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Dery Dist S R F E D 15-08-19

Derby Burton & District South Road Federation Upper Heyford

Saturday August 3rd and the Derby Burton & District South Road Federation were at Upper Heyford with 48 members sending 697 birds for the first of their young bird races.( The previous weeks race being cancelled due to the bad weather ).The pigeons were liberated at 09-15 in a south east wind. This turned out to be a good day for Keith Foulke of Kilburn who took the first four positions in the fed with his four pigeons being on the clock in eighteen seconds. His fed topper was a dark cock doing 1565.7 followed by three dark hens doing 1564.2,1561.1 & 1560.2.Congratulations Keith .The next six positions went to Selston member Monty Buxton clocking his six pigeons in four seconds. His first pigeon was a cheq hen doing 1559.0 with a dark cock, cheq cock and a blue cock  all on the same velocity doing 1558.7.followed by a blue cock doing 1558.4 then a cheq cock doing 1557.8.Excellent flying Keith & Monty.


Club News.


In Kilburn Club Keith Foulke took the first four with a dark cock doing 1565.7 taking the red card, followed by three dark hens doing 1564.2,1561.1 & 1560.2.


In Selston it was the Full Monty for Monty Buxton taking the first ten positions. His winner was a cheq hen doing 1559.0 followed by a dark cheq, a cheq and a blue all cocks  doing 1558.2. with the following doing 1558.4,1557.7,1556.9,1553.6,and two doing.1553.3.Excellent performance


Monty Buxton Selston winner.


Woodhouse winners were G.Jones & B.Proctor with a blue cock taking the red card doing 1545.3. with Mr & Mrs A Jackson in second doing 1499.5 followed by B & C Brelsford & Son in third & fourth with a cheq hen doing 1498.5 and a blue cock doing 1498.3.


Poolsbrook winners were S.Tongue & Orme with a blue cock taking top spot doing 1491.5 with M & L Herbert taking the next three with two blue cock doing 1489.9 & 1489.5 in second & fourth and a mealy pied cock doing 1489.7. in third.


In Railway Inn North looks like a dead heat for first place with V.Derricitt & T.Poole and  D.Poole  both doing 1488.330.The first pigeon of  V.Derricitt & T.Poole was a blue hen and the first pigeon of T.Poole was a blue cock which was followed by a cheq cock doing 1488.1 and a blue cock doing 1487.8 taking third & fourth for D.Poole. 


In Park E.Fox took the red card doing 1461.0 followed by T & H Garner & Morton in second & third with a d/k hen doing 1459.2 and a blue cock doing 1459.0 with J.Broughton & Son in fourth doing 1451.2.


In Storey Arms J.Barker takes the red card with a blue hen doing 1328.5 followed by C.P.Edwards in second & third with a cheq hen doing 1289.8 and a blue hen doing 1286.5.In fourth was K.J.Walker with a b/pied hen doing 1109.6.

J.Barker Storey Arms winner


In Swallownest Overton,Rimmington & Wright take the first three with a cheq cock doing 1184.1 then a cheq hen doing 1165.7 then a blue hen doing 1122.3.