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Inthe Mayfield





The first in the series of IHU Nationals took place from Bude, transported by the n.i.p.a. and as one would expect excellently cared for,but more importantly the commitee of the kilkenny national under its chairman J Connolly, secretary Patsy Dowling and Fred Malone deserve our total respect and gratitude for their unselfish dedication and workrate top class administrators. Well im sure everyone would agree with the following and judging by the reaction and messages of congratulations by true sportsmen, the two of Corks best administrators took top honours and deservedly so, by way of example to illustrate absolute dedication when our great friends Drew Caskey and Jackie Rankin met tom up in lisburn at the kings cup marking on enquiring from tom what he had entered tom responded 'nothing' but wouldnt see anyone in Cork stuck for National marking, not only does he repeatedly drive the length of Ireland twice in the one day, but immediately falls in and assists with marking. Both Tom and Alan busteed resigned their positions Alan as secretary and tom off the commitee of a local organisation last year, and Dont we know it. Im sure tom wouldnt mind me saying it as he's only shortly out of hospital having his heart stopped and started, that was a  scheduled procedure, well it happened again when after a 7am liberation in Bude his very well fancied and pooled cheq cock 'Ring King' hit the board to be clocked at 10.54 to win 1st cork south road, 1st section d, and 2nd open ihu national. tom shares a special friendship with vince and dave padfield and has purchased off their very best classic bloodlines the other half is again classic and direct ken hines bloodlines this super yearling is medium sized perfectly balanced an ideal racer, tom had been watching this one and slipped a newly hatched yb, tom also wins the irish social circle.


Alan Busteed pictured with his blue hen 3rd ihu national Bude - Tom Murphy pictured with his boss Geraldine and his blue cheq cock 2nd ihu national Bude

Again not only does he excell at national racing but his pigeons are winning at international level as well. Success well deserved tom and im sure plenty more to come of this i have no doubt. Next up the brilliant Alan Busteed, a super administator in fact i haven't ever seen a better secretary. Alan's timer is an excellent 4 year old blue hen aptly named 'SHANNON' after alan's lovely daughter this excellent hen had been across the channel for her 3rd time  and only having 1 race before the Bude National, Alan remarked the harder the race the more this hen likes it. Alan wins 2nd cork south road which he topped earlier in the season, 2nd section d, 2nd irish social circle and 3rd open Irish homing union national, again very well fancied lifting a sizeable sum, breeding been van wanroy x thompson bros x his own channel family. Alan been the gentleman that he is, a common thread across the entire Busteed family wishes to thank and acknowledge his father Tony busteed his biggest influence and also his grand uncle george busteed. Alan also acknowledged his late grandfather james, uncles the late paddy and seanie busteed as outstanding pigeon fanciers ,sean went onto to race very well also when in later years settling in stevenage. Well alan what's bred in the bones comes out in the flesh pigeon and man. Alan expressed the opinion when i asked him about management that 'routine and quality' are most essential ingredients for success, Alans renowned for his patience and intelligence and in the opinion of many a first national win isn't too far away, well done alan. Another out of the ever consistent busteed stable. my pleasure to report on the national success of two outstanding fanciers.





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