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This weeks young bird race takes us to Alnwick a market town in north Northumberland, England, of which it is the traditional county town. The town is on the south bank of the River Aln, 32 miles south of Berwick-upon-Tweed and the Scottish border, 5 miles inland from the North Sea at Alnmouth and 34 miles north of Newcastle upon Tyne.The convoy of just under 5,000 and 18 fauldhouse club baskets were away at 10 15 in a light north west wind for the 97 miles flight back into central Scotland.Again it turned out to be a good race with most happy with their returns.This weeks winner is the best racing loft ever to fly in Lanarkshire,that is GWP Macaloney of Airdrie who recorded a breathtaking thirteen of the top fifteen in the Open.1st,2nd,3rd,4th 5th,8th,9th,10th, 11th, 12th, 13th,14th,15th Open.Their remarkable history in racing pigeons continues to improve and leaves the competition shaking their heads about their performances.There is no doubt that this is a world class partnership!No one can match their level of consistency and breathtaking performances.They are the federations all time Champions and continue to dominate the leader boards.This weeks federation winner is 100% Stefan Lambrechts blue cock .This cock was last weeks centre section winner.These  birds have burst onto the scene within the already brilliant team of Macaloney.They have been scoring at the very top level.,Paul Macaloney has commented they are very happy with their results, but its early days to compare them to their other strains. 
Well done to the Macaloneys. 

GWP Macalony Partnership

Around the clubs
Airdrie1st GWP Macaloney 2nd GWP Macaloney 3rd GWP Macaloney 4th GWP Macaloney 5th GWP Macaloney

GWP Macalony Partnership's Alnwick winner


Lanarkshire Social Circle1st GWP Macaloney 2nd GWP Macaloney 3rd GWP Macaloney 4th GWP Macaloney 5th GWP Macaloney


Newmains1st S Harkin 2nd T Richardson 3rd T Richardson 4th T Richardson 5th T Richardson


Cambusnethan/Morningside 1st T Richardson 2nd T Richardson 3rd T Richardson 4th Wilson & Cairns 5th T Richardson


Larkhall1st W Ramage 2nd R Smith 3rd W Ramage 4th R Smith 5th W Ramage

Billy Ramage

Burnbank 1st J Green & Son 2nd J Green & Son 3rd J Green & Son 4th J Wilson 5th J Wilson

Gary Green

Blantyre 1st W Semple 2nd W Semple 3rd Tallis & McDonagh 4th Tallis & McDonagh 5th Tallis & McDonagh

Wullie Semple

Coatbridge SC 1st Sharp Cummings Durning 2nd R Valentini 3rd Sharp Cummings Durning 4th R Valentini Sire & Dam are bred from Jack & Jill of Leach Bros stock

Sharp Cummings Durning

East Kilbride 1st G Orr 2nd G Orr 3rd G Orr 4th R Jukes snr

Gordon Orr

Greenfield 1st G Baird 2nd G Baird 3rd K Buchanan 4th M Krivokapic 5th J Hannah

George Baird

Dalzel 1st J Boyle 2nd J King 3rd A Selfridge & Son 4th J King 5th J King

Joe Boyle, Dazel club secretary

New Stevenson1st R Clark 2nd JJK Gillon 3rd R Clark 4th JJK Gillon 5th JJK Gillon

Robert Clark

Cambuslang 1st J Glachin 2nd J Glachin 3rd W Gordon 4th W Gordon 5th W Gordon


Lanark & Dist 1st T Greenfield 2nd Mr & Mrs Megahy 3rd C Glover 4th C Glover 5th D Banner


Carluke 1st A Wilkie 2nd A Wilkie 3rd C & E McMillan 4th A Wilkie 5th C & E McMillan

Alec Wilkie

Chryston 1st A McConnachie 2nd J J Hood 3rd J J Hood 4th A McConnachie

Butch McConnachie

Clarkston 1st J Short 2nd J Short 3rd J Short 4th J Short 5th J Short

J Short

Uddingston 1st D Wood 2nd J Cameron 3rd J Cameron 4th J Cameron 5th J Cameron

David Wood

Lanarkshire Federation  Centre section 1st GWP Macaloney 1206, 2nd GWP Macaloney 1206, 3rd GWP Macaloney 1206, 4th GWP Macaloney 1206, 5th GWP Macaloney 1206

GWP Macaloney Lofts

West section 1st J Glachin 1133, 2nd J Green & Son 1131, 3rd J Green & Son 1130, 4th W Ramage 1129, 5th J Glachin 1117


East Section  1st S Harkin 1132, 2nd T Richardson 1131, 3rd T Richardson 1130, 4th T Richardson 1130, 5th Wilson & Cairns 1128


Young Bird Average Leader Board 1st GWP Macaloney 2nd J Short 3rd T Richardson 4th J Glachin 5th I Rankin


Tom Corrie jnrLanarkshire Press Officer