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Lanerkshire Fed Hexham 18-05-19




Tom Corrie jnr

This week takes us to Catterick in North Yorkshire, England which is around 139 miles back to Lanarkshire in Central Scotland.Catterick is a village which is associated with Catterick Garrison and a very nice race course.A really nice part of the country!

Unfortunately due to forecast of heavy showers on Saturday we took the decision to race mark on the Saturday for a Sunday race.Sunday was a cracking day with bright sunshine;.The convoy of 6,250 birds and 16 baskets from Fauldhouse club were liberated at 07 30 hrs in a light west wind which was changeable on route. 

The winner was timed at 10 16hrs for the 139 miles,velocity of 1477 ypm closely followed by 1476 ypm by its loft mate.1st & 2nd Open Federation is  Kevin Docherty of  Uddingston& Dist club .

Kevin Docherty 1st,2nd Open Federation Catterick 6,250 birds

This weeks federation winning loft of Kevin Docherty

Another view of Kevin Dochertys loft

This weeks federation winner on loft 


Kevin's winners are two widowhood cocks, who had four short training flights from Glasgow before the racing season.They have competed in all four races in the federation programme this season.The winner beating a terrific convoy of 6,250 birds.Is a check cock  from Kevin's own Faulkineer lines that were obtained from a Welsh friend. This pigeon was raced two races as youngster and as a yearling came home a week late due to hawk attack .The 2nd Open Federation winner is also a check cock bred by his brother Mick Docherty ,Port Talbot ,South Wales.He has been a very consistent racer already being 2nd club and 7th section Federation.Thanks to Kevin for the information and again well done on a terrific result with the "Welsh connection".  
This weather was great, but with the  moon and sun in the sky historically causing issues with pigeons homing ability. A number of birds didn't home! 

Section winners
Centre - 89 sent 24111st ,2nd K Docherty of Uddingston & Dist  vel 1477,14763rd,5th  J Cullen of Uddingston & Dist1475,1474 4th J Wilkinson of Airdrie & Dist 1474

West -74 sent 2320
1st W Gordon of Cambuslang vel 1462 2nd Tallis & McDonagh of Blantyre 1459 3rd ,4th,5th J Green & Son of Burnbank 1456,1455,1455

East - 51 sent 1439
1st W Smart of Newmains  vel 1462 2nd ,3rd J J Gillon of New Stevenson 1461,1461 4th T McGinn of Newmains 1459 5th Eadie & Kelly of Newmains 1454

Around the clubs

Chryston. 1st,4th Mrs Cath Grant 2nd J Harwood 3rd J & J Hood 5th G Shaw

Cath Grant wins Chryston

Lanark & Dist. 1st,2nd,3rd D K Burnside 4th T Greenfield 5th Mr & Mrs Megahy

Dave Burnside wins Lanark & Dist

Greenfield. 1st,2nd M Krivokapic 3rd T Shaw 4th,5th G Baird

Uddingston & Dist. 1st ,2nd K Docherty 3rd,4th J Cullen 5th  J Cameron

Clarkston & Dist. 1st , 2nd T Corrie Son G/son 3rd H Currie 4th,5th J Murphy

T Corrie Son G/son win Clarkston & Dist

Airdrie & Dist. 1st J Wilkinson 2nd,5th  I Rankin 3rd,4th GWP Macaloney

Jim Wilkinson wins Airdrie & Dist

Coatbridge SC. 1st Pollock & Cairney 2nd,4th  A Wood 3rd ,5th Sharp Cummings Durning. This weeks winner is a yearling cock bred by Sharp Cummings Durning Sire g/son of GWP Janfield 42 .Dam daughter of Jack n Jill Leach Bros

Burnbank. 1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th J Green & SonTop flying lads

Coalburn. 1st D Mathieson & Son 2nd D Frame 3rd T & G Steele 4th J Jackson 5th D Morrison & Son

D Mathieson & son win Coalburn

Blantyre. 1st,3rd,4th,5th  Tallis & McDonagh 2nd W Semple

Tommy McDonagh wins Blantyre

Larkhall & Dist. 1st,5th  N Orr 2nd J Newbiggin 3rd R Smith 4th W Ramage

New Stevenson. 1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th J J K Gillon

Josey(L) & Kelly Gillon(R) win well in New Stevenson


East Kilbride. 1st ,2nd G Orr 3rd D Gillespie 4th,5th R Jukes snr

Gordon Orr wins East Kilbride

Carluke. 1st,2nd,4th C & E McMillan 3rd A Wilkie 5th Graham Bros 

Callum McMillan wins Carluke

Greenfield. 1st,3rd M Krivokapic 2nd J Shaw 4th,5th G Baird

Mio Krivokapic wins Greenfield

Dalziel. 1st ,3rd ,5th J King 2nd J Cassidy 4th C Murphy

John King (R) wins Dalziel

Newmains. 1st W Smart 2nd, 4th T McGinn 3rd Eadie & Kelly 5th J Whiteford & Family

Wullie Smart wins  East section and Newmains & Cambusnethan Morningside club

Camusnethan/Morningside. 1st W Smart 2nd,3rd J J K Gillon 4th T McGinn 5th Eadie & Kelly

Wullie Smaart outside his lofts

Cambuslang. 1st,2nd,3rd W Gordon 4th E Robin jnr 5th T Houston

Billy Gordon(L) wins the west section and Cambuslang club

Low Waters. 1st G Lightbody

G Lightbody wins Low Waters

Lanarkshire Social Circle. 1st,2nd J Cullen 3rd J Wilkinson 4th I Rankin 5th T Corrie Son G/son

I will also include Fauldhouse club results as they have convoyed with the Lanarkshire the last two seasons . Club secretary Neil Redmond sent me their results to date ,thanks Neil.

Kelso 1 - 12 sent 258 birds1st ,2nd ,3rd John McLaughlan 1288,1283,1276 4th ,5th J Burt 1266,1266

John McLaughlan

Kelso 2
- 16 sent 316 birds 1st ,2nd,4th John McLaughlan  1224,13763rd J Burt 1373 5th R Fell 1359

Hexham  17 sent 487 birds. 1st T Gavin 1069  2nd  J Hadfield 3rd Lumsden , Colligan & Hope 1042 4th R Fell 5th J Burt 1022

Catterick  16 sent 465 birds. 1st T Gavin 1456 2nd J Hadfield 1434 3rd J Burt 1406 4th J McLaughlan 1396 5th L & N Redmond 1377

Average Leader Board
1st GWP Macaloney 1354 2nd Tallis & McDonagh 1322 3rd J King 4th I Rankin 5th T Corrie Son G/son 6th M Krivokapic 7th G Lightbody 8th J Wood 9th J Green & Son10th D Love

Tom Corrie jnr
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