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Lanarkshire Fed Ripon 21-05-19




Tom Corrie jnr


This we move onto Ripon, Cathedral city in the Borough of Harrogate, North Yorkshire, England. The weather forecast for the weekend wasn't good, so the word came through that we were going for a Thursday race marking and a Friday race. This materialised and 5.100 birds and 16 Fauldhouse baskets were liberated in a light north east wind at 10 40am by our convoyer Tommy McDonagh. The wind at the home end was fresh and blowing significantly from the east. It was also hot and dry and would test the convoy for the 155 miles back into central Scotland. The old saying is east winds are "no good to man or beast". Every year we seem to get more than normal easterlies.

This week?s federation winner hit the boards for Jim Cullen of Uddingston & Dist after 3hrs 19 minutes for a very respectable velocity of 1373. The winner of 1st Open Lanarkshire federation 5,100 birds is a yearling check cock pigeon flown on the roundabout system. Jim has started to show some fine form with this back to back club win. Well done Jim on a cracking result for last year?s Ypres winner.



Jim Cullen this week 1st Open federation


This week?s winning loft of Jim Cullen


On clock checking in the evening a number of birds hadn't homed!

Overall it was a good steady race with birds homing low and hard from the west.

Thanks to Tommy McDonnagh our convoyer for his excellent work and another excellent decision.
Also, a big thanks to federation secretary Jim Cameron having the results out in record time!

Federation News -Training race from Kelso on 1st June (Over and above the scheduled Buckingham race that day) ,this has been sponsored by Tommy McDonagh ,prize money as follows £100 to winner of each section and if it?s well supported then another Kelso will take place on 15th June. Gives fanciers the option. £11 per crate. 50p unlimited nomination. Paid out in full two shares of 60%-40% in all three sections. Great initiative!

Centre section 88 sent 1795

1st J Cullen -Uddingston & Dist 1373
2nd GWP Macaloney-Airdrie Dist 1372
3rd GWP Macaloney -Airdrie Dist 1372
4th T Corrie Son G/Son -Clarkston & Dist 1352
5th J King -Dalziel 1345

West section 69 sent 1993

1st W Gordon -Cambuslang 1366
2nd G Lightbody Low Waters 1351
3rd ,4th G Baird -Greenfield 1334,1329
5th D Allison Greenfield 1324

East Section 49 sent 1288

1st ,2nd J Whiteford & Family -Newmains 1354,1353
3rd J & K Miller -Newmains 1348
4th J Curley -Cambusnethan/Morningside 1344
5th W Smart -Newmains 1337

Around the clubs

Airdrie Dist. 1st,2nd,3rd GWP Macaloney. 4th I Rankin. 5th G Mann

GWP Macaloneys 2nd Open winner this week

Clarkston & Dist. 1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th T Corrie Son G/son

Tom Corrie Son G/son continue their fine form with a win in Clarkston


Uddingston & Dist. 1st J Cullen. 2nd H Murphy. 3rd J Carswell Loft 2. 4th J Cameron. 5th J Wood


New Stevenson. 1st ,2nd,3rd,4th,5th J J K Gillon

J & JK Gillon win another in New Stevenson, having an outstanding season!

Blantyre. 1st ,2nd,3rd,4th,5th Tallis & McDonagh

Tommy McDonagh (L) wins another in Blantyre

Cambusnethan/Morningside. 1st,2nd J Whiteford & Family. 3rd J & K Miller. 4th J Curley. 5th W Smart

James Whiteford (R) of J Whiteford & Family win 1st & 2nd in Newmains & Cambusnethan Morningside club. Winning well in Newmains

Carluke. 1st,4th C & E McMillan. 2nd,5th Graham Bros. 3rd A Blyth

Callum McMillan wins another in Carluke with his red hen that topped the federation out of Budwith last season. Her breeding is Sounderland/Maddison pigeons


Newmains. 1st,2nd J Whiteford & Family. 3rd J & K Miller. 4th,5th W Smart

Larkhall & Dist. 1st ,3rd J Newbiggin. 2nd W Ramage. 4th N Orr. 5th R Smith

J Newbiggin wins Larkhall & Dist

Coalburn. 1st,4th T & G Steele. 2nd A Suckle. 3rd D Morrison & Son. 5th R Logan.

T & G Steele win Coalburn.Well done Tommy, Gary & Hazel

Coatbridge SC. 1st A Wood. 2nd Sharp Cummings Durning. 3rd P Beatie. 4th J Forsyth. 5th J Donnely


Lanark & Dist. 1st,2nd,5rd D K Burnside. 3rd ,4th, T Greenfield

Dave Burnside wins another in Lanark & Dist

Dalziel. 1st J King. 2nd C Murphy. 3rd J Boyle. 4th S Selfridge. 5th O & J McFadden

John King wins Dalziel and is having a terrific season and second on average board.


Burnbank. 1st R Copeland. 2nd J Green & Son. 3rd,4th A Nelson. 5th Baird & McMillan


Cambuslang. 1st ,3rd,4th W Gordon. 2nd ,5th T Houston.

Billy Gordon wins Cambuslang and back to back section wins Top flying Billy

Chryston. 1st J & J Hood. 2nd G Shaw. 3rd J Harwood. 4th,5th C Gray

John Hood 1st club Chryston, enjoying a wedding reception with wife and daughter

East Kilbride. 1st R Jukes snr. 2nd ,3rd G Orr. 4th D Gillespie. 5th J Meikle

Richard Jukes wins East Kilbride

Low Waters. 1st G Lightbody

George Lightbody (L) wins another in Low Waters,having a excellent season!

Greenfield. 1st,2nd G Baird. 3rd ,4th,5th D Allison

George Baird wins Greenfield, top of the compound and there and thereabouts every week!!

Lanarkshire Social Circle. 1st J Cullen. 2nd ,3rd GWP Macaloney. 4th W Gordon. 5th J Whiteford & Family

GWP Macaloney win the first three in Airdrie Dist & 2nd ,3rd Open federation

Average Leader Board

1st GWP Macaloney-Airdrie Dist vel 1360
2nd J King -Dalziel 1326
3rd J Cullen -Uddinston 1324
4th T Corrie Son G/son -Airdrie 1324
5th G Lightbody-Low Waters 1322
6th I Rankin-Airdrie
7th W Smart -Newmains
8th Tallis & McDonagh-Blantyre
9th J Wood -Uddinston
10th G Baird-Greenfield


Fauldhouse club sent 16 baskets with Lanarkshire 17/437 birds. 1st ,2nd Lumsden Colliga & Hope 1285,1277. 3rd T Gavin1271. 4th J Hadfield 1271. 5th L & N Redmond 1261

Derek Colligan (L) & Johnny Lumsden of Lumsden Colligan & Hope win 1st ,2nd in Fauldhouse club

Well that is another week past

Tom Corrie jnr
Lanarkshire Press Officer