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Lanarkshire Fed Maidstonereport 22-06-19




Tom Corrie jnr


This week we were convoyed with the SNFC, for our longest inland race of the programme from Maidstone in Kent, England. Maidstone is 32 miles east south east of London. The flight is around 371 miles back up to Lanarkshire in Central, Scotland. Birds were liberated at 7 am into a light south wind turning fresher on route.


This week’s winner of 1st Open Lanarkshire federation ,577 birds was timed into Coalburn club, South Lanarkshire by Alex Meikle. His winner a 3yr old ch/pied hen took 6hrs 10 minutes for around the 355 mile journey. Its velocity was 1687.


Alex Meikle winner of 1st Open Lanarkshire Federation Maidstone

Alex Meikles 1st Open winning hen

I phoned Alex to congratulate him and get a wee bit of information on his winner. Alex who is 74yrs of age unfortunately struggles with physical disability, but with the help of club mates he is able to manage his pigeons.


He explained he wasn't expecting the wining pigeons until around 2pm, so he was in the house when the winner arrived timing through the ETS system. Alex said ETS help as he struggles to catch pigeons and the system is of real benefit.


He was amazed to see the hen recorded on the system when he attended the loft. The winner has been very consistent all season to the loft.


Alex gave credit and thanks to those that help him stating club member Andrew Suckle had taken the birds over to marking for him.


The winner wasn't been paired as he hasn't bred any youngsters this season as he had intended to finish in the sport.


His history in the sport has been up with the best in the past winning 1st West section 3rd Open SNFC Rennes 1988, only bird on day flying 500miles and then again 1st West section 3rd Open Sartilly 1991 with a daughter from the first winner" What a line of breeding "

He left the sport in 2006 to return in 2012 after agreeing to look after fellow fancier Danny Martins pigeons in his own loft which was still standing. He ended up keeping these. He enjoys flying his birds in the local club and isn't a member of the SNFC.


The Maidstone winner is bred out of Louella stock a Kuyper/Brugger lines out of stock from John Aitken that came from club member Dave Frame.

The hen was raced on the celibate system, seeing the mate before and after race. The he as all the others go to all the federation races and is trained around loft once per day. They are hopper fed Countryside four seasons and the birds have feed in front of them at all times.


Alex said he is left with twenty birds for racing and they will go this week to Kettering 260 miles with federation, as Andrew Suckle is going to take the birds to Newmains marking for him as he can’t carry the birds any distance and sometimes you have to walk a fair distance from station. Well done to Andrew helping out Alex. 


Alex is thinking of reconsidering about his future in the sport, so here’s hoping he continues Well done to help Alex with the pigeons and congratulations on a brilliant performance.


Well done to GWP Macaloney 2nd Open Lanarkshire federation, taking five of the top seven in the section and winning the section in the SNFC. What can be said that hasn't already about how good this partnership is.


The race like most fast races they can be erratic with returns a real mixed bag. Well done to all who competed in this race.



Around the clubs


Lanarkshire Social Circle. 34 sent 227 birds. 1st,3rd ,5th GWP Macaloney. 2nd, 4th Eadie & Kelly


Airdrie 1st,2nd,3rd,4th ,5th GWP Macaloney 1670 


GWP Macaloney win 2nd Open Lanarkshire fed & 1st section 


"Kid Dynomite" 

Best of Macaloney x Best of Tam Blair 


Winner of 

1st West Section SNFC 813 birds 374 miles 

1st Federation 4950 birds 78 miles 

2nd Federation 567 birds 374 miles 

3rd Federation 5371 birds 189 miles 

10th Federation 4433 birds 65 miles 

13th Federation 2311 birds 65 miles 

15th Federation 5485 birds 65 miles 

16th Federation 4506 birds 190 miles

20th Federation 4842 birds 157 miles 

27th Federation 4381 birds 137 miles 

38th Federation 2146 birds 78 miles 

142nd Federation 2368 birds 154 miles  



Clarkston 1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th T Corrie Son G/son 1523


