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Enfield Continental Flying Club Update 25-08-19

Enfield Continental Flying Club


Down at the Cabbage Patch our next Young Bird race arrived which was from Yeovil & at the end of Marking 5 Members had sent 75 Birds, which were liberated at 6.45 in an East Wind. At the moment a few members are away on holiday with Club Secretary Steve Sheffield in Hospital having just had his Knee replacement operation & he is due out on Sunday so he should send the following week.


Hopefully in 2 weeks time we have a comeback race from Lyndhurst, & a few more members will start to send as 5 out of 21 is not a good turnout at all. Now on to the result, taking the top 3 places is Geoff Barker with a Dark Chequer Lambrecht x Busschaert Hen who also took 20th Inter Counties Fed, a Blue Chequer Braspenning Hen & a Blue Chequer Lambrecht Hen. Fourth Club went to Peter Twyford with a Mealy Busschaert Cock. The Sire is a Son of 1st Club Le-Mans & the Dam being a winner of 2nd UBI Combine Kingsdown. Finally, in Fifth & Sixth spot is Doru Burlacu with a Blue Chequer Cock & a Black Cock with no other details given from Doru at the time of writing.


Our next race was due to be from Honiton, but due to the weather forecast given for the Saturday, the Inter Counties Fed decided to mark on the Saturday for a Sunday race.


On Saturday morning I texted all of the members to remind them about the marking for that night, I received 3 messages back saying that they weren’t going to send and that they were going to send to the Comeback race the week after from Lyndhurst. I for one would have loved to be able to send as I have hardly done any racing for several years now due to a Court Case over my old property, & where I now live I’m unable to race from here due to lack of space, as well as a major Cat problem & I am looking at moving early next year to a property where I will be able to race again. The only pigeons I have at the present time are my Stock Birds.


With the next race weekend approaching i received a Phone Call from Dave Housden to say that the Inter Counties Fed had put back the race marking 24 hours to the Saturday night for a Sunday race so I text all of the members to inform them of the decision. On Saturday night we were greeted on arrival by a former member who had to give up the Pigeons due to poor health, that was Pat O’Sullivan who had an Entire Clearance Sale at Blackpool a couple of years ago & even though Pat no longer keeps or races pigeons, he does keep a interest in the Sport & keeps an eye on the results each week & Pat was telling us that pigeons sold at his sale recently bred a 2nd Open Scottish National winner for Macaulay Ferguson & Curran flying 402 miles into the Dundee area. He is a Double Grandson of Pat’s ‘Saxavord Cock’ with Limerick Lady also appearing in the pedigree.


 At the end of Marking 7 Members had sent 130 Birds. On the Sunday morning the weather was dark & overcast first thing, then the rain came for a bit & then it started to clear up. I then received the call to say that the birds had been liberated at 11am in a South West wind with a 2pm Strike at the Clubs HQ. While we were at the Club awaiting the final result the members in attendance all said that they were still a few short at the time they left home, & they was hoping that a few more would work their way home that afternoon.


Now on to the result, taking 1st & 2nd was Peter Twyford with a Mealy Hen who is a G daughter of Peter’s old Mealy Cock who was a top performer in the Club & Fed who is now retired to stock & a Red Chequer Hen who is a G daughter of 1st UBI Combine Kingsdown when paired to a Daughter of 2nd UBI Combine Kingsdown & this pair are from Peter’s successful Busschaert family. 3rd Club was Geoff Barker with a Dark Pied Lambrecht Hen. Fourth spot was Peter Twyford with a Blue Chequer Busschaert Cock who won 1st Club Blandford & is a G son of 1st UBI Combine Kingsdown. Fifth Club was Geoff Barker with a Chequer Pied Lambrecht x Soontjen Hen. Finally, in Sixth spot was Steve Sheffield with a Blue Busschaert Cock. On the same day the BICC had a Any age Young bird National race from Guernsey and Doru Burlacu was the only member who sent to this race and he ended up being provisionally 77th Open Young Bird National.


Our next race was from Blandford which our members would fly between 99-108 miles and for this race there was another low turnout with just 5 Members sending 97 Birds which were Liberated at 6.45 in a East Wind. Taking the top 3 places is Geoff Barker with a Dark Chequer Lambrecht x Busschaert Hen, the same hen who took 1st Club 20th Inter Counties Fed Yeovil, a Blue Chequer Lambrecht x Braspenning Hen & a Blue Lambrecht x Soontjen Hen. Next taking 4th, 5th & 6th Club we have Peter Twyford with a Mealy Busschaert Hen who took 1st Club from Lyndhurst the previous week & is a G daughter of Peter’s old Mealy, a Red Busschaert Hen who took the runners up spot from Lyndhurst the previous week & a Blue Pied Lambrecht Hen. The Sire being a Lambrecht is a winner of 2x1st Club & was bred by Geoff Barker & the Dam being from Peters Busschaert family.


With the race season nearly being over we are now looking at the Close season & after a discussion between myself & Billy Watkins we are now pleased to announce that the Enfield Continental FC will be holding shows once again this year on Sunday Lunchtimes. The programme that we are putting forward is as follows.


3rd Nov 2019 OB Eyesign.

10th Nov 2019 - YB Eyesign.

17th Nov - OCTTW

24th Nov - OHTTW

1st Dec - YCTTW

8th Dec - YHTTW

15th Dec - Pied Class / Funny Colour TTW

22nd Dec - Prize winners & Overall winner TTW.


The entry fee will be £1 per Pigeon and the penning will be between 11am-12pm.

Last year the judges we used had won between them over 7 Nationals & we hope to have the same high standard of judges again this year.


(LJP. Nice to see there are still good local shows about. We used to have some real good shows in this area, but they have nearly all gone. They were good for meeting in the winter months)

 Until next time, take care

Jamie T.



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