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Lanarkshire Fed Caterick 06-09-19




Tom Corrie jnr

This week takes us to Catterick in North Yorkshire, around 137 miles back into Central Scotland. The weather was unpredictable, and our race controller decided to race on Sunday. The weather at the race point was excellent with a light south west wind turning north west on route. The liberation of 1700 birds and 8 Fauldhouse baskets at 06 50hrs. Report was the birds didn't clear well from the race point and the race turned out a "real stinker" with the winning velocity in the 900ypm and some clubs were won in the 700ypm. These velocities speak for themselves with returns that can only be described as horrendous!


What happened ? well it wasn't the weather as it was clear all the way home! On speaking with a fancier, he had a pigeon at the race reported 100 miles south of the liberation! Whatever happened it’s the end of the season for a lot of  fanciers who have endured one of our most difficult young bird programmes ever recorded. With the weather absolutely terrible over the next few days the birds had little chance of returning.


The young bird racing is becoming a nightmare and we have to come up with a programme that protects our future of our sports.

Well enough said about that race!


Congratulations to this week’s winner Jim Moffat, who resides in Stepps Glasgow and who fly’s in the Uddigston & Dist club.

Jim's winner is a Vad en poel from a hen gifted by Wullie Strang and the sire out of John Duthie of Dundee lines.

The winning check hen has had every race and had two 30 miles training flights this week and got to see her mate before basketing.

Well done to Jim who wins 1st Centre section 1st Open 1700 birds. This is a cracking way done in the wild west !


Around the clubs


Chryston. 1st A Crook vel 761. 2nd J & J Hood. 3rd,4th C Gray

Alfie Crook wins Chryston club


Clarkston. 1st,2nd T Corrie Son G/son. 3rd,5th D Mitchell & Son. 4th P Stangoe

Tom Corrie Son G/son win Clarkston


Airdrie. 1st ,4th GWP Macaloney. 2nd,5th C Baird. 3rd J Hendrie & Sons

GWP Macaloney(C & R) win Airdrie


New Stevenson. 1st,2nd,3rd,4th JJK Gillon. 5th P Kerr


Josey(L) & Kelly(R) Gillon win New Stevenson

Blantyre. 1st,3rd W Semple. 3rd A Wylie jnr

Wullie Semple wins another in Blantyre club


Greenfield. 1st,2nd,3rd,4th M Krivokapic. 5th J Leggate

Mio Krivokapic wins Greenfield club


Burnbank. 1st Torrance & Man. 2nd,3rd,4th,5th J McGuire

Alan Torrance wins Burnbank


Newmains. 1st,4th A & J Cook. 2nd D Crawford. 3rd Lindsay & Henderson. 5th W Smart



Coatbridge SC. 1st Christie Bros. 2nd,4th Sharp Cummings Durning. 3rd J Donnely. 5th J Forsyth


Low Waters. 1st G Lightbody.


George Lightbody continues his fine season winning Low Waters


Lanarkshire Social Circle. 17 lofts sent 383 birds


1st,5th J Moffat. 2nd GWP Macaloney. 3rd E Robin jnr. 4th Lindsay & Henderson



Well done to Wullie Gordon winning Breeder/Buyer £417


Well done to Billy Gordon winning the Lanarkshire Social Circle Breeder/Buyer


Well done to Jim Moffat & George Baird & winning Young Bird Exchange £60 each


Cambusnethan/Morningside. 1st,2nd J Cook. 3rd J Curley. 4th W Smart. 5th Eadie & Kelly

Carluke. 1st,2nd,3rd C & E McMillan. 4th,5th A Wilkie

Callum McMillan wins Carluke


Fauldhouse. 7 lofts sent 175 birds. 1st J Burt vel 981. 2nd Wilson & Mackie. 3rd J Hadfield. 4th Lumsden Colligan & Hope


Lanark & Dist. 1st Mr & Mrs Megahy.

Stuart Megahy wins Lanark


Cambuslang. 1st,3rd,4th,5th E Robin jnr. 2nd W Gordon


This weeks section winners


Centre 36 sent 607.

1st J Moffat 947. 2nd GWP MaCaloney 918. 3rd C Baird. 4th J Latimer. 5th J Boyle

Jim Moffat wins 1st section ,1st Open Lanarkshire federation 1700 birds,also winning Lanarkshire Social Circle & Uddingston clubs


East section, 25 sent 503


1st,4th A & J Cook  940. 2nd D Crawford 931. 3rd Lindsay & Henderson. 5th J Curley 

Jackie Cook wins another in Newmains & Cambusnethan/Morningside


West section,30 sent 436.


1st,4th,5th E Robin jnr 905. 2nd G Lightbody 903. 3rd W Gordon

Eddie Robin jnr wins another in Cambuslang,the west section and sits top of the average board for YBirds.Top flying Eddie!

And below his racing loft



Combine Average Leaders Board


1st GWP Macaloney 1204

2nd J Cullen 1200

3rd G Mann 1179

4th Eadie  & Kelly 1175

5th J & K Miller 1171


Young Bird Average Leader Board


1st E Robin jnr 1040

2nd Lindsay & Henderson 1030

Ian Lindsay (L) is having a good YB season sitting second in Average table

3rd GWP Macaloney 1022

4th J Cameron 1012

5th J Moffat 1002


Tom Corrie jnr

Lanarkshire Press Officer

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Jim Latimer wins Dalziel club


Frank Hillan of Coalburn,recent photo received of Frank displaying the trophies 2008.Frank had a good race from Ypres and keeps a nice pigeon.Keep the good flying going Frank


Billy Ramage wins Larkhall & Dist