the north section this was the Notts & Derby Border Federations central marking station for many years and the Midlands National marking station so facilities are there and capable for none Derbyshire NR fed Championship marking racing members as all Derbyshire NR Fed championship federation marking is at Pinxton only to mark their birds as this is slightly nearer in location for other clubs and located members not in the Derbyshire NR Fed and takes some pressure off the Pinxton central marking station and team as more clubs join. Obviously this will have to be discussed at the 2020 AGM but I thought you should all know the offer has bean put on the table to help things in the future. 
For any further information or enquiries please contact 
South west and south coast region 
Dave Smith on 07836792681
Corrine Szmaglik on 07867815556
The Midlands region 
Gregg Johnson on 07947896043

Take care everyone and stay safe and fingers crossed we can race in June , take care all 
Gregg  Johnson NNRA secretary....