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L S C Fougeres Report 2019


By Arthur Cowley


The LSC had our second race from Fourgeres, liberated at 0600 hours in a south east wind, on the 22nd June 2019. Marking went well on the Thursday before,

with 36 of the 40 eligible members competing.

Leading the way home was David Newson flying 376 miles to Banks up there on the coast near to Southport. David also has his second bird to take sixth position. The first bird is a three year old widowhood cock flying the Channel for the first time. This cock was doing a velocity of 1502.570 yds per minute, doing the journey at a average speed of 51.22 miles per hour.  This cock has won 2 x 2nd and 1 x 3rd. With the LSC in mind David pair the winner up on the 18th of January 2019 and he was allowed to rear a single youngster before being put on widowhood. The breeding of this cock is Busscheart cross Wildermeersch originating from Derek Pedley of Fleetwood, who is a regular guest at the LSC dinners. David has had an outstanding season taking many club and Amal positions including first and second Amal 1298 birds. David’s second bird taking 6th position is also a three year old cock doing a velocity of 1461 averaging 49.81 miles an hour.


David Newsosn's Fougeres winner          -           Three generations "The Newsons"           -          David's other timer

In second place is one of the best National flyers in the Country , J R Sutton from Congleton who needs no introduction from me. Roger’s prize winner is 4 year old hen called ‘ Astbury Fleur’ as a yearling she won 2nd National in the old hens National. Last year ‘Astbury Fleur’ was prepared for the MNFC Bordeaux, using the LSC races as part of her race preparation, she went on to win 1st NW section, 4th open on the day flying 575 miles . Some pigeon !. In the LSC Fougeres race she achieved a velocity of 1489, with a average speed over the 336 miles of 50.77 yards per minute.

In third place is good friend Dennis Little flying to Chorley in Lancashire. Dennis nick name ‘Big Den’ clocked a two year old  blue hen raced on the roundabout system doing a velocity of 1488 just being beaten by Roger Sutton.  This hen achieved an average speed of 50.76 miles per hour for the 372 miles journey. Dennis tells me the breeding of this hen is nothing special , being from his old family, some bird, some family! 


"Big Dennis" holding 3rd Fougeres                 -                Dawn holding Peter's 4th place winner.

Taking fourth place is the ever consistent loft of Peter Lathom, Peter who is in partnership with his wife Dawn, who is a fully participating member of the team. In fact I have heard her refered to as the senior partner.This 2 year old Busscheart cock, flying the 339 miles up to Middlewich in Cheshire recorded a velocity of 1479 with a average speed of 50.44miles per hour. The bird was raced natural, sitting the same pair of eggs, as he was sitting when sent to the LSC carentan race two weeks earlier. The attached photo is of Dawn holding the 4th position winner. The winners dam came from Francis Howarth in 2005 and is still breeding this year while the Sire is an Arden cross Polder cock. Peter and Dawn put more into the Sport than most, both being long standing Committee members of the Western region of the R.P.R.A, Peter being a region Vice President as well as all the jobs they do in their local Clubs and Federations.

In fifth position is  Brian Walsh flying the356 miles to his loft in Liverpool. Brian’s two year old, Blue Van Lint hen recorded a velocity of 1470, with an average speed of 50.14 miles an hour. This hen had previously won minor position from both Carentan and Fourgeres In 2018 this hen won 1st club, 6th Liverpool Amal and twenty sixth North West Combine , Messac. Brian was recently honoured by the region for 43 years service to the region by being made a Life Vice President of the Western region.  

5th Fougeres for Brian Walsh


David Newson takes sixth position with his Nominated pigeon. David wins for his fine performance the W E Evans Trophy,for winning the second old bird race. The second Thoughts Trophy,for the best two bird average second old bird race. The Mary Hammond Rose Bowl, awarded for best average in the first and second old bird races, a Frank Parsonage award and the J O Shone Award.

The following is a short tale about coincidence within the sport , about two weeks ago I was chatting with Dennis Little on the phone, the following morning I was working in the garden, when the local Peregrine who’s nest is 600 yards away was above my loft screaming and making a lot of noise. I went down the paddock to the stock loft to see what she was screaming at. Nothing obvious so I went into the section where I have 8 later bred youngsters which are for stock next year. On the floor was a beautiful blue pied 2019 hen. I examined her and she was in good nick, she was wing stamped with big Dennis’s name and number. I rang Dennis immediately who didn’t know she was missing as she was in the loft earlier that day. It transpired this hen is from a mutual friend of both Dennis and myself, Frank Bristow, which if she survives will be Dennis and Frank’s entry in the LSC Friendship race from Portland in September 2019.Frank is a regular guest with our other good friend Alister Ewart at LSC gatherings. Coincidences in the sport never cease to surprise me. Dennis and I met up the following day and she was returned home. What surprises me is that I haven,t had pigeons flying out at my home for the last 2 years, due to the constant peregrine attack’s and only keep the stock at home, while our racers are at my partners home in Ellesmere Port. How did that little hen know where to go and how did she get into the loft. Dennis’s loft is a good fifty miles from my address.