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Burtonsouthderbyfed 23-08-19

                                                          Burton & South Derbyshire Federation were at Frome.

Saturday August 17th and the Burton & South Derbyshire Federation were at Frome. The pigeons were liberated at 11-30 in a west south west wind.

In Holbrook 6 members sent 227 birds and taking three of the first positions was Rob Pearson with a blue hen taking the red card doing 1767.4 ( this was from the loft of Mick Lycett ) followed by a b/w/f hen doing 1758.2 then a blue hen doing 1730.8.In third were D & A Swift with a cheq pied hen doing 1746.1.

Rob would like to thank Mick Lycett for the pigeons he provided and the information he gave him. 

Rob Pearson Holbrook winner.


In Osmaston Park Homing Society 14 members sent 212 birds with Paul & Lynda Todd having a podium finish taking the first three positions with a blue cock doing 1742.9 taking the red card followed by a blue hen doing 1741.1 then a cheq pied cock doing 1727.7.In fourth were Glew & O'Donnell with a b/w/f hen doing 1710.5.

Paul & Lynda Todd Osmaston Park Homing Society winners from Frome and gold race ring winners from Hullavington.


They recently held their gold ring race with 138 rings being sold at £5 per ring making a total of £690 in the kitty. Winning the gold ring race and a first prize of £100 was Paul & Lynda Todd plus some minor prizes making their total winnings of £162.20.Second & third positions went to club secretary Steve Stone winning £85 plus minor prizes making a total of £215.Fourth position went to Glew & O'Donnell winning £60 plus minor prizes making a total of £165 with other members winning smaller amounts.


In Etwall & District Flying Club10 members sent 137 birds with Steve Billings taking the red card with a cheq cock doing 1721.9 followed by Sam Phillips with a mealy cock doing 1716.8.In third was Mr & Mrs A.J.Whitehurst with a cheq cock doing 1680 followed by A.Peach in fourth with a cheq cock doing 1679.5.

Steve Billings Etwall & District Flying Club winner.


The Derby Burton & District South Road Federation were at were at Marlborough and the pigeons were liberated at 08-00 in a strong south west wind.

In Kilburn Club 4 members sent 97 birds and it was a clean sweep for Keith Foulke taking the first four positions with his hens. The first two pigeons were both cheq hens doing 1772 & 1741 followed by a red hen doing 1702 then a dk/hen doing 1699.