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L S C Messac Report 2019


By Arthur Cowley


The LSC held our final Channel race of the 2019, birds being liberated at 06.15am from Messac in no wind. Many people thought it would be a difficult weekend and so it proved to be. 31 members sent their gallant birds to Messac, transported by Diane Bonney and Keith Iddon. What a great job Diane and Keith have done again this season, doing the LSC proud, Thank you both.

Leading the way home is John Winstanley from Orrell up there near to Wigan. John’s fine winner is a two year old hen raced on the roundabout system. John has had a good start to his LSC career being prominent in all three races. The winner was clocked flying eleven hours seven minutes for the 398 miles. Doing an average of 35 miles per hour and a velocity of 1050.394.

John pairs his race team up in early February allowing the racers to rear a single youngster. As soon as the youngster is removed the hens are also taken away. John’s main ambition is the channel races with the specialist 2 and 3 bird clubs being participated in. John believes the secret of his success is the ability to respond to changes in the loft and adjust the system to improve performances.


John Winstanley winner of LSC Messac                 -                John Dearden Second Messac

John wins the Kearnes Trophy for winning the 3rd old bird race, The Cotswold Trophy for the best average 2nd and 3rd old bird races. The Reliance Trophy for the best average races 1 and 3. The A H Todd trophy for the best average, all old bird races and a Parsonage award.

The winner is a full sister to a bird to win 1st Messac, 3rd open Bamfords gold ring. 3rd Warrington 2 bird Fougeres, as well as many other prizes, including 3rd North Ashton Tours. The sire is a Dark Cheque cock, Dutch rung bred by Van Den Berg while the Dam is a direct Albert Tarleton. John’s close friend Geoff Sanderland plays a major role in the loft management and is always on hand to discuss strategies and preparation.  

In second place having a good day is J T Dearden over there in Rochdale. John’s Belg. rung three year old cheque cock recorded a velocity of 1032.674 for the over 400 miles journey. This cock scored as a youngster and also as a yearling. John bought a dozen youngsters from Belgium after a friend recommended them.  John also clocked his second bird, in this two bird specalist club 30 minutes later recording a velocity of 995.957, doing 33.95 miles an hour. The second bird being a three year old cheque hen from John’s old family . She was sent sitting 14 day old eggs, this being her 3rd Channel race this season.


Eric Entwistle third Messac                       -                    Jeff Churchill fourth Messac

In third position is former LSC president Eric Entwistle. Eric of Bury’s prize winner recorded a velocity of 1030.674 for the 401 miles, with an average speed for the journey of 35.14 miles per hour. This cock has been clocked in all three LSC channel races. The breeding of the bird is Jeff and Catherine Cooper on one side. With fellow LSC member George Hilson on the Dam’s side. Eric wins the Dr William Anderson trophy for runner up all old bird races.

In Fourth place is Jeff Churchill from Northwich. Jeff’s loft is at his parent’s home in Chester. This three year old is from stock bred by Jeff’s good friend and fellow member George Pulford from Chester. Jeff’s bird recorded a velocity of 994.017 doing the 373 miles at an average speed of 33.89 miles per hour. Jeff sent two to the LSC having both on the night also 6 to his local club having 5 on the night with the final bird arriving at the loft at 07:00 hours the following morning. Good flying by any standards, well done Jeff.


Jeff Churchill's hen 4th Messac                                -                          Brian Walsh's hen winner of 5th Messac

In 5th place is another very consistent loft, that of LSC vice President Brian Walsh, from Liverpool. Brian clocked the same bird as was in the prizes from Fougeres. This blue Van Lint hen recorded a velocity of 873 for the 386 plus miles average a speed of 29.76 miles per hour. Full details of this hen are in my previous report on the LSC Fougeres race.

Taking the sixth and final prize is Stephen Beardmore flying right over in the West, at Llandudno, North Wales. For me this and the next bird D L Jones also of Llandudno are great performances. Many fanciers don’t have to put up with the constant attacks from the Peregrine falcon.  Stephens sixth place winner is a yearling cock whose mother was Stephens’s first bird from the LSC Carentan also taking 6th in the LSC Messac race in 2018. The sire was bred by former LSC member Mick O’Hare and Woodward partnership in Middlewich. The dam is from Freialdenhofen and son. Stephen’s hen is as previously stated a yearling flying on the natural system. She recorded a velocity of 801.522 for the 389 miles to North Wales.

Finally R Smith clocked after flying 15 hours 02.26 being the final day bird.

Can I please remind members who are coming along to the Ladies Weekend at the Kensington Hotel in Llandudno on the 4th and 5th of October to please pay the balance of the money to Tony Merrick at the young bird marking. For those members the remainder of the money is £268, should any of your guests be coming if you could please let them know Tony would be most appreciative.

Stephen Beardmore 6th Messac

On slightly different note Dr Geoff Richmond is making steady progress albeit a little slow for his liking, but Dr Geoff sent to his first race of the season this last week when he entered the clubs first young bird race. Geoff entered 60 birds and had 50 home some of which were a little late but still home all the same. Geoff informs me he made several trips to the loft to see the youngsters on their return, something he would not have done if he had not been racing, so this has been a good exercise not only for the young birds but for Geoff. He is still using a walking frame but with the help of nursing staff that come along most days he is hoping to come to the Ladies Weekend along with his daughter Heather and son-in-law Dave. Should this work out his next trip will be the Lancashire Social Circle Autumn Gathering in November when I am sure he will be pleased to see everyone.


Dr. Geoff Richmond                                                                   -                                                      Stan Dangerfield


Still on the sick parade, I have to report that one of our Honorary Life Members Stan Dangerfield has not been too well of late and has been in hospital for the last six weeks or so. He is now out of hospital but is not well enough to return home and look after himself. His daughter Tina has arranged for him to go into a care home that is not too far away from his home. Sadly his presence at our twice yearly Gathering has now come to an end but I am sure all members and guest send him their best wishes. As many members will remember Stan presented the LSC with a Glass Trophy a few years ago which will help to keep his memory going.