Tom Corrie Son G/son win Clarkston & Dist

Lanark & Dist 1st D K Burnside 1574. 2nd,3rd.4th.5th T Greenfield


Dave Burnside records a good winner inn Lanark & Dist

Carluke 1st,4th C & E McMillan 1536. 2nd ,3rd,5th S McArdle


Callum McMillan wins Carluke

Newmains 1st,2nd Eadie & Kelly 1646. 3rd J & K Miller. 4th Lindsay & Henderson. 5th J Whiteford & Family


Chryston 1st R Dingwell 1592. 2nd,5th. W Holland 3rd,4th C Gray


Bobby Dingwell wins Chryston club with a very reliable 5yr old Check hen

Greenfield 1st ,3rd G Baird. 2nd,5th D Allison. 4th M Krivokapic


Cambusnethan/Morningside 1st,2nd Eadie & Kelly 1646. 3rd J & K Miller. 4th J Whiteford & Family. 5th J Lawrie & Son


Andy Eadie had a cracking race taking 1st,2nd in Newmains & Cambusnethan/Morningside club.Also winning East section in federation.

East Kilbride 1st,2nd J Meikle. 3rd D Gillespie. 4th,5th G Orr


New Stevenson 1st,3rd,4th,5th JL Kerr. 2nd M Gillon


Larkhall & Dist 1st,2nd J Newbiggin. 3rd ,4th,5th J Cosgrove & Son


J Newbiggin wins Larkhall with a cracker

Blantyre 1st Tallis & McDonagh


Tommy McDonnagh wins Blantyre

Cambuslang 1st ,2nd ,5th E Robin jnr. 3rd ,4th W Gordon


Eddie Robin jnr

Burnbank 1st Baird & McMillan. 2nd T Douglas. 3rd W Bosewell. 4th P White. 5th J McGuire


George Baird wins Greenfield with a good pigeon

Uddingston & Dist 1st ,3rd J Wood. 2nd,4th McCormick & Hughes. 5th W Graham


Jim Wood (R) wins Uddingston & Dist

Fauldhouse 7 sent 40. 1st J Hadfield1535. 2nd J McLaughlan 1490. 3rd Drummond& Hildith 1483. 4th Lumsden Colligan & Hope 1438



Section winners


West section 36 sent 185


1st A Meikle of Coalburn club on 1687 

2nd J Newbiggin of Larkhall & Dst 1593

3rd R Logan of Coalburn 1588


Centre section 33 sent 190


The brilliant GWP Macaloney set up

1st ,3rd GWP Macaloney, Airdrie club 1670.1655

2nd C Murphy, Dalziel club1659


Charlie Murphy recorded a cracker to win Dalziel club and second section


East section 27 sent 192 

1st ,2nd Eadie & Kelly, Newmains club1646,1590

3rd J & K Miller, Newmains club1576



Average Leader Board


1st T Richardson 1331

2nd G Mann 1329

George Mann wins 10th section with the same B/C that won the centre section in the last SNFC race from Buckingham.George is presently sitting 2nd on the average board ,only flying a small team of pigeons.Top flier is past National winner George.Enjoy your Birthday!

3rd GWP Macaloney 1327

4th Eadie & Kelly 1327

5th D Allison 1318

6th J Cullen 1318

7th T Corrie Son G/son 1317

8th J Wood 1313

9th M Krivakapic 1311

10th J Lawrie & Son 1310


Kelso non average race 15/6/17 prize winners


£100 prize winners to section winners J K Miller (East) Sharp Cummings Durning (Centre) Tallis, McDonagh (West)

pools winners East sectionJ K Miller £30, Centre section GWP Macaloney £39 ,I Rankin £26,West section Tallis McDonagh £24,W Semple £16



Tom Corrie jnr


Lanarkshire Federation Press Officer


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