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Laindon R P C Presentation 22-03-19


by Demolition Man

I was asked by Laindon R.P.C secretary Steve Smith if I could put a little article together for the clubs prize presentation on the 16/03/19. These types of events seemed to have fazed out over the years in the pigeon game which is such a shame. However Steve likes to keep up with the old tradition and was well supported by over 80 fanciers & friends from all over London & Essex. Steve does such a great job for his club and is a great fund raiser, even at the prize presentation he asked me to auction of some top pigeons that were donated from around the UK and Ireland all in aid of club funds. So a big thankyou goes out to all those top flyers that donated birds, namely Davey Hales & Loft manager Duncan from Essex, Sheldon Leonard Ireland, STS lofts Norfolk and not forgetting guest of honour Mark Bulled of Harlow Essex so well done and thankyou all.

And a special thankyou must go out to the caterers Steve’s mum Doreen and sister in law Donna who were called upon last minute due to the original caterers cancelling. Well done girls great spread.

Now I know Steve is reading this thinking “Wow” Bernie is actually giving me praise. Well keep reading Mr Smith “I gave you one job and that was to take photo’s of the guests on the night whilst I took care of the prize giving photo’s” Well I might of well of given the job to your granddaughter I’m sure Sydney would of done a better job.(Love you really Steve). So please let me apologise on Steve’s behalf because none of his photos were useable.

Now onto the prize presentation which was a bit of a sad time with Jimmy Gibbs part of the Top prize winning partnership of Gibbs Chaplin & Whiteside who had passed away earlier in the year, R.I.P. “Gibbo” We know you was looking down on us all enjoying the festivities.

Presenting the prizes and guest of honour for the night was Mark Bulled one of the best long distance flyer in the country winning several Combines on the North Road and the ultimate goal 1st Open National Flying Club Tarbes on the south.

Premier prize winners was the Late Jimmy Gibbs, Chaplin & Whiteside this partnership had a great season racing they win 10 x 1st 5 x 2nd 9 x 3rd and £415 in prize money plus The Old Bird Inlands Averages. The LeMans Cup, 3 longest O/B average, lowest winning velocity cup and best loft of the year award, Great stuff “Gibbo” I know you would have been standing there proud well done all.

Runner up Premier prize winner. Steve (The Fund Raiser) Smith. Steve had a great season in the Laindon winning 6 x 1st 4 x 2nd 5 x 3rd and £250 in prize money. Plus Best Average 1st three y/bird races, Hardest Y/Bird race trophy, Young bird Averages and best performing Youngbird 2018. Well done mate well deserved.

Next we had Micky (The Ace) Harvey looking quite dapper I might add. Micky wins 5 x 1st 6 x 2nd 2 x 3rd and £235 in prize money plus the Le Mans O/Bird cup. Well done son.

Next we had gentleman of the sport Roger Tate, Roger wins 3 x 1st 3 x 2nd 4 x 3rd and £160 in prize money plus the Y/B Guernsey trophy & 3 Longest Y/B average cup. Nice one Roger.


Next: Frankie (The Farmer) White, Frank wins 2 x 1st 4 x 2nd 2 x 3rd and £130 plus the Y/B Falaise Cup. Well done Frankie now show that Spurs supporting wife of yours and my mate Ann what its like to win a trophy.

Next: David Coward-Talbot. David wins 1 x 1st 3 x 2nd 4 x 4th and £110 prize money plus the Alencon cup. Well done David

Next: Sellwyn Abraham Sellwyn wins 1 x 1st 2 x 2nd 1 x 3rd and £65 prize money plus the Falaise cup. Nice one Sellwyn.

Next: Pat Newell wins 1 x 1st 1 x 2nd 1 x 3rd and £50 prize money plus the 400 mile Trophy. Well done Pat.

Other Laindon members Tommy (Two Clocks) Hendley. Gary Watts, John Wells, Steve Maughan, Jason ( The meat man) Reeves, Steve Wright, Avni Januzi all great workers within in the club. Well done lads.



After the prize presentation we were entertained by London Pallidum Celebrities Triple Cream & of course Pigeon Fanciers own Celebrities The Tilbury Duo of Brian Robinson & Robbie Wilton and what a great show they all put on. So I would like to sign off saying what a great night Laindon keep it up. You should all be so proud of yourself, and I’m sure everyone will be looking forward to next year.


And thankyou Laindon for allowing me put pen to paper I hope I did you all justice.