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North West Federation-scottish Central Federation& Scottish Central Combine Joint Presentation



North West Federation-Scottish Central Federation & Scottish Central Combine

Joint Presentation

Alistair McNaughton


North West Federation,  Scottish Central Federation  & Scottish Central Combine  held its joint presentation dance in brittish legion Grangemouth on Friday 2nd November.


North West trophy winners were presented by Central Fed secretary Jo Forrest.


DH Ogilvie  Bannockburn were the main prizewinners winning 18 trophies

old bird inland average—a law memorial,old bird average,combined average—tc ogilvie memorial,young bird average trophy, billericay / ripon ave s jack memorial,

billericay/ypres/ripon yb---skol trophy, 2 fed opens & ypres—b hunter trophy,

coldstream ob—stewart trophy,ripon ob heart foundation trophy,wakefield ob ---a j glass trophy,ripon 2 ob greenaway cup,  first fed snfc inland national—strang memorial,alnwick yb---queens carron trophy,ripon young bird open trophy,best average 5th & 14th races—j ried no 1 trophy,fed open average sinclair trophy,

federation points winner—h mitchell trophy, billericay  opposite section—inde coup trophy

Rab Hamilton  Stirling  won newark open herald rose bowl for the second year in a row with the same pigeon, --wakefield combine first fed---mcgoff cup,


P Mcgowan & son  Stirling  won alnwick ob—kelvin homes trophy,coldstream yb—mccardle trophy,towlaw yb j reid trophy


Angus Orr/son   Laurieston collected  leicester ob aitken trophy,first fed scc ypres—dawson memorial,


Martin Conlin Laurieston  won catterick ob stathearn cup, alnwick opposite section—combe mem trophy, and bird of the year  falkirk council trophy,


Willie Alves Laurieston newark opposite  section p dick memorial,


Willie Orr Laurieston won first fed snfc yb national  --kinnel  cup,


Scott Morrison  Laurieston ---yb open opposite section wick rose bowl,


Joe Airnes Clackmannan—catterick  opposite section—glensburgh trophy,

Chic Devine Clackmannan newark first yearling—mckenzie cup


Davie Mcarthur  Airth billericay  open  ---open trophy

Rab Stewart  Airth  --catterick yb---country feeds trophy,


Dr Lynch  Stenhousemuir  --leige/ypres average---steed memorial trophy,

Jimmy Urquhart  stenhousemuir—first fed snfc leige—rennes shield,


Mark & Robert Paterson Bannockburn  --first fed scc yearling derby—m fenna cup,

leicester ob opposite section—alice jack memorial trophy

Tom & Mary Paterson bannockburn—first fed snfc reims—thomson cup,


Bannockburn club were league champions—mclaughlin cup


A Mcburnie Ogilvie lofts     -     Angus Orr and son     -     David Jamieson     -     David Mcarthur     -     Dr Phil Lynch


Gordon Mackencie     -        Henry Borthwick     -     Jimmy Urquhart     -     Joe Airnes     -     John Mcneill


Mark Doran     -     Mark Paterson     -     Martin Conlin     -     Martyn Brown     -     Peter Keogh


Rab Hamilton     -     Rab Stewart     -     Scott Morrison     -     Tom Ogilvie


Willie Alves     -     Willie Orr

Scottish Central Federation trophys were presented by Tam Weir Winchburgh


Gordon Mckenzie  Broxburn  collected 9 trophys    wakefield ob-stanley cup, ripon 3 ob, towlaw yb ,ripon yb,  ripon 2 yb , wakefield yb ,t muirhead cup  -yb open,fed trophy yb  combine

John Mcneill broxburn t manger trophy buckingham yb national- john took 9 of the 12 national section  diplomas available


David Jamieson Newbridge p barrett trophy—maidstone,owen Sweeney trophy ypres  fed combine,mr& mrs Wilson cup- liege (1st section d) nantes cup—reims,j ferguson memorial  --best ave  open races, averanches trophy---first fed ypres national, tommy muirhead trophy- 3 longest races nom, dickie graham trophy most points channel races, david also won snfc overall averages  fantastic season


Martin Sneddon boness otterburn ob and the halburton trophy—highest winning velocity

Martyn  Brown boness—towlaw ob ,victory trophy buckingham fed and g duff trophy—2nd buckingham national he was 1st & 2ndfed  1st & 4th region  ,Cormack trophy Buckingham ob national.

Shanks & Grant boness victory cup newark ob 

Mark Doran winchburgh ripon 2 ob, Leicester ob, burt trophy—lowest winning velocity,Bathgate trophy yearling derby, mckinnon trophy- snfc royes-(1st region)

Fancier of the year most points trophy

Henry Borthwick Winchburgh—ripon ob  and otterburn yb


Winchburgh club ---most points trophy


Scottish Central Combine  trophys were presented by Willie Mcaloney


Yearling derby winner  Mark Doran  --  yearling derby trophy

Runner up   John Mcneill---broxburn— harbourne trophy & 2bird average  trophy


Ypres  winner Angus Orr/son Laurieston—scottish television trophy

Runner up   D H Ogilvie ---  Bannockburn—j dunoon memorial  trophy

2 bird average---D H Ogilvie  Bannockburn—challenge   trophy

3bird average Peter Keogh   --Winchburgh—sixty five  trophy


Wakefield yb-  winner Gordon Mckenzie  Broxburn---harlequin trophy

2 bird average - David Jamieson   Newbridge  --t young trophy


Overall average winner -  David Jamieson   Newbridge







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