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Fauldhouse FC

Fauldhouse FC

Fauldhouse FC has 130 years of history as a pigeon club, the club presentation is always up there with the best. It is always a pleasure to attend the night in the local golf club. You are always made very welcome among the members and friends. Fauldhouse for those that are not aware of the location his halfway between Glasgow and Edinburgh, Central Scotland. 


Fauldhouse top table Feb 2020


I always have this date in my calendar and with the car full of Lanarkshire fanciers we made or way up from Airdrie in weather that can be summed up in one word: Scottish. Blustery showers of snow with a icy feel to it. But who cares about the weather we knew that a warm reception was on the cards and a brilliant meal to warm us up.



On arrival we met good friend Ian Lindsay of Newmains club with George Finlyson who is the present Secretary of Central Scotland 3 bird club. Also, Callum McMillan of Carluke club. After a short chat we entered into a lovely function room with tables already set out with cakes/scones for after the meal. Temptation is always there to eat one before the main meal, but I resisted this time. All of the company went for the steak pie option on the menu- always a sure bet. It was delightful; it melted in your mouth/ And when we were offered seconds - well it's only polite to say yes! Well that's our excuse anyway. With the apple pie/ice cream and strawberry cake for afters we were truly full to the gunnels.

Ian Lindsay and friends


Ian Lindsay must have been in his element as I usually give him mine to curb his sweet tooth. But it wasn't needed tonight. Old Tom had his eyes on the home made pancakes and with comments, "they're the best he had tasted" this statement slightly hid his blushes after the comment from the lady at the bottom of the table asking who ate all the pancakes. It was fine.  More were sourced from another table and the lady was happy and even sent up a tray of cakes for the Airdrie contingency to eat. After a tea or coffee, comments from Callum McMillan of Allanton that it was the" real McCoy". Many a night is wasted by a poor meal but never Fauldhouse. Well done to the catering staff.



Fauldhouse has a great etiquette with everything in its place. The social events keep you focused and the night flowing.



With Alistair Mackie and Eddie Callaghan looking after the social scene it was everything a night should be. So, remember to book your ticket for next year, you will not be disappointed.



 Secretary Neil Redmond and President Jim Neil were always at had moving around the tables for a chat and making everyone welcome.



Eddie and Alister have an outstanding pedigree for their charity work and to date have raised over £150,00 pounds for charity. This has been achieved through dedication and hard work. This is remarkable! A side of the sport that isn’t always credited. Eddie Callaghan is an outstanding individual who needs special mention on this front. Every year his annul talent competition attracts the best of talent. Such well-known names like Susan Boyle and Lewis Cepaldi have come to the fore on Eddies stage and have went on to put Scotland on the musical map. Everyone take a bow to the work of Eddie and his team for their work to charity, truly outstanding!



It’s always a pleasure to talk with Tommy Drummond, a tireless worker for the club and also Jim O Hara a brilliant distance fancier who over the years has cultivated a great distance line of pigeons based on his Champion Red cock" Emergency" Jim's recent section winner is from a son of Emergency. Top distance pigeon from a top fancier and a great ambassador for our sport.

Tommy Drummond with company

Always nice to speak with John McLaughlin and Robert McConnell always two guys with a good sense of humour. 


John McLaughlin with granddaughter Emma


The night flowed brilliantly and with the social games and dancing to a top performance entertainment everyone had a fantastic night. This is not a smoker night but a proper dance with the dance floor full of couples and family enjoying the night. I thought to myself where else would you get such a brilliant night, which is prime rely to celebrate their prize winners but also provide a great night of entertainment for the whole family. It will always be a blueprint for what such nights should be.



This year’s guest was Lynne Stewart and her mother, Lynne is the Secretary of Almond Valley Federation and a pigeon fancier in her own right. Lynne done a fine job of presenting the trophies and was warmer thanked for her attendance.



It was nice to speak with Jim Jack of the North West Federation who unfortunately due to health reasons had to retire from racing but is working away in the clerical side of the sport, helping with his knowledge and experience.



Wives enjoying the night


As with these nights everyone had a chat about our great sport with everyone wishing each other the best for the coming season.



Well it was after twelve when we left after a six thirty start so that's how good it was.!



Well done to members and friends who attended to support the club. 



Fauldhouse club has been convoying with the Lanarkshire federation for a number of years and appear to be enjoying the company. 



L to R, Tom Corrie snr, Peter Anderson, Brian Blacklock & Callum McMillan


 Trophy winners 2019


C & C Smillie winner of


Morgan Memorial Trophy best average Buckingham, Maidstone & Ypres races

Old Bird Average, all races including Ypres

J Mackie Trophy, best average Kettering & Maidstone


Well done Charlie top season, coming to the fore with his team (he describes as Heinz beans). possible 57 varieties of winning.



Charlie Smillie of C & C Smillie partnership with guest Lynne Stewart


J & C O Hara


Winner of 1st bird in club from SNFC gold cup race Burdinne ,513 miles

2yr old cheq hen 12 1/2 hours on wing 

21 days later 14 3/4 hours on wing 10th Open ,54th Open SNFC Roye



Fauldhouse Ace Old Bird 2019

This hen only had one race from Dunbar as a youngster

She is half-sister to Lady Flo 1st sect ,6th Open SNFC Reims 560 miles.


Lady Flo, 1st sect D SNFC Reims 2018 for J & C O Hara


Winner of the Eddie Callaghan Trophy for best single performance Old Bird

1st club,10th Lanarkshire Social Circle SNFC Burdinne 513 miles vel 1190

1st club,3rd Lanarkshire Social Circle,10th sect,54th Open SNFC Roye 502 miles vel 1000

Flying 1015 miles in three weeks.


1st club Burdinne SNFC Gold Cup race then 10th sect,54th Open Roye,21 days later for J & C O Hara (Picture taken after 14 hrs plus on wing) 



Jim is one of the legends of the sport, done it got the tea shirt at distance racing.


Jim O Hara of J & C O Hara


John Hadfield winner of Frances Memorial trophy, best average Kettering & Maidstone races

Glynn Trophy for 1st club Maidstone

Top name from the close village of Blackburn


John Hadfield

John Hadfield with Jim Jack (C) and company


Lumsden Colligan & Hope winners of the following


Johnny Lumsden of Lumsden Colligan & Hope partnership


Yearling Average

Inland Old Bird Average,all OB races to Maidstone

G Copeland Memorial for 1st yearling timed in Kettering race, winning 1st prize in club

Bruce Inch Memorial for 1st yearling timed Maidstone race finishing 4th club

A Mackie Trophy for 1st club Ypres race 438 miles

A & A Sieve wright Shield for best loft performances in top 3 of all OB & YB races total points 27

Savoy trophy for best loft in top 10 from all OB & YB races including Ypres total 168 points.

The partnership also win the C & M Smith Trophy- Ace Young Bird award 



Top flying Johnny and Derek, they are always at the top!


Club shows

Cage bird Shield

Champion Best in Show L & N Redmond, well done Neil


Fauldhouse Secretary Neil Redmond


Reserve Champion -Robert McConnell, well done Robert  


Robert McConnel


Robert McConnell with guests


Well done to all the winners.



Tom Corrie jnr

Lanarkshire Press Officer



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