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Y M R C Billericayreport 16-05-19




with Sue


This week the race from Billericay on the 4th of May was liberated in a very strong Northerly wind with the birdage down due to the forecast. Topping the Combine and the Central Section is once again Foster & Bennett of Hull on 1255. Topping the West Section is George Atkinson on 1220. Topping the South Section is Bell & Evans of Bridlington on 1206. Topping the North Section is Derek Howard, Paddy Johnson & Roger Grundy of Scarborough on 1149. Well done to everyone


Central Section:


Kingston Flying Club. 4 members sent 66 birds with the red card going to Foster & Bennett on 1255 with their self bred Gary Cox Sablon which has topped the combine before. Second place went to Harry Wallace on 1188 with a self bred Mr & Mrs Garrun breed. Third place went to Foster & Bennett on 1166 with a Sayers Bros Smit Van Winkel. Fourth place went to Mr & Mrs Lenny King on 1166 with a Cooreman x Ceuster.



Cottingham Homing Society.7 members sent 104 birds with the red card going to George Atkinson on 1220 with a Vandenabeele. Second and Third places went to John & Margaret Rawson on 1208 & 1205 with a pair of Marina Van de Velds. Fourth place went to George Atkinson on 1192 with another of his Vandenabeeles. 

The Club would also like to welcome the new members to our club which is G. Atkinson, Keith Haldenby T. Walker & D Rasul. 



Hull Chalk Lane Club. 8 members sent 79 birds with the red card going to Duffin & Beasley on 1205 with a Phil Sullivan cock. Second place went to G. Rudd on 1204 with a Janssen cock. Third place went to Duffin & Beasley on 1184 with a Phil Sullivan. Fourth place went to B. Rowson on 1168 with a Soontjen cock.



Hull Millennium Club. members sent birds with the red card going to Alan Stone & Son on 1220 with a yearling roundabout cock from Guinness Factory. Second place went to K & H Green on 1203 with his Ark hen that won Sleaford. Third place went to K & S Marritt on 1200 with a Shaun Oloughlin Hardy Kruger cock. Fourth place went to Mr & Mrs Hall on 1198 with a 2yr old roundabout cock having its first card.



Driffield Homing Society. 6 members sent 112 birds with the red card going to Ian Waggott & Grandson on 1192 with a Louella Jan Arden x Venderhee taking its first card. Second place went to Ian Waggott & Grandson on 1140 with a self bred Vandenabeele taking its first card. Third place went to Ian Waggott & Grandson on 1140 with a Pete Dixon cock also taking its first card. Fourth place went to Geoff & Gary Ringrose on 1129 with a Mark Slater self bred Vandenabeele which had a 2nd Huntingdon last year. Sponsors wins 1st 2nd I Waggott & Grs. 3rd G & G Ringrose 4th C. Sedman.



North Hull Club. 5 members sent 29 birds with the red card going to S. Siddle on 1153 with a Martin Dawson Hereman Ceuster gift bird. Second and Third place went to P & A Burke on 1115 & 1106 with a pair of multi prize winning Van Reets. Fourth place went to S. Siddle on 1045 with an N.E.H.U



Nafferton Flying Club. 5 members sent 45 birds with the red card & Fourth places going to John Raines on 1197 and 1112. Second and Third places went to Ellie Davidson on 1143 and 1137. 



Wawne Ferry Club. 10 members sent 116 birds with the red card going to Jim Lowther & Son on 1144 with a self bred. Second place went to A & K Hajduk on 1138 with a Staf Van Reet. Third place went to M. Szifer on 1123 with a Hainz Meir of Germany. Fourth place went to M. Szifer on 1109 with a gift bird off his friend Rafal Kowalski. 


Coastal South Section:


Flamborough Homing Society. 10 members sent 285 birds having a good weekend and taking the red card, Second and Third places going to Bell & Evans on 1206 1177 and 1177. Fourth place went to Hoggard, Linley & Ellis on 1171.  



Bridlington D.F.C. 6 members sent 53 birds with the red card and Second place going to Harry Smith on 1151 & 1129 with a pair from his old family of birds. Third place went to Kerry Mellonby Stuart Knowles & Colin Simpkin on 1123 with a Vandenabeele. Fourth place went to Mr & Mrs O Wilkinson on 1095 with a Janssen.



Holderness Flying Club. 3 members sent 80 birds with the red card going to Ken Lister on 1161 with a Sablon x Kruger cock bred off his Premier Stud stock which was 6th from Huntingdon. Second & Third places went to John Wadsworth on 1148 & 1147 with a pair of self bred widowhood hens that came together. Fourth place went to Chris Syrett on 1133 with a self bred Peter Hall Janssen cock.



Hornsea & D. H. Society. 7 members sent 159 birds with the red card going to A & J Bettney on 1157 Second place went to D & C Bennison on 1150 Third Place went to C. Cadwallender on 1132. Fourth place went to R & S Ashcroft on 1129. 



Withernsea Homing Society. 5 members sent 108 birds with the first four places going to Dave Beadle on 1172, 1107, 1103 & 1086 all with his family of pigeons.   


Coastal North Section:


Scarborough Social Club. 6 members sent 56 birds with the red card and Third places going to Derek Howard Paddy Johnson & Roger Grundy on 1149 & 1135 with a pair of their ever-scoring Keith Arkless pigeons. Second place went to Keith Todd on 1135 with a Hereman Ceuster. Fourth place went to Pete & Pat Chapman on 1084 with one of his 2yr olds.    



Whitby Premier Club.  members sent birds with the red card going to James McCourt & Son & son Dale on 1120 with a self bred yearling roundabout Geerinckx.

Second place went to S Mallinson & Son Rob on 1111 with a yearling Patrick de Meutter x Louis Thijs cock that has had 3rd & 4th Huntingdon. Third place went to J Noble & Son Mark and Kieran on 1108 with a 2 yr old Leo Heremans roundabout hen that has had a 4th 6th 7th previous cards Fourth place went to James McCourt & Son Dale on 1105 with a Gary Cox of Hull yearling roundabout hen that has had 4th Sleaford & 7th Huntingdon this year



West Section 


Norton I. Flying Club. 10 members sent 146 birds with the red card and Second and Third places going to club secretary Mick Burdett on 1187 1187 & 1184 all with a Leemputtens. Fourth place went to M. Hodgson on 1183 with a Rob Mallinson cock.


Good returns were reported.

Sue Skelton

Y.M.R.Combine Scribe.


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