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Dalzell Flying Club Annual Open Clubshowresults 24-12-18


Dalzell Flying Club Annual Open & Club

Show Results


Dalzell club in Motherwell, Lanarkshire Federation is a well-respected pigeon club that open their doors for fanciers to enjoy healthy competition during the non-racing season. It always a good atmosphere and excellent welcoming!


Wullie McDonald (C) BIS Open shows with Judges Wullie Watson (L) & John Frood (R) both from Lanark          -          BIS check hen for Wullie McDonald



Open Shows


11/11/12 -YCTW


1st W Ramage

2nd J McLean

3rd Lindsay & Henderson

4th J McLean

5th J Cassidy

6th J Kerr

7th O J McFadden

8th W McDonald

9th J McLean




1st J Cassidy

2nd W Ramage

3rd W Ramage

4th W McDonald

5th A Richardson

6th R Clemenson &Son

7th W McDonald

8th W Ramage

9th W Ramage


18/11/18 - OCTW


1st Law & Brady

2nd JJK Gillon

3rd W Ramage

4th A Selfridge & Son

5th W Gilchrist

6th W Gilchrist

7th A Selfridge 7 Son

8th JJK Gillon

9th C Murphy




1st W McDonald

2nd Law & Brady

3rd Lindsay & Henderson

4th W McDonald

5th W McDonald

6th A Selfridge & Son

7th W Ramage

8th Law & Brady

9th Law & Brady





1st R Clemenson & Son

2nd Law & Brady

3rd W McDonald

4th A Selfridge & Son

5th J Cassidy

6th W Gilchrist

7th J Cassidy

8th R Clemenson & Son

9th Law & Brady




1st Lindsay & Henderson

2nd Lindsay & Henderson

3rd Law & Brady

4th J Cassidy

5th W McDonald

6th W McDonald

7th Lindsay & Henderson

8th W McDonald

9th Law & Brady


2/12/18 - YCH


1st A Selfridge & Son

2nd A Selfridge & Son

3rd W Gilchrist

4th O J McFadden

5th R Clemenson & Son

6th J Cassidy

7th W McDonald

8th J & H Brown & Higgins

9th W McDonald




1st A Selfridge & Son

2nd J Cassidy

3rd J Cassidy

4th J Cassidy

5th D McGregor(Well done young Dean)

6th R Clemenson & Son

7th A Selfridge &Son

8th J & H Brown & Higgins

9th J Cassidy


9/12/18 - Eyesign


1st W Gilchrist

2nd W Ramage

3rd A Richardson

4th W Gilchrist

5th W Gilchrist

6th C Murphy

7th J & H Brown & Higgins

8th A Richardson

9th JL Kerr


£10 special winner Wullie Gilchrist sponsored by Jim Hughes of Glenmavis




All Winners


1st ,2nd ,3rd Wullie McDonald

4th Lindsay & Henderson

5th J Cassidy

6th ,7th ,8th W McDonald

8th ,9th Allan Selfridge & Son


 BOS Blue Cock for Jim (Butch) Cassidy          -          Allan Selfridge(L) receiving the Tramontana Trophy for winning BIS at club show from club secretary Jim Latimer

BIS and overall winner was Wullie McDonald ,he wins the Bottle of Glentivet donated by Ian Lindsay of Wishaw & Bag of feed donated by Jim Hughes of Glenmavis.

BOS winner is Jim(Butch) Cassidy and he wins a bag of feed sponsored by Jim Hughes



Dalzell Club Shows




OCTW- 1st W McDonald ,2nd J Cassidy ,3rd J Cassidy


OHTW- 1st A Selfridge & Son ,2nd A  Selfridge & Son,3rd J Latimer


OCH - 1st J Cassidy 2nd W McDonald,3rd A Selfridge & Son


OHH -1st W McDonald,2nd R Clemenson & Son


YCTW -1st A Selfridge & Son 2nd J & H Brown & Higgins ,3rd R Clemenson & Son


YHTW -1st A Selfridge & Son,2nd O J McFadden  3rd R Clemenson & Son


YCH  -1st W McDonald 2nd O J McFadden 3rd J Latimer


YHH -1st J & H Brown & Higgins ,2nd J Cassidy  3rd W McDonald


Best in Show  Allan Selfridge & Son with a lovely blue check hen ,winning the Tramontana trophy& £10

BOS was Wullie McDonald with a red check cock& £10

Thanks to Sam Brown for sponsoring YB classes with £20


Thanks to judges Dave & John Jamieson & Jim Wilkinson & Charlie Job


Notice that club Presentation/Panel Night will be on Friday 1st February at Motherwell Miners Social Club

Panel consists of Cowan & Findlay of Ardrosan, Morris Brothers of Johnstone & Hugh Wallace of Newmilns Ayrshire

Tickets £13 all welcome. Tickets can be ordered from Club Secretary Jim Latimer(This is a very popular event, so order early to prevent disappointment)


Thanks to  Douglas Telfer for sending on his clubs information and results


Tom Corrie jnr

Lanarkshire Press Officer

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